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Gotrax G4 Electric Scooter Review

    Gotrax is one of the most prolific e-scooter companies on the planet, and it seems like every single one of their releases brings something exciting to what’s quickly becoming a saturated market. With the G4, they strive to continue their streak of excellence.

    Gotrax G4 Electric Scooter Review

    Entering the low to middle section of the e-scooter market, possibly the busiest of all areas of the industry, the G4 has its work cut out for it. Does it stand out in the ever-growing crowd, or does it get stifled by the sheer vastness of the competition?

    Eager to find the answer to this question, I picked the Gotrax G4 up and took it for a spin.

    Gotrax G4 Electric Scooter Review

    Gotrax G4 Electric Scooter


    • Awesome 9.6” inner tube tires
    • Built like a tank
    • Arrives with 2 integrated security locks
    • Folding mechanism is a cinch to use
    • LED display module is bright and clear
    • Lights are some of the best I’ve seen
    • Decent sized deck
    • Good range
    • Snappy top speed


    • Brakes aren’t that great
    • No suspension
    • Auto cruise control can be irritating
    • Experienced riders may not enjoy kick-to-start functionality

    Where Can You Purchase The Gotrax G4 Electric Scooter?

    Shop the Gotrax G4 Electric Scooter here.

    Buyer’s Guide

    Build And Durability

    Not only is the build and finish out of this world on the G4, it’s actually even more impressive than its older Gotrax cousins, and the cable management is simply impeccable. In fact, it’s so well thought out that there’s barely any exposed cabling at all.

    This, alongside the astounding workmanship on the frame, gives it a sleek, modern look, and a robust feel.

    Just looking at it, you know it’s built to stand the test of time, and when you step aboard the deck for the inaugural ride, your assumptions are confirmed — this is a quality scooter!

    That said, out the box, I did notice that a few of the stem screws needed a quick tightening, so be sure to give it a good once over with your screwdriver before you take it for a spin.

    On the security front, Gotrax spoils us. They fit this thing out with an electronic lock that prevents ne’er do wells from riding our G4 away, as well as a cable lock for lashing it to permanent objects when we’re busy doing chores after a ride.

    Do bear in mind, though, that the digital lock only works when the G4 is switched on.


    If you’re familiar with the older Gotrax cockpits, then the G4 won’t bring any surprises. It has the fixed thumb throttle and brake lever, both of which are built incredibly well. Even if you have to squeeze the brakes for dear life in an emergency, your fingers remain comfortable.

    The LED display is also not breaking any boundaries within the context of Gotrax’s catalog, but it is dissimilar to most other electric scooters at this point in the market.

    Rather than integrate the display into the top end of the stem, as seems to be the done thing, it’s been given its own dedicated module at the top of the stem. It’s clear, it’s bright, you won’t find yourself taking your eyes off the road/path too long to get the info you need.

    The handlebars are another Gotrax classic, with finely textured, rubber grips that seem both comfortable and incredibly robust — much better than foam!


    You won’t exactly be doing cartwheels across the deck, as it’s lost 3.8 cm on previous Gotrax models, but it’s still more than big enough to accommodate riders of all shapes and sizes.

    It features a rubberized plate for grip and comfort. I like this much better than simple grip tape, as it keeps your dogs from barking over the course of a long excursion.

    My only problem with the deck, and it’s a very small one, is that the rubber grip doesn’t go all the way to the edge of the platform, shaving off pressures millimeters of support space.

    Now, I know this is probably to ensure the rubber doesn’t rub up against obstacles and get knocked loose, but it’s still something to consider.


    I have to give it to Gotrax here, the lights on the G4 are some of the best I’ve seen on an electric scooter. The headlight is mounted nice and high on the stem, and it’s good and bright too! During my tests, I felt very comfortable riding this thing after dark.

    The rear brake lights are also well positioned and bright as they come. What’s more, Gotrax have kitted the G4 out with not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but six reflectors, increasing nighttime visibility significantly.

    Acceleration And Top Speed

    It’s hard to measure acceleration in a meaningful way on the G4, as it’s a kick-to-start model. In other words, you have to use your pushing foot to get it up to speed (3.11 mph) before the motor fires up and rides for you. 

    Don’t get me wrong, once you’ve kicked off, and you’ve got the ball rolling, the G4 has some serious zip, but, by that point, you’ve lost a few valuable seconds on acceleration.

    This isn’t necessarily a bad thing or a misstep from Gotrax. It’s actually a safety feature that helps transition riders of traditional scooters to electric models as smoothly as possible, but seasoned riders may find it annoying.

    In terms of pure pace, it’s official, the G4 is one of the fastest budget commuter class e-scooters on the market, with a blistering tested top speed of 20 miles per hour!

    So, if you often find yourself setting off late and missing important engagements, this is the ride that’ll give you an extra 10 in bed and still get you where you need to be on time.

    Battery And Range

    The G4 isn’t only best in class in terms of top speed, but in range too. With a mammoth 374-watt hour battery beneath the deck, it can take you just shy of 15 miles on a single charge.

    Of course, that pales in comparison to the advertised range (as is always the case), but still very impressive.

    Furthermore, that big old battery only takes 4 hours to hit 100% from sub 25%, which is fantastic. It means less downtime, and more ride time!

    Tires And Ride Quality

    This scooter really needs some top-notch tires to keep it stable when you’re shredding it up at top speed, and, thankfully, Gotrax agrees.

    They’ve fitted the G4 with 9.6”, pneumatic tires that keep the ride silky smooth over a multitude of surface types, providing tons of traction wherever you may roam.

    They perform during those tight turns at speed, and they go a long, long way in making up for the absence of proper suspension (although I wish there were some shocks).

    As mentioned earlier, the deck is well designed, and the rubber grip enhances stability when the ride gets a little bumpy.

    Cruise control kicks in automatically when you ride, which I found quite irritating, but a simple flick of the throttle toggles it back off again.

    The important thing is that it beeps to inform you that cruise control has been activated. Some scooters don’t give you any clue it’s been triggered, which can be dangerous for those still finding their e-scooter feet.

    Uphill Performance

    It takes the G4 just shy of 20 seconds to reach the summit of a 60-meter hill with a 10% gradient. It doesn’t bound up inclines, but it does get the job done, and rather impressively for a budget scooter, I might add.


    Braking is a weak point for the G4. It uses a rear disc and electric brake, but even when used in unison, you’re looking at a roughly 6.5-second full speed to zero period, which is well beyond what’s considered outstanding (4 seconds).

    In light of this, it’s essential that you check that the brakes are properly configured before you ride this scooter around other people or, of course, any traffic.


    Measuring 42.1 x 18.8 x 47.2”, and weighing just over 35 lbs, the G4 is a very portable electric scooter.

    When folded, its height is reduced to 20”, making carrying it by hand nice and easy, and speaking of the folding function, it couldn’t be quicker to use. By my watch, you’re looking at something to the tune of 5 seconds to fold and unfold it — not bad!

    Value For Money

    Price-wise, the G4 sits firmly in the middle of the budget commuter class, but its appointments punch well above the price tag’s weight, so yes, the G4 is absolutely good value for money!


    Gotrax gives you a 6-month warranty. This simply isn’t good enough in my opinion, but the G4 is made well, so it’s unlikely you’d need to use a longer warranty anyway.

    The Final Verdict

    The Gotrax G4 is a winner in my book. I can count the things I don’t like about it on one hand: no suspension, auto cruise control, brakes, short warranty. That’s it.

    I’d need about five extra hands to count the things I do like about it, which is why I feel perfectly happy recommending it here today.

    I think the G4 sits in a sweet spot in terms of price and functionality that will appeal to both novice and veteran riders of electric scooters. It’s fast, it’s robust, it has decent range, and it’s a whole lot of fun!

    I give the Gotrax G4 4.7/5