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Hiboy Titan Pro Electric Scooter Review

    Hiboy are one of the most innovative electric scooter brands out there, creating a range of ground-breaking models that cater to all manner of different rider needs, and for this, we salute them.

    They create scooters for pretty much every portion of the market, ensuring all of us can get a taste of the Hiboy magic, but today, we’re headed all the way to the tip-top of the market to take a closer look at one of their flagship models, the Titan Pro!

    The follow-up to their celebrated Titan model, this electric scooter appears to be one mean son of a gun, but we all know how sequels can often completely miss the mark and ruin what was so special about the original.

    So, I decided to find out if this new addition to the Hiboy line lives up to its pedigree. Here’s what I found out.

    Hiboy Titan Pro Electric Scooter Review

    Hiboy Titan Pro Electric Scooter: Pros And Cons


    • 30 mph top speed
    • Snappy acceleration
    • Dominates hills thanks to the dual motors
    • 40-mile range
    • 10” air-filled tires
    • Looks amazing
    • Dual mechanical disc brakes with huge stopping power
    • Discrete control module and display
    • Roomy deck
    • Front and rear suspension


    • Quite expensive
    • Suspension may be a bit stiff
    • Lights aren’t that bright, and there are no brake lights

    Where Can You Purchase The Hiboy Titan Pro Electric Scooter?

    Shop the Hiboy Titan Pro Electric Scooter here.

    Buyer’s Guide

    Build And Durability

    The Titan Pro is undoubtedly a luxury device, a sleek, streamlined, dare I say it… sexy mode of transport, crafted from only the highest quality components. It’s as awesome looking as it is functional.

    In fact, it’s so pretty, it’s almost a shame to use it, but not taking advantage of all the amazing features would be a crime in itself.

    Forged from pristine quality aluminum, the frame is built to last, no matter how tough the rides get, and the cable management is flawless! 

    The Li-Ion battery is tucked in safely beneath the deck, optimizing both balance and battery performance, but it’s not just the battery that is seamlessly integrated into this scooter; every single component looks to be fitted in a perfect marriage.

    It’s elegant, it’s robust, it’s aesthetic, it all just… makes sense.


    The LED smart display on the Titan Pro is a thing of beauty. It conveys all the key information with supreme clarity, so you only have to take your eyes off the road for a split second to stay in the loop when it comes to speed, battery life, gear, and total miles traveled.

    I also really like that they’ve made the display a discrete unit by the right handlebar, rather than integrate it into the stem, as central control units can be hard to reach with your thumb while riding.

    Rubberized for extra comfort, the grips feel very nice indeed, more than capable of keeping you cozy over the course of the Titan Pro’s insane range (which we’ll talk about in a minute).


    I love the deck of the Titan Pro even more than the cockpit. It’s long and incredibly wide, ensuring that riders of different sizes can stand comfortably in any position they like.

    Even those with large feet should be able to fit both of them on the deck, heel to toe, or if you prefer to ride with both feet together, there’s plenty of room for that too!

    Hiboy has opted for a grip tape rather than rubber grip pad, which is effective and does help to keep the weight down, but it may need replacing after a few years of usage.


    The lighting is where Hiboy really drops the ball. It has both front and rear lights, but they’re not all that bright, and they’re stationed quite low down, meaning the light doesn’t fan enough.

    If you ride after dark a lot, it’d definitely recommend picking up something more powerful and fitting it yourself.

    What’s more, there are no brake lights on this unit, which is a major safety hazard. I can’t for the life of me figure out why Hiboy have omitted such an essential feature from their otherwise spectacular scooter. It seems like such a strange misstep.

    Acceleration And Top Speed

    If the lack of brake lights has you feeling deflated, maybe the excellent acceleration and top speed of the Titan Pro can win you back over. This is a powerful electric scooter! It boasts two high speed, 1200-watt, brushless motors capable of carrying even heavy riders at pace.

    With the Titan Pro beneath you, you can quite easily reach speeds of 30 miles per hour in the top tier mode. I was skeptical about it performing to spec in this regard, but to my surprise, it’s very capable of hitting 30 mph.

    Not impressed yet? What if I told you it can reach top speed in as little as 9 seconds? The dual motors really know how to move from stationary, which means you have to be quite careful with this beast.

    Having said that, hitting speed with such efficiency isn’t quite as jarring as it sounds, as the ramp-up is silky smooth, so taming the power of this thing isn’t quite as tricky as it could be.

    Besides, if you’re not feeling confident enough to ride with two motors, you can toggle one off, creating a standard single-motor system.

    Battery And Range

    Range is another area of expertise for the Titan Pro. In optimal conditions, you can expect to travel a monster 40 miles on a single charge, making this a true commuter vehicle!

    The reason it can travel so far is, of course, the mammoth battery nestled into the subdeck. It brings a 17.5 Ah run time to the table, a truly impressive feat; however, with great power comes great… charge times.

    Yep, that’s right folks, the longer the battery takes to discharge, the longer it takes to charge, so you could be waiting up to 9 hours for the Titan Pro to hit 100%.

    Tires And Ride Quality

    The Titan Pro comes with massive 10”, air-filled tires with a really aggro tread pattern for providing ultimate traction, even over dicey off-road terrain.

    Pair them with a full front suspension and a full rear suspension, and you’ve got yourself one immaculately comfortable ride.

    Of all the electric scooters I’ve tested (and there are a lot of them), this is absolutely in the top 3 for comfort. Although, the suspension is a little stiff for my tastes.

    It’s not strictly an off-road scooter, as Hiboy produces a specialist off-road version of the Titan Pro that covers that sort of ground, but it’s more than capable of handling a few bumpy shortcuts over rough and uneven terrain.

    Essentially, what you get in the Titan pro is an e-scooter that allows you to take the scenic route as well as the road, but whichever route you choose, your ride will always be buttery smooth.

    Uphill Performance

    Here’s where those dual motors shine — The Titan pro will drive you up hills with gradients up to 35 degrees without breaking a sweat. So, if you live in an area with a slightly “dynamic” landscape, this is the scooter for you. It eats hills for breakfast.


    A high speed e-scooter needs top-notch brakes, which is exactly what the Titan Pro has! You get two excellent mechanical disc brakes capable of bringing you to a complete standstill remarkably quickly.

    Controlled via the levers in front of the handlebars, these brakes have the stopping power to keep you safe no matter the surface type you’re riding on. Whether it’s dusty, wet, gravelly… they’ll stop you dead in record time.

    You also get the option of an electronic brake too, and the levers themselves are padded to keep your fingers feeling fine, even if you have to slam on the brakes.


    The OG Titan was no slim chicken, so it should come as no surprise that the Pro is a heavy unit. How heavy, you ask? 62 lbs to be precise, so let’s just say you don’t want to be hit with a dead battery when you’re out and about on this scooter.

    It does fold down, and the handlebars narrow, which makes transporting it by hand and storing it a lot easier, but the sheer weight of it means it’s not a feasible option if you need to climb multiple flights of stairs to reach your destination.

    Value For Money

    This is an objectively pricey e-scooter, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t get great bang for your buck. Considering the performance and the quality of the build, components, and features, I’d say this is an absolute steal of a scooter.


    The Hiboy Titan Pro arrives with a 1-year warranty, which is nice, but you’re not going to need it. This scooter is one tough cookie!

    The Final Verdict

    By now, it should be pretty clear how much I adore this electric scooter. From its speed and range, to its uncompromising build quality, it’s truly a work of art, but do I think it’s for everyone? Not exactly.

    The Titan Pro isn’t for the weak of heart or e-scooter newbies. It’s far too powerful to hop on with no prior experience of riding. It’s also not for people who want to do some hardcore off-roading — you’ll need the specialist model for that.

    Who this is for is literally everyone else. This is one of the best electric scooters for commuting I’ve ever had the pleasure of using, and it’s tons of fun too!

    It’s not perfect — there’s simply no excuse for the lack of brake lights, and the lights it does have aren’t great. But, in terms of performance, it’s one of the most impressive e-scooters around.

    I give the Hiboy Titan Pro Scooter 4.8/5