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Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station Kit Review

    Are you in the market for a new portable generator but aren’t sure what to purchase? Or are you looking to move away from gas-run generators and aren’t sure where to turn?

    Perhaps you have heard whispers of battery-powered generators and want to know more? Or maybe you have heard about Goal Zero’s Yeti 400 portable power station kit and are eager to see if it’s the one for you?

    Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station Kit Review

    Whatever your reason might be, you have come to the right place! We know how challenging it can be to find a portable power station that suits your needs, especially when looking to charge devices such as phones and laptops. You want a portable power station that is safe and easy to use. 

    And now, more and more of us are seeking greener alternatives to fuel-based generators. That’s where Goal Zero comes in! Their portable power station comes with rechargeable batteries and a solar panel to provide you with access to greener energy. But is it any good? 

    Let’s find out! Today we have a detailed review for you of Goal Zero’s Yeti 400 Portable Power Station Kit to help you decide if it’s the one for you and make your purchase!

    Keep reading to find out all you need to know about this portable generator and make your decision today. 

    Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station Kit


    In a hurry? Here is all you need to know about the Goal Zero Yeti Portable Power Station Kit to help you decide if it’s for you or not! 

    • It comes with a Yeti 400 Portable power station, wall plug, and one Boulder 50 solar panel. You also get an 8mm cord and kickstand. 
    • 396Wh lead acid battery portable power station can power up to 7 devices at once! 
    • You get a continuous power of 300W and a surge power of 600W to give you the power you need. 
    • You can recharge from AC, 12V, or solar panels, depending on your preference. 
    • It comes with a range of ports and outlets for you to use. 
    • The generator alternative is gas-free, with no noise, fumes, or maintenance for easy and safe use. 
    • Boulder solar panel comes with strong, tempered glass and an aluminum frame to offer enhanced durability and longevity. 
    • The panel’s integrated kickstand allows you to get the best angle from the sun too! 
    • It charges phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and other small devices with ease, perfect for on-the-go use!
    • At 41lbs, it’s heavier than other portable generators on the market. It’s a decent weight for camping, but you might struggle to carry it around.
    • The US-based customer service center is on hand to provide you with help and assistance should you need it. 
    • Ideal for powering small appliances, lights, and more as a backup source when needed. 
    • You can chain it with other 33Ah lead-acid batteries, too, increasing its runtime when needed. 
    • Customers reported issues with the batteries depleting quickly and the solar panels taking days to recharge the generator.

    Does this sound like a battery-powered generator for you? Well, grab it right here, right now, then, and save yourself the time of scrolling and researching! Purchase it here. 

    Are you still not convinced or need some more information? That’s fine too! Keep reading for a full and detailed review of the Goal Zero Yeti 400 kit!

    What’s included?

    The kit comes with a Yeti 400 portable power station. The small generator runs on a 396Wh lead-acid battery. The power from this battery can charge up to 7 devices simultaneously, making the power station the perfect choice for those who take lots of gadgets camping or traveling! 

    It’s worth noting that these batteries should be charged at a minimum every three months for best results. The batteries that arrive might have been sitting on a shelf for longer than that, so you should charge them up once they arrive. Doing so should help eradicate issues that other users have had. 

    Back to the kit! You also get a wall plug and one Boulder 50 Solar panel. The solar panel can provide power and re-charge the power station when its battery is empty. The solar panel also has an 8mm cord to connect it to the generator and a kickstand. 

    It sounds like you get a lot for your money, doesn’t it? So let’s take a closer look now at what both the generator and solar panel can do to see if it’s the one for you!

    The Generator 

    The generator or power station differs from others as it relies on battery power instead of gas. The idea behind this is that it’s cleaner, and since you can recharge the batteries, it should save you money in the long term. 

    You don’t need to sacrifice power either when using the battery compared to fuel. The 396Wh battery can power up to 7 devices at once, using 33Ah at 12V. Some devices might take a while to charge up, but at least your devices will charge up when camping or traveling. 

    It’s fairly powerful for a small generator, providing a continuous power of 300W and a surge of 600W. Now it won’t be powerful enough to power your whole house as a backup, but if you need to charge a few devices or run small appliances, it’s going to do the job. When purchasing this generator, it’s best to be realistic about what it can do so you aren’t disappointed. 

    The generator comes with a handy LCD display that shows you how much power you are using at a glance. It also features a real-time input and output calculator, which is helpful when positioning your solar panels (more on this later). 

    You also get a range of ports on the generator, including 2.1A USB poets, 120W, and 12V ports. There aren’t as many options as some customers would like, but there should be enough for you to charge your devices when you need to! 

    Since the generator is rechargeable, you don’t need to worry about replacing any gas or the usually messy maintenance that generators require. It’s also a virtually silent operation, so you won’t need to worry about disturbing other campers or having your sleep ruined by loud noises. 

    You can recharge the generator easily too, either by AC, 12V, or the use of the included solar panels! It’s worth noting that some customers found it took days for the solar panels to recharge the generator fully. Bear that in mind, along with the position of the solar panels, before making your decision. 

    Some customers did note that the battery life wasn’t the best for them (there’s a conversion chart on the product description that you can use to see how long the battery will last), but fear not.

    You can chain the generator with others of the same size and power to increase the lifespan! It’s a fantastic option when you are camping or on extended trips and need the power. 

    Another issue that customers noted was the weight of the generator. At 41lbs, it’s by no means the lightest portable generator on the market, nor is it the heaviest.

    Some users found the weight quite bulky and difficult to travel with, whereas others found it easy to carry around. It’s best to consider yourself and be comfortable with this weight before making your decision. 

    Goal Zero’s Yeti was also designed and engineered by power station experts, so you know you can put your faith in it. There is also a US-based customer service center that is more than happy to help with any queries or concerns you might have. 

    The Solar Panel

    The second part of this kit is the solar panel. Made with tempered glass and an aluminum frame, it’s incredibly durable to withstand any rocky terrains you might be in.

    It’s a handy and green way to charge your device, although some customers did note that it took a while for the solar panels to charge the device. 

    This could be due to its positioning and the sun’s strength, and some other factors. Thankfully, the solar panel comes with an integrated kickstand. It helps you get the optimal angle of the sun and should speed up the charging process.

    The kickstand can also be removed if you want to permanently or semi-permanently install or mount the solar panel. You will need to purchase mounting brackets separately, though. 

    The LCD screen also features a real-time input and output calculator that can be very helpful when positioning solar panels. It can take some of the stress off you and help you position it where needed. 

    Overall, customers were impressed with the durable quality of the solar panels and their ability to recharge the generator. Just be mindful that when charging from empty,  it’s going to take a little longer. 

    How Much?

    Compared to other generators on the price, this kit isn’t too expensive. It’s a reasonable price that should suit most budgets. Purchasing the kit does work out cheaper, too, than purchasing the solar panel separately, which is why we recommend it.

    If you are on the fence about the solar panel, it’s better to spend the money now than decide later on and have to part with more of your hard-earned cash! 

    When deciding if the portable kit is the one for you, consider your budget and if you can afford it or not. If it’s a little out of your pierce range, you might be better suited to some other options on the market. But for those who can afford it, it’s a fine choice to make and one you will not regret!

    Final Thoughts

    And just like that, we have come to the end of our review today. As you can see, the Goal Zero Yeti 400 kit is a fantastic option for anyone after a portable battery-powered generator.

    The inclusion of the solar panel sets it apart from others on the market and offers you a less harmful generator to the planet!

    While the generator itself is a little bulky, and the recharge times are a little slow with the solar panels, it is still an excellent option for those after a portable charging station for their devices! Does it sound like the one for you? Then grab it now.