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Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Power Station: Reviewed

    The Little Power Station That Could or Couldn’t?

    If you’re only just hearing about Goal Zero’s Yeti line of portable power stations, you must have been living under a rock for the past few years…in fact, a Yeti power station could help you do that!They’re a fantastic, battery-powered, eco-alternative to the traditional gas-guzzling, fume-spewing generators that we’re all guilty of having used in the past.

    But even though environmentalism lies at the core of Goal Zero’s business model, they claim that power stations such as the Yeti 150 bring much more to the table.According to Goal Zero, they’re completely quiet, field-tested in extreme environments for maximum durability and reliability, and they’re incredibly efficient too.This all sounded great…an eco alternative that didn’t shirk on performance — perfect! But I did wonder if it was all too good to be true, which is why I took it upon myself to source a Yeti 150, the smallest, most affordable power supply in the line, and tested Goal Zero’s claims.

    Yeti 150 – Essential Specs

    • Dimensions: 7.75” x 5.75” x 6.75”
    • Weight: 12lbs (5.4kg)
    • Watt Hours: 168
    • Operating Temperatures: 32-104°F (0-40°C)
    • Ports: 6 (including two USB)
    • Battery: AGM Lead-Acid

    Yeti 150 Pros & Cons


    • Compact
    • Robust
    • Solar-chargable
    • Silent
    • Zero emissions


    • Price
    • Not rich in features
    • Not weatherproof

    Where Can You Buy a Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Power Station?

    If you like what you hear in this review, you can follow this link to check prices on the Yeti 150.

    Yeti 150 Portable Power Station – Review