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Gyroor Electric Scooter Review

    Electric scooters can be a little controversial: you either love them, or you hate them. But, at the moment, there’s one model, in particular, that seems to be turning heads and converting the masses to the way of the e-scooter, and that’s the Gyroor X8!

    The X8 is relatively affordable, looks fantastic, and by all accounts, rides pretty sweet too, which is why I decided to pick one up and take it for a spin. Today, I’ll be passing on my thoughts to you. Welcome to the comprehensive Gyroor X8 Electric Scooter review!

    Gyroor Electric Scooter Review

    Gyroor X8 Electric Scooter: Pros And Cons


    • Long platform offers room for large feet
    • Great acceleration
    • Brakes have awesome stopping power
    • Build is immaculate
    • Looks really cool
    • Folding mechanism is well thought out
    • Has fairly long range
    • Dual shock absorbers keep ride smooth
    • Decent lights
    • Great value for money


    • Back tire is airless
    • Auto cruise control can be annoying
    • No proper suspension
    • Flimsy rear fender

    Where Can You Purchase The Gyroor Electric Scooter?

    Shop the Gyroor X8 Electric Scooter here.

    Buyer’s Guide

    Build And Durability

    To be honest, I was a little disappointed with how the X8 arrived at my doorstep, as the box was pretty banged up. I know that’s not necessarily a product flaw, but there were a couple of very small dings on the frame as well.

    It’s a courier/shipping issue rather than a manufacturer issue, I know, but I feel like you guys ought to know the full picture.

    The reason I was so let down here is that this really is a gorgeous scooter with sleek, sharp lines, an awesome black color scheme, and insanely clean welds — the kind of model you’d put the extra effort in to keep pristine.

    That’s why it kind of stung that it arrived a bit beat up, but I digress.

    The build of the X8 is really great. I haven’t had it all that long yet, but as far as I can tell, it’s going to be able to withstand years of abuse out on the road. What’s more, it brings a really user-friendly design to the table in terms of setup.

    Folding and unfolding this ride is a total breeze, and the stem locks into place with amazing strength, so you can forget about wobbly handlebars are rattly components.

    The stem also has a block in place that prevents it turning a full 90 degrees left or right, which is a shrewd move by the folks over at Gyroor. It prevents overturns, keeps you stable, and protects the brake and lighting wiring.

    It’s IPX67 water-resistant, meaning it can handle some splashes, but it’s by no means an amphibious ride, so riding through a light rain should be fine, but avoid those puddles people!

    If I’m being picky, the plastic rear fender is a bit flimsy, but it’s fixed securely, so it’s not going anywhere, and it does look great; however, I could absolutely see it cracking during a collision.


    You get a nice central LED display on the cockpit. It’s bright, it’s clear, and the single-button interface makes it incredibly easy to use.

    This is precisely what you need with an e-scooter, as a display that demands too much attention is going to draw focus from the road, potentially leading to some pretty nasty accidents.

    The brake levers feel nice and smooth, and the resistance is spot on. The thumb throttle is well designed too. It has a little rubber plate to provide both comfort and traction when you need to really punch it!

    My only real gripe with the cockpit is that the display reverts to kilometers as default every time you switch it on. It’s a small flaw, but it does irk me a little.


    Good news for those with size 13s, the deck is quite long, so most riders should be able to find a comfortable and stable stance without feeling too cooped up. However, it’s not the widest platform in the world, so if you’re after a roomy base, it’s perhaps not the scooter for you.

    Picking on the rear fender again, it’s kind of a bummer that it doesn’t have a step, and that it’s a little light on its feet, as taller riders with larger shoe sizes would definitely appreciate the option to cock their back foot from time to time.


    I was pleasantly surprised by both the headlight and rear brake lights on the X8. The front light is really bright and offers a decent spread of luminosity, and the rear brake/signal lights are quite beautiful — a little Tesla-esque, even.

    Still, if you plan on riding a lot after dark, as is the case with most e-scooters, you’ll want to invest in some aftermarket lighting — you can never be too safe!

    Acceleration And Top Speed

    One thing to understand before you buy this scooter is that it’s a “kick-to-start” model, meaning you have to push with your foot to get it going before you can enjoy any level of assisted riding.

    This does limit the acceleration a little, but once the motor fire’s up, it’s pretty snappy.

    You’ll hit the initial top speed between 8 and 10 seconds depending on the terrain, which is great. If you quickly switch between modes, you’re looking at between 14 and 17 seconds to reach the max speed in the highest mode.

    And speaking of modes, It comes with three, each with a different top speed. Eco mode will prolong battery life and take you further, but only travels at 11 miles per hour.

    Drive is the middle mode, and it will get you where you need to go at 16 mph. And finally, there’s Sport Mode, which gives you the full 19 miles per hour output.

    One more thing I’d like to mention before we move on, if you hold the throttle down for more than 5 seconds, an auto cruise control kicks in. I personally don’t like this, but I can see why loads of people would think this is a great addition.

    Battery And Range

    According to Gyroor, the X8 can travel a whopping 31 miles on a single charge, which, sadly, I couldn’t replicate during my testing, but I wasn’t exactly testing it in “optimal” conditions. I managed to get just shy of 20 miles out of it, which is still mighty impressive if you ask me!

    Gyroor also says that the battery takes about 4.5 hours to charge, and I found this to be dead on.

    Tires, Suspension, And Ride Quality

    Both tires on the X8 measure 10 inches, but the rear tire is solid rather than air-filled. Now, Ideally, for a really smooth ride, you’d want dual pneumatic tires, but as it’s only the rear, it doesn’t have too much of a detrimental effect on ride quality.

    Besides, the dual shock absorbers at the front really take the venom out of most small to moderate road/path blemishes.

    With a relatively modest deck height, you’re very close to the ground with the X8 electric scooter, which some may not like the sound of, but I really love it.

    It boosts the handling a great deal, so you always feel completely in control, something that new riders will really appreciate.

    Some might prefer a slightly faster e-scooter, but what I think Gyroor has done really well here is keep the speed and ride quality perfectly balanced. It feels great to ride at factory spec. Any faster and the lack of proper suspension may make it a little dangerous on certain terrain.

    Uphill Performance

    The 500-watt motor makes small work of mild inclines, but longer, steeper hills can be an issue. However, as long as you hit them at speed, the X8 can conquer most hills you’ll come across in an urban area.


    The brakes work exceptionally well on the X8. They never lock up, and they have awesome stopping power, even on loose surfaces such as gravel or sandy roads — we’re talking about 3.3 seconds to dead still.

    I attribute the zero-lock performance to the fantastic E-ABS brake at the rear, but I tell you what… the front drum brake is amazing too. So, if you’re looking for a safe ride to use alongside traffic, the X8 is a good choice.

    Some of you might appreciate that the brakes arrived perfectly calibrated as well. I didn’t have to do any tweaking whatsoever!


    The Gyroor weighs close to 50 lbs, which is pushing it if you want a truly portable device, but as long as you’ve got a bit of a bicep on you, you should have no trouble lugging it small distances by hand once you arrive at your destination.

    And it is, of course, a foldable design, which makes transporting and storing it much easier

    Value For Money

    Although it doesn’t exactly go for pocket change, I think the X8 is fantastic value for money, and with a few aftermarket customizations (switching out the rear fender, for example), you’ll end up with a scooter that looks and feels far more expensive than it is!


    Gyroor provides a 6-month warranty for the X8 battery, and a full year of protection for everything else. That does make me a little suspicious of the battery quality, but I’ve had no problems thus far.

    The Final Verdict

    As far as I’m concerned, the X8 is an absolute triumph. Do I think it could be made better? In some areas, yes, but most of my gripes come down to personal preference rather than any objective flaws, which is why I’d be happy recommending this e-scooter to anyone!

    It’s not a shred machine, per se, but it’s a reliable, mid- to long-range scooter that looks and feels great.

    It’s slick enough for seasoned riders to get their kicks, and user-friendly and safe enough for novice riders to build confidence, so, whoever you are, grab the X8 today; I guarantee you won’t regret it!

    I give the Gyroor X8 Electric Scooter 4.6/5