Type T Halogen Bulb LED Replacement Review

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Halogen bulbs were once a very popular method of saving energy costs in the home. Cheaper than other types of energy-saving bulbs, halogen lighting was, until quite recently, considered the ultimate solution to skyrocketing energy bills.

However, in recent years, several problems have come to light (excuse the pun) regarding the safety of halogen bulbs. For one thing, the energy consumption of halogen bulbs has been shown to produce unsafe carbon dioxide emissions, leading to the phasing out of these types of bulbs across Europe. Moreover, developments in LED lighting mean that LED bulbs can now save five times as much energy as halogen bulbs. 

Although halogen bulbs have not been banned in the U.S, increasing numbers of Americans are looking to replace their halogen bulbs with LED fittings.

Proper research is key when replacing a halogen bulb with an LED. You’ll need to consider wattages, sizes, and bases, all while searching for the best quality product.

Luckily, we’re here to help! Read on to find out about our top type T LED replacements for halogen bulbs, including how to choose the best bulb to meet your personal needs!

Type T Bulbs: An Overview

Before we go any further, we should clear up what exactly a type T bulb is.

The letter T in ‘type T’ stands for ‘tubular.’ Therefore, the bulb type refers to the shape of the bulb.

Type T is a common shape for halogen bulbs and is distinguished not only by its tubular shape but also by its traditionally double-ended base, which consists of dual prongs. With that being said, there are also single-ended type T bulbs on the market, which we’ll take a look at in a moment.

Within the umbrella of type T lightbulbs, there are several sizes, the most common being T3 and T4. T3 bulbs measure ⅜ inch in width, while T4 units measure ½ inch. You can also find T2, T5, and T6 halogen and LED bulbs on the market, although these are less widely compatible with standard fixtures.

So, if you want to replace your type T halogen bulb with an LED bulb, you’ll need to make sure that it’s not only the right type but also the correct size. In order to ensure compatibility, you’ll also have to consider base construction.

The Best Type T Halogen Bulb Replacements

Best Single-Ended

In our opinion, the best single-ended replacement for type T halogen bulbs is the 75-Watt Single-Ended Replacement Halogen Light Bulb from Pyramid Bulbs.

This bulb is rated as T4 in terms of size, which means it’s capable of emitting higher levels of light emission than smaller sizes.

The power of this lightbulb is enhanced by its 75-watt rating, which indicates that it is moderately powerful, and its lumen rating of 1050 lumens, which is optimal for this wattage and provides enough brightness to easily illuminate a whole room. All in all, you can rely on this LED type T halogen replacement to provide bright and energy-efficient lighting.

Thanks to the built-in UV protection in the clear glass, these bulbs are safe to use with no risk of harmful radiation.

Moreover, each bulb in this set has a lamp life of 2,000 hours, so you won’t need to replace your bulb too frequently. Since the bulbs come in a set of 4, even when you do need to replace one, you’ll have spares available.

However, because these bulbs are single-ended, they will be more difficult to install than double-ended models in place of your halogen bulb.


  • T4 size - Suitable for high light emission levels
  • 1050 lumen rating - Powerful 
  • Built-in UV protection - Safety-oriented 
  • 2,000 hour lamp life - Long-lasting 
  • Set of 4 - Good value for money


  • Single-ended - Some electrical wiring needed for installation

Best Double-Ended

Double-ended bulbs are the most popular choice for replacing halogens. If you want an easy installation process and powerful lighting, we’d recommend the 500-Watt, T3 Light Bulb from Philips.

Rated at 500 watts, this bulb is extremely powerful. However, since it’s a T3, it won’t be quite as bright as a T4 lightbulb. The combination of T4 sizing with the 500-watt rating means that, while you’ll be able to rely on consistent and bright lighting, you won’t have so much output that you’ll end up with an uncomfortable glare.

If you do feel that the light is too bright at any point, you can always dim it if you install it into a dimmable fixture. This means that you can easily create your ideal atmosphere or light levels.

The white light produced by this bulb is intense and perfect for fostering concentration. Therefore, it’s suitable for use in commercial environments as well as in the home.

Since the Philips bulb is double-ended, installation is quick and easy!

The main issue with this bulb isn’t actually a problem with the bulb itself so much as the packaging. There have been some reports of bulbs being broken on arrival, so be sure to keep the manufacturer’s customer support details close at hand.


  • 500 watts - Very powerful 
  • T3 sizing - Suited to moderate light output 
  • White light - Perfect for commercial areas 
  • Dimmable - Tailorable lighting experience 
  • Double-ended - Easy installation


  • Isolated packaging issues - Some bulbs broken on arrival

Highly Commended

These LED bulbs from Simba Lighting are also a fantastic option is you’re looking for double-ended halogen replacements.

The Simba bulbs are especially useful if you’re looking for small, low-voltage bulbs for accent lighting and other similar uses. They give off a warm, white light that’s perfect for creating a relaxing ambiance. However, they’re also relatively low-wattage and T3-sized, so they’re not the brightest bulbs on the market.

Since these bulbs are double-ended, they’ll be easy to install in place of your old halogen bulb. Plus, because they’re free from mercury, lead, and UV radiation, they’re completely safe to have in your home.

These bulbs come in a 5-pack, so you’re getting great value for your money and can install several bulbs at one time.


  • Warm white light - Relaxing
  • Double-ended - Easy to install
  • Low voltage - Perfect for accent lighting
  • No UV, lead, or mercury - Completely safe
  • 5-pack - Great value


  • Low wattage - Not the brightest

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing a Type T Halogen Bulb Replacement

Still struggling to pick the best halogen replacement bulb? Keep reading! Here are all the main features you should consider:


The wattage of your new lightbulb will determine how powerful your light output will be.

If you want moderately strong lighting, a rating between 75 and 100 watts should suffice.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for very bright lighting, you can find bulbs with power ratings all the way up to 500 watts.

If you want to be able to turn down your lights to suit your mood and tasks, look for dimmable bulbs that you can adjust as needed.

Base Construction

The base of your replacement bulb will either be double or single-ended. The model you choose won’t affect the functionality of the bulb, but it will impact the installation process.

Single-ended bulbs take more work to install in place of halogen bulbs since there will be some electrical wiring involved. That’s why more people choose double-ended bulbs when replacing halogen units.

If you’re not electrically savvy, a double-ended bulb should definitely be your top choice. However, if you feel comfortable working out the wiring or hiring a professional to do it, you’ll get equally good results from a single-ended bulb.


The most common bulb sizes you’ll find on the market for halogen replacements are T3 and T4.

As we explained earlier, T3 bulbs measure ⅜ inch in width while T4 units measure ½ inch. The wider the bulb, the higher the light emission. So, if you want a stronger light output, T4 will be the best choice for you. If you want a more modest output, choose T3.