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Goal Zero Yeti 6000X Portable Power Station: Reviewed

    A Monster You Shouldn’t Be Scared Of

    Releasing their first solar generator over a decade ago, Goal Zero is one of the OG environmental power companies. Since that time they’ve done anything but rest on their laurels.Their new(ish) X-Series takes portable power to whole new green heights, and I got to test out their flagship unit, the Yeti 6000X.

    Yeti 6000X Portable Power Station at a Glance

    The Yeti 6000X isn’t just Goal Zero’s largest power station, it’s one of the largest solar-powered generators on the planet!Equipped with a high-tech, power-dense lithium-ion battery, it’s capable of pushing out just over 6000 watts (capacity) of power. Honestly, other than an entire city there isn’t much it can’t spark to life.

    Yeti 6000X – Essential Specs

    • Dimensions: 15.3” x 10.1” x 17”
    • Weight: 106lbs (48.1kg)
    • Watt Hours: 6071
    • Operating Temperatures: 32-104°F (0-40°C)
    • Ports: 10 (including 4 USB)
    • Battery: Lithium-Ion

    Yeti 6000X – Pros & Cons


    • Silent
    • Zero emissions
    • Solar-powered
    • Huge amounts of power
    • Hooks up to utility power
    • Robust
    • Has wheels
    • Integrated MPPT and inverter


    • Price
    • Weight

    Where Can You Find the Goal Zero Yeti 6000X Portable Power Station?

    Thankfully, it’s much easier to find this Yeti than the Yeti of Himalayan folklore. All you have to do is follow this link.

    Yeti 6000X Portable Power Station – Review


    Only two things can survive a nuclear explosion, the humble cockroach, and the Yeti 6000X.Featuring shock-resistant corners and reinforced side panels, it doesn’t mind the odd impact at all, and despite being a tall power station, the rubberized feet ensure it never topples or slides.Is it waterproof? No, not really. It can handle the odd splash or two, but you’ll need a shelter if you want to use it outdoors in the rain.Verdict – 5/5: Waterproofing would be nice, but I’m perfectly happy with the general build quality.


    Being one of the most powerful portable eco-generators in the world has its downsides, and one of them is that this thing is big and heavy.The ergonomic handles and the included roll cart ease the burden significantly, but I wouldn’t try to lift this with a bad back in a hurry. That said, the power-dense lithium battery helps to keep weight to an absolute minimum (A lead acid core of this size would weigh twice as much).Verdict – 4/5: Is the 6000X portable in the strictest sense of the word? No. Is it portable for what it is? Yes, incredibly so.

    Power Potential

    It may only be the size of a cooler, but it can power a full-sized fridge-freezer, for four and a half days. The 3500-watt surge capacity means it’s capable of starting up even the most power-hungry devices, such as heavy power tools, dehumidifiers, and even expansive heating and cooling systems.It also features a built-in sine wave inverter with the ability to put out a continuous running rate of 2000 watts, which is just…crazy.For context, that’s twice the capacity you’d need to run an advanced coffee maker, a third more than you’d need to run a dishwasher, and 39 times the power you’d need to run a laptop.Speaking of, the 6000X can recharge a laptop upward of 120 times on a single charge, and a smartphone over 500 times. It can also be wired into your breaker box to act as a full-on backup generator in case of emergencies.

    Verdict – 5.5: In terms of capacity, the 6000X lives up to its HUGE reputation.

    Charging Times

    The unfortunate truth about large power supplies is that they take longer to recharge, but you can tell the folks over at Goal Zero have done their best to make the process as pain-free as possible.Take the integrated MPPT control, for example. This device increases solar charging efficiency by as much as 40%.Team GZ has also made the charging process as flexible as possible by providing three separate methods: solar, wall, and car.A 600-watt AC wall charger will get you up and running in 12 hours flat, which is very impressive for a generator this powerful. The car charger adds a couple of hours on top, and how long solar takes depends on the size and number of the panels you purchase.Verdict – 4/5: Not bad, but don’t wait until the day of your expedition to plug it in.


    As happy as I am with the fast-charge USB array that you can plug your laptop into, I was a little disappointed that the 6000X doesn’t have at least one more AC outlet. Two is fine, but for a generator of this size, I expected more.I’d have been happy with one more 12V port too, but two will have to do.Verdict – 4/5: It is an incredibly versatile array; I just feel there are some lost opportunities on the compatibility front.


    To be fair, the 6000X makes up for the dearth of outlets with a stacked feature count, including the already mentioned MPPT solar energy optimizer, the integrated inverter, a couple of included cables, and the wheels.It also has an awesome LCD that communicates a wealth of information in a clear and concise manner, but better still, you can view this information and control the entire generator via the Goal Zero app!Verdict – 5/5: I only wish solar panels were included with purchase.

    Value for Money

    This is an expensive option. You are certainly paying a premium for the Goal Zero pedigree.Verdict – 3/5: Prepare your bank account for some serious abuse.

    Goal Zero Yeti 6000X Portable Power Station – The Final Verdict

    The Yeti 6000X is an amalgam of extremes. It’s one of the biggest, it’s one of the most powerful, it’s one of the most expensive, but it’s also undoubtedly one of the best, and I’m very pleased with its performance.My only worry is the 500 cycles to 80% spec given by Goal Zero, which pales in comparison to certain competitor eco-generators. I’m just hoping that when it finally gives up the lithium ghost, GZ will have finally released some lithium-ion replacements.I’m giving the Yeti 6000X a 4/5.