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Predator 3500 Generator Review

    A Money Saving Engine That Won’t Cost The Earth?

    Offering generous power for mid-level uses, a Predator 3500 is capable of running all of your residential essentials during an emergency, and much, much more.

    As the name suggests, this inverter packs 3500 watts of power, which can handle tools, appliances, and other items on the larger side without breaking a sweat, or your bank! 


    Predator 3500

    Running at 212CC, its OHV engine is air-cooled and boasts a 2.6 gallon fuel tank, so you’re not going to run out of gas in a hurry.

    Every single component is made from 100% copper, which not only promotes a longer, more efficient life, but means they’re naturally more resistant to rusting and corrosion. Win-win!

    As it runs via an inverter, you’re also looking at more efficient use of fuel overall, which means when compared to competing units, you’ll be paying a lot less to power your home or equipment!

    Let’s take a look at some specifications – don’t worry if you’re not tech-savvy, our review puts everything you need to know in layman’s terms.

    Predator 3500 Inverter Specifications
    Product Dimensions 22.75 x 17.29 x 20 inches
    Weight 99.2 lbs
    Fuel Source Gasoline Powered
    Engine Style 212cc 4-stroke
    Ignition System Type Electronic
    Longest Run Time 11 hours (at 25% capacity)
    Number of Outlets Four: 120V AC (2); 120V AC (1); 12V DC (1)
    Low Oil Shutoff? Indicator Light? Yes / Yes
    Wheels? Standard
    Fuel Gauge? No

    What’s In The Box?

    As part of every purchase you will receive:

    • (1) Predator 3500 Generator Unit
    • (1) DC Cable
    • (1) 30 Amp RV Adaptor
    • (1) Fuel Funnel
    • (1) Screwdriver
    • (1) Spark Plug Wrench

    This is everything you’ll need to get set up, as well as hook yourself up to an RV or motorhome, and carry out the routine maintenance suggested.

    Optional Add Ons:

    If you’re looking to bump up the capabilities of your 3500 or keep it running in tip-top shape, you can also purchase a number of accessories separately. These include:

    • Parallel Cable – connect two 3500s together and wield double the power!
    • Extension Cords – more easily set up your generator and reduce any noise by hooking it up further away from your living area
    • Generator Cover – protect your unit from dust, debris and other potential hazards to ensure it stays in full working order when out of use

    You’re not obligated to buy these directly from Predator, but you’ll always get the best results by using their recommended cables and cords over imitations.

    Features We Loved:

    Instant Start Up

    Using the built in, hassle free electric start, you’ll be ready to go quickly and without any problems, even in cold weather.

    Plus, there’s a manual option for when the battery dies and you don’t have one on hand to replace it!

    Well Made

    You can tell a lot of thought went into this generator’s design: the high impact, solid enclosure not only protects internal components but also works as a sound absorber to keep those decibels on the low side!

    Runs Quiet

    Where other residential models can rank as loudly as 80 decibels – essentially like having a vacuum running permanently! – the Predator 3500 is practically whisper quiet at only 57 decibels. That’s comparable to the gentle hum of your refrigerator!

    Fuel Efficient

    Yes, it runs on advanced inversion technology, for the cleanest and most efficient fuel provision available, but there’s more!

    It even has an ESC throttle switch, for even greater fuel efficiency. Powerful and eco-friendly.

    Simple To Maintain

    Adding oil is as simple as removing the easy-access side panel to top it off (look out for the Low Oil indicator light!) and by following the User Guide’s instructions for easy maintenance, you’ll guarantee a full and happy life for the 3500.

    Plenty Of Outlet Choice

    Not only do you have access to a twist lock 120V AC for power tools and other units that require higher wattage, but there are also two standard 120V household AC outlets.

    If that wasn’t enough, there’s even a 12V DC outlet for charging batteries.

    User Friendly Experience

    Everything you need to power this baby is all easily accessible via the control panel, which is smack bang in the middle and ready to rock and roll.

    Thanks to the clear labels and well organized layout, navigation is a breeze.

    Outperforms More Expensive Models

    Though on the more affordable end, you’ll notice this gennie can really crank it up.

    Packing plenty of power to take on bigger, better generators in its field, you can even hook up two 3500s using its parallel outlets and effectively double its capacity!


    Though on the smaller side, there are integrated, smooth-rolling casters that allow you to wheel your generator out from storage without breaking a sweat.

    This is a thoughtful touch that means relocation doesn’t require any effort.

    RV Ready

    Those who like to spend time on the road should note that you’ll be able to make use of a 30amp RV adaptor to easily hook up your vehicle.

    Small touches like this really increase the value for money with Predator’s units. It has enough power for up to 15,000 BTU of RV AC!

    Safety Features:

    Overload Protection

    Keeping you safe from electrical overload, there is a built in protective function (use indicated by a clear LED light in the control panel) to prevent damage to any of your appliances, tools or electronics, and the generator itself

    Low Oil Shutdown – There’s no danger of damaging the fragile internal components or engine of the Predator 3500, because the automatic shutdown feature kicks into gear as soon as a low oil measurement is detected. That can be a life saving feature!

    Areas For Improvement?

    Less Bulk, Please

    For a middle of the road generator, it seems a little unnecessarily heavy and clunky; this definitely doesn’t affect how it runs, but we would have liked to see a more contemporary, refined design from the folks at Predator here.

    Longer Run Time

    Although the 3500 promises a whopping eleven hours of continuous run time for your electronics, this estimation is only relevant when you’re running at 25%.

    That means if you plug in all of your appliances, you’ll have less power for less time.

    No Fuel Gauge

    Again, not quite a deal breaker, but those who like to keep an eye on their fuel usage might appreciate the inclusion of a gauge to make that easier.

    Nobody wants their generator to run out of gas in the middle of an emergency! 

    Bigger, Better Wheels

    The casters that Predator use are fine when you’re moving across even, solid surfaces, but they could definitely be a touch larger and more resilient.

    It’s still good that they’re there, though!

    Maintenance and Warranty Information:

    As Predator is well known in the industry for manufacturing quality generators and small engines, you can depend on their products for safety, security and long lasting service. Therefore, it’s safe to expect the best from the 3500!

    However, because they have such faith in their products, they also provide a complete two year warranty with every generator. This will protect you from defects and errors at the level of manufacturing, as long as you follow their advice!

    Consult the user’s manual found in box, as this not only highlights everything you need to know about running the 3500, but how to properly and regularly maintain it. Be sure to follow the schedule suggested to keep your generator running smoothly!

    In Summary – Should You Buy A Predator 3500?

    That depends on what you’re looking to do with a generator! Ultimately, the one you opt for needs to be able to manage what you’re looking to power with it. 

    The easiest way to know for sure if this will be enough for you is to measure the wattage requirements of your appliances/tools/electricals. That way, if they’re less than 3,500 watts, you’ll be certain of success!

    In our opinion, this is a brilliant model in the mid-range that’s under a thousand dollars and equipped with more than enough energy to rely on completely during an emergency.

    For those only looking to power a couple of heavy duty tools, or perhaps ensure that their family will be taken care of in the event of a blackout, we can definitely recommend this unit as a great option which won’t let you down.

    Quiet enough that it’s not going to disturb you (provided it’s positioned an appropriate distance from your living environment, of course!) as well as being far more user friendly than others, it would be a good starter product for beginners.

    Made well and absolutely fit for its purpose, from a manufacturer with a more than trustworthy reputation, it definitely isn’t a risky purchase. In the event you’re not satisfied, obtaining a refund or replacement should be a piece of cake.

    Providing clean, efficient power, with an easy to use LCD display, plenty of indicators to show what’s happening, and all of the best components available, it’s difficult to offer improvements here, besides the few suggestions we’ve made.

    We rate the Predator 3500 a solid 3.9/5!

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