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Honda EU2200i Generator Review

    When it comes to portable generators, it can be challenging to find the right one for your needs. 

    Whether you are after a generator to take camping, a backup to power your home, or travel in your RV, a good quality generator is essential. There are countless generators on the market these days, all claiming to be the best. But how do you know which is the best?

    One that is consistently praised and popular is Honda’s new EU2200i generator. It is a fantastic choice for a wide range of needs. Here’s what we know about it. 

    Today we will review the Honda EU2200i generator, looking at a wide range of features, price, and reviews to offer you a Honda EU2200i generator review that will allow you to buy with confidence! 

    Honda EU2200i Generator


    In a hurry? Here are all the features you need to be aware of with the Honda EU2200i generator: 

    • Very quiet to use and run, with less noise than a normal conversation 
    • The LED control panel is easy to use and can detect any issues with the generator.
    • The Eco-throttle system and fuel-efficiency mode are excellent for extended use of the generator.
    • It runs for 4 to 9.6 hours, depending on how much load is running. 
    • Safer, cleaner energy 
    • Two 120V outlets 
    • One 12V DC outlet 
    • Compact and lightweight
    • Safe to use with sensitive appliances and electronics thanks to its inverter
    • 3-year commercial and residential warranty 
    • It can be paralleled with another model to double the power; the cord to do this is sold separately 
    • Up to 1,800W at running power, 2200W at the starting point. 
    • On the expensive side compared to other generators. 

    Does that sound like the generator for you? You can purchase it here!

    Honda EU2200i Generator Buying Guide

    For those who want some more information, just keep on reading for more details about the Honda EU2200i.


    The Honda EU2200i has a whole host of features that make it such a fantastic choice. Let’s take a closer look at them now. 

    Eco-throttle system:

    The Honda EU2200i features an eco-throttle system that customers adored. The system boasts excellent fuel-efficiency. Using the toggle switch, you can switch your generator into fuel-efficiency mode.

    This mode is fantastic for when you are using your generator overnight or for extended periods of time.

    Parallel Option:

    One fantastic feature is the parallel function of the generator. There will be two connectors that allow you to connect your Honda EU2200i to another generator to double the power! It’s an excellent option for those wanting to power larger appliances or multiple appliances simultaneously. 

    It’s worth noting that the wire to connect the two generators will need to be purchased separately. The wire is widely available and affordable to buy.

    Customers enjoyed the parallel option, being able to boost your power to 4400W of power! It’s an excellent option for those after more power but still want the portability of the Honda EU2200i.

    LED Control:

    The generator features a control panel that uses LED lights as an indicator system. You can use these to detect any problems your generator might be experiencing. 

    There is an LED light at the top which notifies you of a low oil level, indicating that you need to refill your oil. This is incredibly handy, as running a generator on low oil can cause damage to its internal components. 

    The middle LED light indicates an overload to your generator. There is also an alarm that goes off, allowing you to adjust the wattage demands. 

    The last light is a green LED light that indicates the output of your generator. It will stay illuminated when your generator is supplying power correctly. 

    These lights are handy additions to your generator, allowing you to assess it at a glance and make any necessary adjustments.   

    Other features:

    Let’s take a look at the rest of the fantastic features the generator has! 

    Noise levels?

    When it comes to choosing a generator, you want to ensure that yours runs quietly, especially if you will use the generator overnight or at a campsite. The Honda EU2200i generator produces 48-57 dBa noise levels depending on the load level. 

    This makes it a super low noise level generator, with the noise being compared to a normal conversation or less. Compared to other generators around the 2,000W mark, it is one of the quietest on the market! It’s low noise levels are praised by customers, finding it unnoticeable overnight. 

    Consumption and capacity:

    Honda’s generator has a maximum starting watt rating of 2200 and a running wattage of 1800. Your starting watts are needed to get the generator up and running for those newbies in the room. These higher watts will be used but are not often sustained. 

    Your running watts are the watts your generator will be able to generate and support continually. When selecting appliances to be powered by your generator, ensure that they do not exceed these running watts. 

    The generator has a slightly smaller tank but still performs—the EU2200i’s tank measures in at just under a gallon. 

    You can run the generator for 3 hours on a full tank with 100% power in terms of capacity. If you are using a lower load, for example, 25%, you will get a run time of 8 hours. 

    1800W is more than capable of powering small appliances, providing power at a campsite, or power through a blackout or power outage. It would not be able to power your whole home the way larger generators would, but it is not designed for that purpose. 


    The EU2200i features two 120V 15A AC outlets and a 12V DC outlet suitable for your appliances. These outlets will work for a range of appliances to ensure you can power them up whenever you need to! 

    There is also an outlet to run your generator parallel with another, as we mentioned earlier. You will need an additional cord to do this, which can be purchased online for an affordable price. 

    Some customers would have liked additional outlets, such as USB ports on the generator. While these are not necessary on the generator, they are often a welcome addition. Thankfully, you can simply plug your phone charger into the 120V outlets, so you can camp and have access to the internet! 


    Your Honda EU2200i is also an inverter. This means that it converts raw power generated from DC to AC power. The inverter function allows you to use your generator to power sensitive appliances and electronics such as smartphones and tablets. 

    It’s a great feature to have on any generator as it avoids any damage to the sensitive components used in modern appliances. 

    Easy to use?

    Honda’s EU2200i generator is straightforward to use. Starting up is easy with a single control knob and recoil pull cable. Even those who have never seen a generator before will be able to start this one! 

    The controls and outlets for the generator are all on one side, making access super easy. The front side of the generator houses the control panel. It is incredibly user-friendly and easy to follow. 

    The instruction manual that comes with the generator is also incredibly easy to read; in no time at all, your generator will be set up and ready to go! You do need oil ready when you set up your generator, but you won’t need much to do this! 


    Honda’s EU2200i is incredibly portable and easy to travel with. It’s compact size and the built-in handle makes it effortless to carry. 

    The generator itself is quite lightweight too. Weighing 40lbs, you will be able to fit this in the trunk of your car or carry it to a campsite with no issues. It is also suitable for use with RV’s, so you need not worry on your long trips away from home!

    Support and warranty:

    Honda’s customer service team is on hand to offer support with any queries or concerns you may have about your generator. Customers have praised their customer service for providing answers and support where needed. 

    The EU2200i also comes with a three year commercial and residential warranty. You can use the generator with peace of mind that you are covered should anything happen! 

    It is always a good idea when purchasing your generator to familiarize yourself with the instruction manual before using it to ensure you are using the generator correctly at all times. It can also be helpful to download a copy of the manual before purchasing the generator to ensure it perfectly suits your needs. 

    How much?

    Honda’s generator is a pricier option. Compared to other generators of its size, it is an expensive option. However, if you have the budget, we think it is a fantastic choice! 

    The features, such as how quiet and portable it is, outweigh the cost. It is worth considering how often you will be using your generator and what you will be using it for when deciding whether it is worth the extra expense!

    Remember that you will also need to factor in the cost of oil and fuel into your budget. 

    Final word 

    As you can see, the Honda EU2200i has a wide range of fantastic features.

    It is powerful, quiet, compact, and guaranteed to stand the test of time.