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How Do You Use a Bluetti Solar Generator?

    Bluetti are taking the world by storm with their magnificent solar generators, and I, for one, couldn’t be happier.

    However, as great as Bluetti solar generators are, the sheer feature density of these devices can be a little daunting for first-time buyers, which is why I’ve composed this brief but handy guide on how to use your lovely new power supply.

    How Do You Use a Bluetti Solar Generator

    Step 1. Powering On Your Bluetti

    Here’s a little-known fact that you might appreciate. Typically, Bluetti generators arrive fully juiced and ready for some epic off-grid action — woo!

    This means you can forget about charging for now. To start with, all we need to focus on is turning your new generator on, and you’ll be happy to hear that it couldn’t be easier.

    The power buttons on Bluetti’s are normally well labeled. On units such as the AC200MAX and AC200P, you’re looking for the large round one with a green LED ring on the top left of the interface.



    It’s in roughly the same place on the AC50S, but it looks a little smaller, and there is no LED ring. It is, however, clearly labeled “Power”. For the EB240 and EB150, the power button can be found on the top left of the side panel.




    On the EB70S and EB55, you’ll find three separate power buttons, which is confusing at first, but there’s actually a very logical explanation. Each of these power buttons activates a different selection of ports.

    For example, if you want to use the AC outlets, simply press the power button next to the ports. If you want to use the DC outlets, the same goes.



    Once you’ve found the power button on your solar generator, push it, and watch the integrated LCD come to life!

    Step 2. Choosing the Output

    Bluetti solar generators arrive with a wide selection of outputs for charging a variety of electronics simultaneously. So, next on the agenda is selecting the ports you wish to send power to. How you do so depends on the Bluetti solar generator you have.

    As the EB70S and EB55 have dedicated power buttons for each output panel, you can go ahead and skip this step, as you’ve already activated your chosen ports.

    To select your output on the AC200MAX or AC200P, you can use the rather elegant touch-sensitive LCD. At the bottom of the home menu, you’ll see two circles. Press the one that says AC to activate the AC outputs or the one that says DC for DC activation.

    Once you’ve pressed, a little confirmation menu will pop up. Confirm your choice, and voilà, you’re ready to power some electronics.

    For the EB240, EB150, and AC50S, you’ll find two more buttons below the power button, one for activating the AC ports, and the other for activating the DC ports.

    Once you’ve activated your ports, the LCD should deliver some basic but essential information, such as wattage output and battery reserve.

    Step 3. Hooking Up Your Bluetti Solar Generator to Your Devices/Appliances

    With your outputs selected, you’re free to connect your generator to some devices, but make sure you’re using the appropriate cables, and that you’re powering your devices with the correct outlets.

    AC outlets typically power things such as transformers and induction heaters, but most other devices, such as laptops, TVs, microwaves, etc. are powered by DC currents. Items like incandescent lamps and resistance heaters are usually compatible with both formats.

    Step 4. Mode Selection and Fine-Tuning Output

    One of the best things about Bluetti generators is the customizability of the output, but this is where things get a little complicated, as it involves some menu diving.

    For the AC200MAX and AC200P with their advanced LCD interfaces, all you need to do is open the settings menu by tapping the cog icon on the left-hand side of the display.

    You can then alter output voltage, output frequency, power consumption, charging mode, and even turn on an integrated eco preset that can save up to 30% of your battery reserve.

    In the absence of a touch screen, you have to learn a few secondary button functions to fine-tune the output on models such as the EB240, EB150, EB70S, and EB55.

    To enter the settings menu of these units, activate the DC outlets, deactivate the AC outlets, then hold both the AC and DC power buttons down for a couple of seconds. 

    Now that you’re in the settings menu, clicking the AC button will switch between AC frequencies, while clicking the DC button will toggle Eco mode on and off.

    Once you’re done tinkering with modes and frequency, hold both AC and DC buttons down for 2 seconds to save changes made and exit the settings menu.

    Setting the Date and Time in Your Power Station 

    The more advanced AC200MAX and AC200P offer real-time fault reports if things ever go awry, but to do so, they need to know the time and date, which you can input in the secondary section of the settings menu.

    To reach this section of the settings menu, click on the cog as you did before, then press “Next”. Tapping on the time and date on the display allows you to reset them.

    Checking Your Battery Management System (BMS) and Fault Data

    If you want to check all your current settings on the AC200MAX or AC200P, you can do so by pressing the “Data” tab at the side of the home screen, followed by the “BMS” tab.

    If you want to take a closer look at some faults your generator has experienced, you can see a chronological list of energy events by tapping the “Faults” tab on the left-hand side of the home screen. 

    Shutting Down Your Bluetti Solar Generator

    Shutting down your Bluetti power station is just as easy as turning it on. Turn off any active outlets by pressing the AC/DC buttons, then press and release the power button, and that’s that — simple, right?

    Final Thoughts

    I haven’t discussed recharging in this article, but that’s only because Bluetti offers so much flexibility on that front that it’s best to check out nstaronline’s dedicated How To Charge a Bluetti  guide.

    Besides that, we’ve covered all the essentials. Now you can use what you’ve learned here today to operate your Bluetti solar generator with confidence, knowing that each time you do, you’re making the world a slightly better place!