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Best Cordless Leaf Blower Vacuum

    Cordless leaf blowers are awesome for tasking care of fall leaves or spring pollen out on your driveway.. They make all the impractical aspects of spring and fall feel much more manageable, so we can kick back and enjoy these wonderful seasons rather than spend our days cursing out the leaves and pollen on our driveway.

    Best Cordless Leaf Blower Vacuum

    However, even though a leaf blower makes managing the detritus of autumn a lot easier, we still have to put our backs out dealing with the eventual mountain of leaves we end up with once the blower’s work is done — it’s a pain!

    Thankfully, there are leaf blowers out there that double as vacuums, allowing us to clean up leaves from our property without even having to bend over.

     What’s more, after considerable research and testing, I’ve compiled the following shortlist exhibiting the best of the best leaf blower vacuums around. Check them out!

    Best Cordless Leaf Blower Vacuum – Reviews


    Greenworks 24322 G-MAX Digipro Blower/Vac


    Kimo 20 V Cordless Leaf Blower/Vacuum


    Sun Joe 24 V-X2 BVM143 Cordless Leaf Blower/Vacuum


    Greenworks 24322 G-MAX Digipro Blower/Vac

    Best Overall

    While blower/vac hybrids have been around for a while, the cordless version of this combo tool is still in its infancy, but the undisputed leader of this new wave of yard tools is the G-MAX Digipro from Greenworks.

    It’s a little pricey, but you truly get what you pay for. It has an exquisite brushless motor that keeps things nice and quiet, extends runtime,  increases power, and promises a longer service life.

    Combine that motor with the beefy 4 Ah, 40 V battery, and you’ve got some serious power to help you handle the storm of leaves you’ll face this fall.

    During my tests, I managed to get just over 20 minutes of runtime using it as a blower, and slightly less than this using it as a straight vac.

     I clocked a full recharge in at 2 hours, which isn’t bad at all.

    In terms of airpower, you get 340 CFM and 185 MPH, an insane pairing that will handle anything the trees surrounding your property can throw at it.

    The blower-to-vac conversion is a total breeze, requiring zero tools, and the mulching facilities are awesome. I wouldn’t call them pro-grade, but they will excel in any residential setting.


    • Brushless — Powerful, durable, and quiet
    • 340 CFM & 185 MPH — Enough power to deal with wet leaves
    • Tool-free conversion — Super easy to switch between blower and vacuum functions
    • Recharge — 2 hours is really good for the size of the battery
    • Mulcher — Efficient mulching makes light work of lots of leaves


    • Price — It’s a little steep (but worth it!)

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    Kimo 20 V Cordless Leaf Blower/Vacuum

    Best Budget Pick

    Cordless blower/vac tech may be pretty new, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend your life savings on one of these devices. Take the Kimo 20 V, for instance.

    It brings 150 CFM to the table, with pretty jacked air speeds too — we’re talking 150 MPH.

     It may only be designed for light work, but it really does punch above its weight in a lot of ways.

    It doesn’t have a brushless motor, but it’s strangely quiet, and during my tests, the battery lasted for a solid 20 minutes with on the highest speed setting.

    At 2.2 lbs, it’s also insanely lightweight. That’s about the weight of a carton of milk — you barely realize you’re holding it. The blower/vac conversion is a piece of cake too!

    Unfortunately, at this price point, there will always be a few compromises. For me, it was the lack of a mulching system and the fact that, sometimes, the tube came loose mid-way through a task, but besides this, it’s a real contender.


    • Price — New tech that you won’t have to remortgage your home to own
    • 150 CFM & 150 MPH — No problem with most dry debris
    • Conversion — Switching functions couldn’t be easier
    • Quiet — Keep relations with the neighbors civil 
    • Lightweight — Great for longer jobs


    • No mulcher — Collection only
    • Tube fitting — Comes loose sometimes

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    Sun Joe 24 V-X2 BVM143 Cordless Leaf Blower/Vacuum

    Premium Pick

    If you’re happy to spend a little more on your blower/vac, you may well be interested in the BVM143. Combining a 390 CFM airflow with an airspeed of 163 MPH, this is a well-balanced unit in terms of output.

    During my tests, I found that it dealt with even stubborn debris such as wet leaves very well.

    Arriving with a 9.2-gallon vacuum bag, the 10:1 mulch ratio will have your property cleaned up lickety-split, and then you can use your collected waste to nurture your prize plants and keep your garden green.

    During my tests, it ran for a solid hour, even with me putting it through its paces, which was plenty enough time to fill the collection bag a few times over.

    We have the dual 4 Ah batteries to thank for this mammoth runtime.

    But my absolute favorite thing about this Sun Joe beast is the ease of the blower to vacuum conversion. All you have to do is turn a knob… that’s it.


    • 10:1 mulch — Efficient mulching
    • 390 CFM & 163 MPH — Well balanced in terms of power
    • 60-minute runtime — Perfect for longer jobs
    • Conversion — Takes all of 2 seconds


    • 16.22 lbs — Not exactly heavy, but heavier than some

    Also available from…

    Sam’s Club


    Makita XBU04ZV 36 V Cordless Leaf Blower/Vacuum

    Best CFM

    With an astounding airflow of 473 CFM, if you’re looking to move a lot of debris in record time, the XBU04ZV is the way to go.

    It also brings a 10:1 mulching ratio to the table, so you can process a fair amount of leaves in one sitting, especially if you pair it with the 3 or 4 Ah battery options, but, sadly, batteries are sold separately.

    The blower-to-vac transition is pretty easy, so if you find yourself needing to flit between the two, this thing will save you a bunch of time. 

    Topping out at 120 MPH, it may not be the most powerful unit in terms of airspeed, but this can actually work to your advantage.

    During my tests, I was able to clear up a pebble driveway without flinging rocks everywhere, which was a welcome change.


    • 473 CFM — Gets the job done quickly
    • Conversion — Simple enough to save time if you like to switch functions a lot
    • 10:1 mulch — Processes mulch efficiently


    • 120 MPH — Not too fast, but fine for leaves
    • Battery — Not included with purchase

    Also available from…

    MSC Direct


    Soyus 40 V Cordless Leaf Blower/Vacuum

    Biggest Collection Bag

    Arriving with a hefty 45-liter collection bag, if you’ve got some serious leaf coverage to lift, this Soyus creation is the way forward.

     It also features an impeccable mulching system, so if you’re looking for a blower/vac that can aid your yard in more ways than one, your search is over.

    In terms of power, it has a relatively beefy airspeed of 170 MPH, and it can push or pull 360 CFM of air, which is mighty impressive, especially at this price point.

    During my test, it made short work of autumn leaves tangled in my shamefully neglected lawn.

    It only weighs 10 lbs, too, meaning it’s easy on the back even if you’re using it for the maximum runtime of 90 minutes on its lowest speed setting.

    A full recharge takes about 3 hours, and on the highest speed setting, the dual 4 Ah batteries crank out around 30 minutes of work.


    • 45-liter bag — Biggest bag on the list
    • 360 CFM & 170 MPH — Strong enough to move stubborn debris
    • 90-minute max runtime — Can’t go wrong with that kind of charge


    • Chute Size — Large leaves may not fit through the chute opening

    Buyer’s Guide

    How Do You Charge A Cordless Leaf Blower Vacuum?

    For the most part, cordless leaf blower vacuums arrive with detachable batteries.

    While there is no universal release mechanism for said batteries, it usually involves a small button or latch that you push or pull.

    But remember to cradle the battery with your hand, otherwise, it might fall loose onto the ground, which will definitely take a toll on its cycle life.

    Most cordless leaf blower vacuums will also arrive with charging stations.

    So, when you’re ready to re-juice that battery of yours, remove it from the blower/vacuum, bring it indoors, secure it on the station, then plug the station into a normal wall outlet — it’s that easy!

    Are Cordless Leaf Blower Vacuums A “Green” Tool?

    Cordless leaf blower vacuums are definitely a green yard tool. They don’t spew any toxic emissions into the air, they’re quiet (comparatively speaking), and they really don’t use too much energy.

    Some people might consider their reliance on grid energy to mean they’re not entirely green, but who says you have to use grid energy? You could just as well use a solar power system to charge up your batteries for some 100% eco-friendly power!

    Are Cordless Leaf Blower Vacuums Energy Efficient?

    Cordless leaf blowers are indeed energy efficient, even more so than their corded counterparts. Plus, as you’re working with a finite battery capacity, you’re encouraged to work in a sparing and measured manner, ensuring you make the most out of a single charge.

    In light of this, you’re unlikely to use the same amount of power with a cordless device as you would with a corded device.


    What good is an all-singing-all-dancing super leaf blower vacuum if you can only stand to hold it for 5 minutes?

    What you need to do is find a balance between power and weight, ensuring you’re physically capable of carrying your leaf blower vacuum for as long as the battery holds up.

    If you plan on investing in a spare battery to double the runtime, you’ll need an even lighter model.

    Suction Strength

    The name of the game with any vacuum is of course suction strength, which is measured in CFM (cubic feet per meter). Basically, the more the merrier in this department.

    Obviously, you don’t need enough power to pull the leaves from evergreen trees, but you will need enough to pull leaves from your lawn and driveway.

    Before you buy a leaf vacuum, you should also consider if it’s designed to handle both wet and dry leaves, or just dry. As autumn can get kind of drizzly (depending on your area), I’d recommend opting for one that can handle both.

    Mulching Abilities

    The majority of cordless leaf blower vacuums arrive with a mulching function so you can turn your fall waste into a free supply of compost for your yard, but not all vacuums have the same abilities.

    The mulching powers of a leaf blower vacuum are expressed as a ratio, and you can kind of think of each unit in the ration in the form of bags.

    For example, if you found a leaf vac with a mulching ratio of 10:1, it means for every 10 bags of leaves it sucks in, 1 bag of mulch will be produced.

    10:1 is a perfectly fine ratio, but if you want optimal performance, you should aim for something more to the tune of 13:1.

    Collection Capacity

    The size of your vacuum’s collection bag is a tricky consideration.

    On the one hand, you want it to be quite large, so you can collect and mulch more leaves in one sitting, but on the other, the larger it is, the heavier it’s going to get when still in use.

    The key here is to understand your own limitations. Yes, a large collection bag is convenient, but it’s not going to be comfortable, especially if you already suffer from aches and pains.

    Charge Strength

    You should expect a quality battery-powered leaf blower vacuum to last between 20 and 30 minutes on a single charge, but there are many out there that exceed this average.

    While it’s nice to have a blower/vacuum with a beefy battery, bear in mind that it’s going to add to the overall weight of the machine, and you could just as easily eliminate downtime by investing in a second battery.

    Charge Duration

    It could take anywhere between an hour and five hours to charge your leaf blower vacuum battery, depending on the battery quality and, of course, the battery size/power. 


    Battery-powered anything is always going to be quieter than its gas-powered equivalent, and leaf blower vacuums are no exception; however, there will be some cordless models that are much quieter than others.

    If you want to stave off headaches and keep the neighbors happy, it might be worth taking your time to hunt for a quieter machine.

    Blower Strength

    Let’s not forget that the vacuum function of these devices is only half the story. You also want it to be able to blow like crazy when necessary.

    Typically speaking, if a blower/vacuum has strong suction, it will perform in the blowing department too, which is a sentence that sounds a lot dirtier than it is.

    Even so, it’s good to check the specs of a unit to make sure it’s got the lungs for your intended application before buying it.

    And the specs we need to look for here are CFM (again) and MPH (miles per hour). The higher the better on both counts!

    Best Cordless Leaf Blower – Frequently Asked Questions

    Still with me? Excellent! Let’s bring things to a tidy close with a quick leaf blower vacuum FAQ session.

    What’s The Difference Between A Leaf Blower And A Leaf Vacuum?

    This is one of those instances where the answer is present in the question.

    A leaf blower blows leaves, allowing you to organize autumn waste into tidy piles, and a leaf vacuum sucks up leaves, taking the manual collection phase out of the equation.

    The machines we’ve been focusing on here today combine both functionalities into a single unit for 2-in-1 performance and versatile application.

    Can You Turn A Leaf Blower Into A Leaf Vacuum

    There are some people who claim to be able to transform a leaf blower into a leaf vacuum, but it involves tools and specialist know-how, and there are many models of blower that simply can’t be converted.

    If you’re after a leaf vac, your best bet is to just buy one.

    Can You Pick Up Wet Leaves With A Leaf Vacuum?

    Some leaf vacuums are indeed designed to help you collect up sodden autumn leaves; however, even though they’re capable of such a feat, it’s a challenging job, and you don’t want to overburden your machine.

    Wet leaves are the number one cause of clogged mulching systems, so do your very best to hold off your collecting for a dry period.

    How Do You Get Rid Of Leaves Without Raking Them?

    Unless you’re hoping for a powerful gale to clear your yard of dead leaves, your only option is to invest in a leaf blower, or even better, a leaf blower with a vacuum function like the ones discussed in today’s article.  

    Final Thoughts

    A cordless leaf blower vacuum is the ultimate in convenience when it comes to property maintenance in spring and fall.

     It gives you all the power you need to sort, clean, collect, and nurture when the leaves turn golden and red and give in to gravity.

    Here, we’ve seen 5 of the very best around, each one perfect for a specific application, so hopefully, you’ve found the blower/vac of your dreams and are ready to face the fall with gusto!