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T3 500W Halogen Bulb LED Replacement (Quick Guide)

    Despite the US Government’s plans to phase out energy-inefficient light bulbs like halogen bulbs, the pressure from manufacturers who say there is still a demand for these outdated and energy-draining light bulbs. Even though the government and the public have been advised by experts to switch out their halogen bulbs for more energy-efficient light bulbs, people are still reluctant to do so.Well, this is your sign to make the change and it’ll be easy enough with this guide that’ll show you why changing your halogen bulbs to LED bulbs will be worth it in the long run and also some recommendations for the best LED bulbs to replace your T3 500W halogen bulbs. 

    The Comparison


    Halogen Bulbs

    LED Bulbs

    Power Consumption (avg)

    90 Watts

    8 Watts

    Heat Emission

    80-90% of Total Energy

    10-20% of Total Energy


    800 – 1,200 hours 

    60,000 hours

    Average Cost (per bulb)



    Why Swap T3 500W Halogen Bulb with an LED Bulb?

    When it comes to all aspects of LED and Halogen Bulbs, LED is superior and shines in most categories apart from price per bulb.

    Power Saving

    Halogen lights use around 90% of their output energy on heat, which makes them a potential fire hazard and also not very energy efficient as most of their output energy should be used to create light and not heat. Halogen light bulbs can get hot very quickly and are a lot more prone to exploding compared to LED lights, which only emit around 10-20% of energy in heat. Halogen lights also consume a lot more power when in use, averaging nearly 90 watts whilst LED bulbs only consume about 8 watts of electricity, which is more than 5 times the amount. Halogen light bulbs are not energy-efficient and will use more electricity to do the same job as a LED light bulb would, so your electricity bills are going to be a lot higher. Switching to LED light bulbs will help you save a considerable amount each month.


    While halogen light bulbs are a lot cheaper to buy initially, they don’t last anywhere near as long as LED light bulbs. You’ll have to buy nearly 50 times the number of halogens in the time you would need to replace one LED light bulb. So you may only need to buy one $8 LED light bulb for a light every few years whereas you’d need to buy around 20-50 $5 halogen light bulbs for the light for the same period of time.

    Environmental Factors

    Not only will using an energy-saving LED light bulb be better for your energy consumption and therefore better for the environment, but LED light bulbs are also 100% recyclable and only leave a small carbon footprint whereas halogen bulbs are not.

    What is the LED Equivalent for a T3 500W Halogen Bulb?

    The maximum lumen count for a T3 500W halogen bulb is around 10,000 lumens and an LED bulb has a lumens count of around 150. So to work out what wattage of LED bulb you need to replace your halogen bulb, you’ll need to divide 10,000 lumens (halogen) and divide by 150 lumens (LED bulb), which totals 70 watts.

    Top LED Replacements for a T3 500W Halogen Bulb

    We’ve found some of the best LED replacements around to replace your current 500w halogen bulbs, so you don’t have to waste your time trying to find the best ones.