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Can You Charge a Bluetti While Using It?

    Bluetti is one of the few backup energy companies that have fully cut ties with the past and are looking towards a much greener future.

    Powered by state-of-the-art lithium batteries, their portable generators are all completely fossil-fuel-free — hooray!

    So, you can throw out that Jerry can of yours (in the recycling, of course), pick up a Bluetti, and keep your off-grid adventures both electric and environmentally sound.

    Can You Charge a Bluetti While Using It

    Not only are these battery power stations better for the planet, they also tend to come with a wide array of nifty features, which Bluetti makes a pretty big deal of in their product descriptions, and rightly so.

    But what they don’t seem to make all that clear is whether you can charge their power stations while they’re in use.

    What Is Pass-Through Charging?

    Pass-through charging is basically just a fancy way of saying that a power source can receive and give energy simultaneously.

    For example, you could have your battery backup plugged into a wall outlet and hooked up to your laptop, and it would both receive charge from the outlet, and power your electronics at the same time — pretty cool, right?

    Pass-through charging is one of the biggest benefits battery backups have over their traditional, gas-guzzlin’ counterparts… sometimes. Not all battery power stations have this awesome ability, and for many wandering souls, the absence of pass-through charging is a dealbreaker.

    So, do Bluetti power stations have this easy-come-easy-go approach to charging electronics, or is this one area where these lean, mean battery-powered machines fall short? Let’s find out.

    Do Bluetti Power Stations Have Pass-Through Charging?

    Does the Bluetti AC200MAX Expandable Power Station Have Pass-Through Charging?

    The AC200MAX is an absolute beast of a backup, capable of powering all sorts of electronics, including, coffee machines (68–70 cups of Joe), electric grills (1 hour), refrigerators (15–28 hours), air conditioners (3–7 hours), CPAP machines (40+ hours), and 10-watt lights (50+ hours).

    Bringing seven recharge methods to the table, as well as two wireless charging pads for devices that support Qi technology, this expandable generator is as beefy as they come.

    But is it just pure brawn, or does it have some nuanced battery brains in there capable of sophisticated energy exchanges such as pass-through charging?

    Well, I’m happy to report that, yes, the AC200MAX does indeed support simultaneous charging and discharging — woo!

    Awesome, Where Can I Buy One?

    If that’s all the news you needed to hear to convince you to pick one of these battery-powered bad boys up today, here’s where you can find it.

    Does the Bluetti AC200P Power Station Have Pass-through Charging?

    The AC200P is the spitting image of its MAX sibling, and while it has a lot of the same features, it’s not quite as powerful and doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity.

    But, on the bright side, it’s slightly more affordable, and the new B230 and B300 battery packs are backwards compatible, meaning, much like the MAX, the AC200P is expandable.

    Besides, it has all the hallmarks of a fantastic modern battery backup, so it’s very possible that the AC200P is more than enough generator for you and your needs.

    It’s solar compatible, offers 5 ways to recharge, has an epic 2000-watt capacity, and a smart LCD for ease of use — nice! But does it have the all-important pass-through feature?

    It’s more good news — the Bluetti AC200P can definitely be charged whilst in use.

    Amazing! Where Can I Buy One?

    You can snag a…

    Does the Bluetti AC50S Power Station Have Pass-Through Charging?

    The AC50S is a much more affordable Bluetti option, but that’s not to say it doesn’t bring some serious power to the tent, RV, or wilderness get-together. On the contrary, it’s capable of powering phones, laptops, drones, lights, camera equipment… you name it.

    It’s also insanely small and lightweight. I mean… I know that all Bluetti power stations are portable, but this thing is really, really easy to get from A to B, so if you’re looking for a truly diminutive dynamo, the AC50S is the way forward. 

    You’ll be happy to hear that this dinky power station does support simultaneously discharging and charging; however, Bluetti doesn’t recommend using the pass-through functionality too often, as it can put quite a lot of strain on the battery.

    Got It! Where Can I Buy One?

    Do Bluetti EB150 and EB240 Power Stations Have Pass-Through Charging?

    As these power stations have identical user manuals, I’ll be addressing them as one.

    The EV150 and EB240 are some of the most popular Bluetti items on the market, and for good reason, too.

    Their nuanced inner workings, versatile application, and robust exterior make them the perfect addition to any consummate camper or emergency prepper’s arsenal, and best of all, they both support pass-through charging!

    Okay, But How Can I Get My Hands on Them?

    Do Bluetti EB70 or EB70S Power Stations Have Pass-Through Charging?

    These power stations are Bluetti’s more modest offerings in the green power market. The EB70 has a maximum output of 700 watts, and the upgraded version, the EB70S, takes that total to 800 watts. Both feature pass-through charging technology, but much like with the AC50S, it’s recommended that you use it sparingly, as it can reduce the battery’s cycle life.

    Right, and Where Can I Buy Them?

    Does the Bluetti EB55 Power Station Have Pass-Through Charging?

    The EB55 is smaller still, but it’s capable of powering the new MacBook Pro for 2 hours, which is nothing to scoff at. Plus, it has the desirable pass-through charging facilities you’re looking for, but, again, Bluetti warns that using them too often may shorten the overall service life of the battery.

    Okay, But Where Can I Find One?

    Does the Bluetti EP500 Have Pass-Through Charging?

    If you’re looking for a full UPS backup to keep your sensitive electronics safe during blackouts and power surges, then the EP500 should be your go-to, especially considering it features full pass-through support.

    Nice! Where Can I Buy One?