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How To Lock Electric Scooter

    Electric scooters may be revolutionizing the way we all travel, their compact design allowing us to complete day-to-day tasks in an efficient, practical, and environmentally sound manner, but as amazing as their portability is, it’s also one of their biggest weaknesses.

    How To Lock Electric Scooter

    There is no other vehicle or powered transport that is so easy for a ne’er do well to pinch off the street when we’re busy completing our errands. Sometimes weighing as little as 25 lbs, an electric scooter can be grabbed, tossed in a trunk, and gone in a matter of seconds — scary, I know!

    Luckily, there are measures you can take to ensure this never happens to you and your beloved e-scooter, and in this article, we’re going to go over the very best of them! Let’s get to it!

    Use A U-Lock/D-Lock To Secure Your Electric Scooter

    One of the most secure ways to lock your e-scooter up tight until you return is to use a standard U-lock. As I’m sure you’ve guessed, U-locks look like the letter “U”, but turn it on its side, and it’s more reminiscent of the letter “D”, which is why it’s also known as a D-lock to some. Names aside, they’re incredibly reliable and robust.

    My particular favorite is this Sigtuna U-lock. It’s crafted from high quality stainless steel, meaning it’s just as tough on weather as it is on criminals, and it has an insanely high resistance to both cut and leverage attacks.

    You should use the U/D-lock to lash your e-scooter to a stable, permanent frame. In terms of how you should lock your scooter up, it’s completely up to you, but I always recommend looping the lock around or through (if you can) the bridge connecting the platform to the stem, as this is the most secure way of doing things.

    Use A Cable Lock To Secure Your E-Scooter

    Cable locks are probably the most cost effective means of securing your scooter when you’re not around. They’re essentially just high-strength cables with ends that lock into place on a small module.

    This kind of security lock is incredibly flexible, which can make locking up awkward scooter designs a total breeze, but they’re by no means perfect. In fact, they’re one of the least reliable options on the market.

    As they’re so thin and flexible, a pair of bolt cutters will make short work of them, meaning cable locks are only really suitable for thwarting opportunist thieves. Any criminals cruising the streets with intent, and the equipment to back up that intent, will be able to compromise the cable lock and snatch your scooter without breaking a sweat.

    Again, I recommend using this kind of lock to secure your e-scooter to a stable, permanent object, with the cable threaded around or through the scooter’s folding section.

    If you’re set on using a cable lock, make sure you buy a high quality product, like this fantastic design from BV Store.

    Use A Ring Lock To Secure Your Electric Scooter

    If, by chance, your scooter wheels have spokes, you can use something like the Axa Defender Ring Lock. These lock the wheels in a static position so your scooter can’t be ridden away. Paired with a hefty cable lock like the BV Store design we just discussed, a ring lock can be a great theft deterrent!

    Use A Chain Lock To Secure Your E-Scooter

    A chain lock is based on the same principles as a cable lock, but instead of a simple cable, they’re composed of a heavy duty chain covered in rugged material.

    This kind of lock has the flexibility of the cable lock, with some of the durability of the U/D-lock, making it one of the best choices for keeping thieves at bay — hands off!

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, remember to only lock your scooter up to a secure structure when using one of these locks. If the object your scooter is chained to isn’t secure, it doesn’t matter how secure the locking mechanism is.

    And, as is always the case, you should shop around for the highest quality product you can find. If I was to go out and buy a chain lock today, I’d go for this absolute monster from Fubozone.

    Use A Moped Or Alarmed Lock To Secure Your Electric Scooter

    If you really want to shore up your e-scooter against thieves, then consider investing in a moped disc lock. Although, you will need a scooter that has disc brakes for this to work.

    These locks keep the wheel stopped dead, so even if somebody does manage to get their hands on your scooter, they’re not going anywhere! They also typically arrive with tamper alarms, so as soon as any nasty pieces of work try to pinch your pride and joy, they’ll be scared off with their tail between their legs by a loud, shrill, attention-grabbing noise.

    If that sounds good to you, allow me to recommend the Favato Disc Lock Alarm. This is basically the Mona Lisa of disc locks, so if security is a must for you, then so is Favato.

    Tips On Locking Your Electric Scooter

    Tips On Locking Your Electric Scooter

    Before we go our separate ways, let’s discuss a few pointers for keeping your scooter safe in your absence.

    Use A Stable, Permanent Fixture

    One last time with feeling… always make sure whatever you’re locking your scooter to is both strong and permanent.

    The Public Eye

    Public visibility is your best friend. If your scooter is highly visible and locked up tight, a thief isn’t going to risk approaching it, as tons of people will witness them do it, call the police, and perhaps even try to stop them.

    Mix It Up A Bit

    Combine different locking mechanisms for super airtight security. For example, the alarmed disc brake would partner up a treat with a sturdy U-lock.

    Element Protection

    Okay, so cards on the table, this one has nothing to do with criminals, but if you’re going to be parking your e-scooter up for a while, it should be protected against both rain and too much sun.

    Final Thoughts

    We’ve covered a lot of ground here today, but now you should be feeling confident about keeping your electric scooter secure when you’re not around. My advice is to combine multiple locking mechanisms, and always, always shop for quality when choosing locks. Keep these things in mind, and nobody but you will be riding your e-scooter, I guarantee it!