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Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter Review

    I love writing about, reading about, and riding high-end electric scooters as much as the next e-nut, but the most exciting and competitive action mostly takes place in the mid to lower end of the market.

    It’s in this commercial zone that the most money trades hands, which is why brands lock it in their sights and get to work building beautifully limited pieces of e-scooter art.

     One of the latest models aimed at taking the throne of the e-scooter underworld is the Hiboy S2 Pro, a stripped-back design with moxie and a yearning for greatness.

    Are the S2 Pro’s lofty dreams attainable? That’s exactly what I endeavored to find out when I picked one up and put it through its paces.

    Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter Review

    Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter: Pros And Cons


    • Good range
    • Decent top speed
    • Can be fitted with a seat
    • Sizable deck
    • Built well
    • Dual braking system
    • Impeccable acceleration
    • Good climber


    • E-brake doesn’t have much stopping power
    • Solid wheels don’t have much give
    • Ride quality is poor on anything other than smooth surfaces

    Where Can You Purchase The Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter?

    Shop the Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter here.

    Buyer’s Guide

    Build And Durability

    Crafted from aircraft aluminum (one of the strongest types), there’s no question that the S2 Pro has what it takes to survive the rigors of use on the daily.

    Truth be told, it’s not the nicest or most original-looking e-scooter I’ve ever seen, but it’s smart and attractive in a pleasantly minimalist way, and all the components fit together seamlessly, so I can’t complain.

    It’s also rated as IP54 water-resistant, so it can handle a few splashes from time to time, but it’s best not to ride it in the rain.


    Featuring a central LED display, you can catch a glimpse of any key information you may need as you ride. It’s all very bright and clear to save you having to stare for too long, distracting yourself from obstacles ahead.

    All the info does feel a little crammed into this small space, though, so you may want to familiarize yourself with the specific location of each data set, so you know precisely where to look when you glance down.

    The data included on the display includes current speed, battery level, rider mode, cruise control.

    The handlebars feature comfortable, wear-resistant, rubber grips with a textured finish for extra control. This is a step up from certain competitors at this level of the market, as they often feature fragile foam grips.

    On the right handlebar, you have a manual brake lever, which is both comfortable and sturdy. You’ll also notice the thumb throttle, which seems pretty solid, too!

    On the other side, you have an electric brake pad with a little tacky strip for extra grip. I was impressed by just how smooth the motion was on, not just the e-brake, but all three handlebar components.


    The deck isn’t ridiculously large, but it’s sizable enough to fit your feet on without forcing yourself into awkward positions. This means you’ll always have a stable stance, keeping you comfortable during long rides, and agile if you need to react fast in an emergency.

    To enhance grip, it arrives with a rubberized layer and notched tread pattern. I much prefer this to the skateboard grip tape approach some e-scooter manufacturers take, as it’s long lasting and provides way more traction.

    Most e-scooters in this price range will typically use a dual-purpose rear fender that acts as both a mudguard and a foot brake, but Hiboy have reinforced it with a metal brake, so it can’t be depressed.

    Now, I personally really like this set up, as I don’t think a manual foot brake is a fitting appointment on an electric scooter, especially if it already has a dual braking system, but I’ve read that some people were a bit confused by it.

    If you’re used to the whole foot brake thing, then the S2 Pro may take some getting used to, limiting the fun factor out the box.

    And as much as I do like the idea of removing the foot brake, I worry that the metal bracket may not be able to support much weight, and I’ve been tempted to stand on it a bunch of times.


    The front and rear LED lights are pretty decent on the S2 Pro, but as is almost always the case (even for up-market models), if you plan on doing a lot night time riding, it’s best to replace or add to the factory array with some lamps that have a little more oomph.

    Acceleration And Top Speed

    The Hiboy S2 Pro tops out at 19 miles per hour, which I think is a good speed for the price point. It’s not break-neck fast, but it’s not sluggish either, giving it a wide appeal across e-scooter communities as a whole.

    It’s also an amazing agile unit, capable of hitting the 15 mph mark in as little as 6.2 seconds, which is certainly whiplash territory, so be ready for action when you hop up on the S2 Pro’s platform.

    You’ll also be happy to hear that it has a great cruise control system in place, so if you’re after a nice chill cruise, activate it by clicking your control button three times, release the throttle, and let that thumb of yours take a rest.

    There are two modes to choose from with the S2 Pro: Comfort, for s speed cap of 13 miles per hour (use this to make the most of the battery), and Sport, to zoom away at top speed.

    Battery And Range

    If you stick to flat, smooth terrain and go easy on the throttle, you might just be able to get 25 miles on a single charge. I was getting closer to 19 on a single battery cycle, but I was taking on quite a few mild inclines during my range test.

    I also took it out one day to see what it could do if I just went for speed on the throttle. I made it 12.5 miles before it started to really wind down.

    You’re looking at 6 hours to reach full charge, and the charging port is located on the stem rather than the deck to offer enhanced protection against the elements — thanks Hiboy!

    Tires And Ride Quality

    Although the S2 Pro’s tires are very grippy, they’re an airless design, meaning they don’t provide much cushioning at all.

    Sure, they’re puncture-resistant, but being that they only allow you to ride on smooth surfaces (unless you don’t mind your teeth rattling in your skull), puncture resistance isn’t all that essential.

    Still, I suppose if you ride through the city at night, it’s nice to know that you’re protected against shards of glass and sharp, wayward pebbles.

    But, as I was saying, the tires are pretty unforgiving, even to the point where the rear dual shocks don’t really seem to be able to phase out the vibrations traveling through to your legs and wrists. The moral of the story? Stick to smooth ground with this scooter!

    Uphill Performance

    I’m relatively happy with the climbing power of the S2 Pro. It conquers gentle inclines without much effort, and some steeper inclines are also surmountable, but bear in mind that I don’t weigh very much.

    I can imagine heavier riders will have to put up with some pretty sluggish speeds when tackling challenging gradients.


    We discussed the dual brake system briefly earlier. One is a manual hand lever that operates a rare disc brake; the other is an electrical rear brake. 

    Two advanced brakes on a scooter at this level of the market is quite the rarity, but I’m not too impressed by the e-brake, as it doesn’t have the stopping power to slow you down quickly on its own. You’ll need to use both simultaneously to bring yourself to a swift stop.

    When you do get them working together, they’re incredibly effective!


    The folding system couldn’t be easier to use on the S2 Pro. Simply flip the front latch on the stem, push it down towards the deck, then click it into place on the rear fender. Combine this with an overall weight of only 36 lbs, and long-distance, handheld transit is completely viable.

    Plus, the stem has a slim-line design that makes it extra comfortable in your hand, but if you’d rather avoid a long walk, it’ll tuck nicely into pretty much any car’s trunk.

    Value For Money

    It’s not that the S2 Pro doesn’t offer you bang for your buck, but there are other scooters in the same portion of the market that offer an even bigger bang, so to speak.

    Perhaps if the wheels didn’t amount to such a bumpy ride, I’d be inclined to say it’s well worth the extra pennies, but, to be fair, there are other areas in which Hiboy adds value to the S2 Pro that competing models don’t have.

    For instance, the S2 Pro can be fitted with a seat for extra comfort over long journeys.


    All Hiboy e-scooters come with a 1-year warranty — could be better, could be worse.

    The Final Verdict

    Ultimately, I see the Hiboy S2 Pro as an e-scooter of extremes. In some areas, like top speed and range, it goes above and beyond what competing brands are offering, but in others, like the tires and ride quality, it falls well below expectations.

    This is why I’d only recommend it to those who live in a very specific area and only need to travel over particularly smooth surfaces.

    This is the S2 Pro’s arena, and it’s the undisputed champion of this kind of terrain, but if you take it beyond its comfort zone, you too can kiss comfort goodbye.

    So, returning to the question we posed at the start of this review, does the S2 Pro conquer the low to mid e-scooter market? Not quite. It’s just not versatile enough to fight off all its competitors, but if you use it appropriately, it really is a great ride.

    I give the Hiboy S2 Pro 3.9/5