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How to Change High Light Bulbs (Step by Step)

    Generally speaking, changing light bulbs isn’t a difficult task.  That is,  of course, unless you have high ceilings. While high ceilings in your home can be really attractive, make the room feel so much bigger and allow you access to a much wider range of light fittings. they make changing light bulbs in ceiling fixtures very difficult. 

    While high ceilings make the relatively easy task of changing  bulbs much more difficult, there’s no need to worry.  We’ve put together this complete step by step guide on how to change light bulbs in a high ceiling. So keep on reading and we’ll give you some great suggestions.

    Tools that You Will Need

    When you are changing any light bulbs there is some equipment that you will need. So let’s take a look at what you will need to gather before you get started. The most important thing to bear in mind in this process is your own safety, so the first item you need is gloves. When you change a lightbulb, the electricity to that bulb should be halted, but it is still best to be safe. Even if the electricity is off it is still possible for you to get shocked, so always wear a pair of rubber gloves when you do this. Additionally, you will need a ladder. Make sure your ladder is tall enough for you to reach the light bulbs without too much stretching.  It’s probably best to measure the ceiling height first before choosing your ladder.Finally, you will need to gather an extension pole, and a bulb grabber. Whether you will need these last two items depends on the type of light fitting you have and the height of the room. Once you have collected all of these items, you are ready to start changing your high light bulbs.

    How to Change a High Light Bulb

    So now that you have everything ready, you can begin changing your light bulbs. To make this as easy as possible we’ve put how to do this into an easy step-by-step guide.

    You have two options when it comes to changing high light bulbs. You can either use your ladder, or you can try to simply use your bulb grabber and extension pole. Let’s begin with how to change your light bulb using a ladder.

    Changing High Light Bulbs Using a Ladder

    If you have decided to change your light bulbs using a ladder, then you can put the extension pole and bulb grabber aside for now. For this method, all you will need is your ladder, your replacement light bulbs, and your gloves.

    Once you have those items together, you can start changing your light bulbs following the instructions below.

    1. Turn off the light bulbs at the light switch so that no power is going to the bulbs. If the lights have recently been switched on then you should leave it a couple of minutes before you do anything else. If the light has been on for a prolonged period then the light bulbs may still be hot.
    2. Open your ladder until it has locked in place, and place it on a flat and steady surface. Where possible you should also aim to place the ladder near a wall as this will make it more secure.
    3. Call for an extra pair of hands. If there is someone else around, it is always best to call them so that they can hold the ladder securely in place. You should do this when you are changing normal light bulbs, but it is even more important with high light bulbs because you will be further away from the ground.
    4. Put on your rubber gloves. It is very important that you do this before you go anywhere near the light bulbs.
    5. Climb the ladder until you are close to the light bulbs and can reach them without having to stretch too far away from the ladder.
    6. Begin removing the light bulb by rotating it counterclockwise. Do this slowly to ensure that you do not lose your grip on the light bulb.
    7. When the light bulb is loose, gently pull it away from the socket and place it in a secure pocket, or hand it to your extra pair of hands.
    8. Place the new light bulb into the socket and twist it clockwise until it is held securely in place.
    9. Test the light switch to see if the bulb is working. You can do this by simply flicking the light switch.

    Changing High Light Bulbs Using a Bulb Grabber

    If heights make you a bit uncomfortable, then you may not need to use a ladder to switch high light bulbs. If your light fitting has the bulbs facing downwards then you can use your bulb grabber and extension pole instead.

    Should you want to use this method, simply put your ladder to one side and grab the other equipment instead. Then follow these steps.

    1. Securely attach your bulb grabber to the extension pole. You may need to use masking tape or something similar to this to ensure that the two components are completely secure.
    2. Take your bulb grabber and slowly lead it towards the bulbs in your light fitting that you want to change. When you come close to the light bulb, the bulb grabber should take hold of the bulb.
    3. Using the extension pole, rotate it counterclockwise until you can feel that the light bulb has become completely loose within the socket.
    4. Gently pull the light bulb out of the socket, then use the release string on the bulb grabber to let go of the old bulb.
    5. Take your new light bulb out of the packet, and connect it to the bulb grabber using the suction tips. Ensure that the bulb is secure before you do anything else.
    6. Slowly move the bulb grabber/extension pole until the new bulb is near to the socket then place the bulb inside the socket.
    7. Secure the new light bulb in the socket by rotating the grabber clockwise until it is completely tight in the socket.
    8. Pull the release string to once again release the new light bulb from the grabber. This will leave the light bulb secure in the socket of the light fitting.
    9. Flick the light switch to check that the new light bulb is working properly.


    So, as you can see, it really isn’t that difficult to change high light bulbs. All it takes is the right equipment, and a little bit of patience, then changing your light bulbs will be a breeze. Even if the light fittings themselves are very high up. 

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