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Jetson Electric Scooter Review

    When you’re looking for a commuter class e-scooter to get you to and from work, it’s easy to get caught up looking for insane top speeds and ridiculous mileage.

    But what you should understand about e-scooters is that the more powerful they are, the less portable they are, which can make managing them when you reach your destination a total nightmare.

    The Jetson Element Pro, however, appears to strike a healthy balance between spec and practicality, but does it lean too far towards the latter to be a truly useful device? That’s what I intended to find out.

    Welcome to my no-holds-barred review of the Jetson Element Pro Electric Scooter!

    Jetson Electric Scooter Review

    Jetson Electric Scooter: Pros And Cons


    • Highly portable
    • Fantastic folding mechanism
    • Looks amazing
    • Mono-shock makes handles small obstacles well
    • Amazing price tag
    • Decent kickstand
    • Clear and easy-to-use LED display


    • Lackluster top speed and range
    • Solid wheels
    • No front brake
    • Struggles uphill

    Where Can You Purchase The Jetson Electric Scooter?

    Shop the Jetson Element Pro Electric Scooter here.

    Buyer’s Guide

    Build And Durability

    The Element radiates a simple elegance. It’s not exactly a head-turner, but it’s an exceedingly solid build! It doesn’t have a lot going on, but think of it this way… it doesn’t have a lot that can go wrong.

    The frame is made from high quality aluminum, the absolute best material for combining lightness with strength. I’ve had it for a few months now, and I haven’t seen a single sign of weakness yet.

    I have read a few reviews online that discuss concerns in regard to the build quality of the throttle. It’s nothing I’ve encountered yet personally, but it’s definitely something you guys should be aware of before you buy this electric scooter.

    You also get a kickstand with the Element Pro, and it seems resilient enough to me.

    The movement is smooth and swift when you kick it out, it’s well positioned, and supports the weight of the scooter without breaking a sweat, although, being that this thing is incredibly light, that’s not much of a challenge.


    For a budget e-scooter, the LED display of the Element Pro is surprisingly nice. It’s bright and clear, providing all key information in a single glance, so you can focus on what’s important… the road/path.

    It’s quite a bit smaller than the displays you’ll find on more expensive models, but thanks to the well designed layout, it fits all the info you need in a manner that doesn’t seem jumbled or confusing.

    The handlebars are nice and comfortable, which is essential for long rides. The thumb throttle can be found to the right-hand side, and the electric brake button is on the left, but more on that later.

    All these components are quite basic, so if you’re looking for quality appointments, such as a throttle with a lush rubber plate for traction and durability, the Element Pro will not satisfy, but it will satisfy your wallet!


    It may be a highly portable device, but the deck on the Element Pro really delivers.

    It’s not massive, but there’s certainly enough wiggle room for most riders to stand comfortably, although if you’re one of those feet-side-to-side riders, you might find yourself yearning for a bit more support. 

    There is also a raised, grippy material across most of the platform which helps to keep you secure if you’re tackling rough terrain, the soles of your shoes are on the way out, or perhaps you get caught in a light sprinkling of rain on a ride.

    The deck isn’t cushioned in any way, though, so you may develop a mild ache towards the end of a long trip.


    The front and rear lights on the Element Pro aren’t going to blow you away, but they’re absolutely powerful enough to keep you safe when riding in poor light conditions. 

    I personally wouldn’t rely on them if I was frequently riding in the dark, so if you take on the odd night shift, I’d highly recommend investing in some more impressive lamps.

    And being that you can pick one of these Jetson scooters up for next to nothing, you should have plenty of money spare for a few aftermarket improvements.

    Acceleration And Top Speed

    Okay, so the advertised top speed of the Element Pro is 16 miles per hour. Although this isn’t going to be giving anybody whiplash, it’s still a respectable speed that will get you to all your engagements in a timely manner.

    However, I was unable to reach the 16 mph zenith that Jetson boast about. In the highest mode, I clocked the Element Pro in at 13 mph, maxed out. I’ve read that a few people have the same issue, some claiming that they could only eke out 10 mph.

    My assumption is the rider weight Jetson used to calculate this hypothetical speed was pretty low, perhaps corresponding to mid to late teen individuals, but not fully grown adults with beer guts and backpacks full of work supplies.

    Still, as long as you set off nice and early, there’s no reason the Element Pro wouldn’t get you to work on time and keep the boss happy.

    This scooter’s acceleration is rather lackluster, so if you’re looking for something snappy off the mark, you’re out of luck, but it’s not ridiculously sluggish either. As the top speed is fairly limited, you’re not waiting too long for it to climb its way up there.

    The modes are as follows:

    • Mode 1 = 10 mph
    • Mode 2 = 13 mph
    • Mode 3 = 16 mph

    However, as previously discussed, unless you weigh next to nothing, you can subtract roughly three mph from the top speed of each mode.

    Battery And Range

    The battery has a 4-hour capacity that will take you as far as 12 miles if you go easy on the throttle. If you’re a speed demon, you can expect the overall run time to drop to around 1.5 hours.

    As such, referring to this scooter as a commuter doesn’t feel quite right, as it won’t get you to and from work on a single charge.

    However, if you live in the city, and you’re looking for an affordable, environmentally friendly way to get from A to B, the Element Pro is just the ticket!

    Tires And Ride Quality

    The tires measure 8 inches and do a decent job of ironing out impacts before they reach your feet and arms, but as there is only one mono-shock built into the frame, the ride can get pretty gnarly.

    They offer tons of traction, though, which is something I wasn’t expecting, but I do worry about the longevity of these tires.

    They’re solid rubber, meaning you don’t have to worry about punctures, but they don’t handle as well, and they’re not as comfortable as pneumatic designs.

    All in all, as long as you stick to relatively smooth surfaces, your ride will also be smooth, but as soon as you take on some challenging terrain, your brain will be bouncing around in your skull like a pinball.

    Uphill Performance

    It’s no secret that the Jetson Element Pro struggles with uphills. The Jetson was really only designed to tackle hills with gradients of about 15 degrees. It is capable of 20-degree inclines, but not in any style. It will huff and puff and travel at very low speeds.

    It won’t like these sorts of hills, but it’ll get you to the top… just.


    If the Element Pro went any faster than it does, I wouldn’t be too happy about the braking situation, but as it’s a pretty chill ride, the included system works just fine.

    The main stopping power is generated by the rear electronic brake controlled by the button on the left handlebar. It’s nice and responsive and will get you to a complete stop between 3 and 4 seconds depending on your speed and the terrain.

    The only other braking facility you have is a rear manual foot brake the likes of which you’ll see on standard scooters. You simply push the rear fender with your foot, and it slows the wheel down.

    There is no front brake to speak of.


    Here’s where the Element Pro makes up for some of its shortcomings. This thing is super portable. It weighs little over 35 lbs, and it’s amazingly well balanced when folded down.

    Oh, and by the way, the folding mechanism is insanely easy and quick to use, perfect for when you’re running late, and you need a quick dismount to make your appointments.

    Value For Money

    This is one of the most affordable e-scooters on the market, and although it’s obviously not perfect, I definitely think it’s a great value for the money. 


    The Jetson Element Pro arrives with a 1-year warranty.

    The Final Verdict

    To answer the question posed at the beginning of this article, I believe that the Element Pro does indeed lean a little too far into the practical side of things, as the real-life performance is a tad underwhelming.

    If it could perform at the advertised spec, it would be another story, but, ultimately, I don’t think this is really a “commuter” e-scooter, as it simply doesn’t travel far or fast enough.

    Having said that, I still think it’s loads of fun to ride and undoubtedly has its uses. I see it as being an awesome budget-friendly way to get around the city, and it’s also the perfect little device for e-scooter beginners to cut their teeth on.

    I give the Jetson Element Pro Electric Scooter 3.9/5