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Best Lux Thermostats

    Your Comprehensive Guide To The 8 Most Impressive Lux Thermostats On The Market

    A quality thermostat is one of the most important features of any home. Responsible for keeping us nice and cozy during the winter months and feeling cool and refreshed throughout the scorching summer months, we’d be lost without them.

    However, thermostats aren’t foolproof devices, and every now and again, older units leave us in the lurch, swaddled in blankets or melting into a puddle of sweat on the floor. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

    Best Lux Thermostats

    Lux has been helping us control ambient temperature for over a century, and now they’re leading the modern thermostat market with some amazing innovations.

    So, to celebrate their steadfast dedication to our comfort over the years, we did tons of research and put together this list of their 8 best thermostats capable of keeping you sane when the weather gets crazy.

    Best Lux Thermostats – Reviews

    Kono KN-S-AMZ-004 Smart Thermostat

    The Kono hooks up to your network via its integrated Wi-Fi facilities and gives you full control over your heating from wherever you are — so long as you’ve got an internet connection.

    Utilizing geofencing technology, it can sense when you’re far away from home, initiate an economical schedule, and once you’re back in range, re-engage your custom settings, so the temp is perfect as you walk through the door.

    The integrated calendar allows you to create complex heating/cooling schedules over long periods of time, and if you really want to make things easy for yourself, it can be hooked up to a virtual assistant and controlled by voice commands.

    Despite the depth of this device, the interface is simple and intuitive, making it a joy to use either manually or via the Lux app.


    • Smart Thermostat – Control it remotely via an app.
    • Geofencing – Saves energy.
    • Integrated Calendar – Lets you set up long-scale custom schedules.
    • Design – Elegant look with customizable faceplate.
    • Utility Cost Estimator – Helps you live within your means.


    • C-Wire – Requires a C-wire for installation.
    • Scheduling – Can be tricky at first.

    Lux Geo Smart Thermostat

    If you constantly fluctuate between being too hot and cold throughout the day, the Geo is the smart thermostat for you.

    Using the incredibly detailed scheduling system, you can set four temperature periods per 24 hours to accommodate your shifting sweet spot.

    Those of you who live in particularly erratic climates will also be interested in the override function that momentarily bypasses scheduled temperature control to suit a hot flash or cold spike without permanently altering the established routine.

    As a smart thermostat, it comes with all the usual trimmings such as remote controllability; geofencing, so you can save a few bucks on the energy bill when you’re out and about, and of course, compatibility with your virtual assistant of choice.

    In terms of design, it’s simple, yet elegant, with a large screen to communicate all information with clarity, and you can power it with batteries or a micro-USB in the absence of a C-wire.


    • Schedule System – Very intricate.
    • Override – Flexible enough for erratic climates.
    • Geofencing – Saves money.
    • Design – No eyesores here, folks.
    • C-Wire – Doesn’t need one.


    • No Room Sensors – Just a standalone unit.

    LUX CS1 Smart Thermostat

    The CS1 is a perfect example of Lux’s ability to seamlessly merge traditional design with modern appointments.

    It may look like your garden variety unit, but it’s actually a highly intelligent design with AI-like learning abilities.

    As you set your temperatures over the course of the first week of use, it will remember them and organize them into a schedule for you.

    What’s more, it will try to figure out when you’re away based on the frequency of your adjustments, saving you money on the energy bills.

    I say “try” to figure out because, honestly, any automatic changes seem minimal at best, but on a positive note, the geofencing system works perfectly, as do voice commands when it’s hooked up to Alexa or Google Assistant.

    Due to compatibility with the Lux Power Bridge, it doesn’t require a C-wire, yet installation is still a little tricky, so make sure to set aside a decent amount of time to get it done, or better yet, bring in some professional help.


    • Geofencing – Saves lots of energy.
    • Supports Lux Power Bridge – No C-wire required for installation.
    • AI – Learns and acts upon your preferences.
    • Scheduling – Extremely easy to use.


    • No Motion Sensors – Limits the AI.
    • Small Onscreen Text – Can be tricky to read at times.

    Lux TX9600TS Programmable Thermostat

    Well, the TX9600TS may not be a smart thermostat, but that doesn’t mean that there is any shortage of intelligent features to keep you feeling fine when the weather changes on a dime!

    Much like the Geo, it can log four temperature changes per day, keeping even the most fickle homeowners comfortable and contented

    Smart Recovery initiates very gradual, preemptive temperature change in anticipation of the major rises and falls in your schedule, saving energy and ensuring it hits the correct temperature on time, every time.

    Even though it’s not as futuristic-looking as our top picks, the wide touchscreen display makes it an absolute joy for manual programming, and all information is presented as clear as day.

    As you have to adjust 8 switches on the circuit board (the manual tells you how), installation can be a little time-consuming, but if you have a rudimentary understanding of electronics, it’s by no means difficult.


    • Smart Recovery – Punctual and energy saving.
    • 4 Temp Periods Per Day – Highly customizable.
    • Touchscreen – Clear information and easy to use.
    • Price – Very reasonable indeed.


    • Manual – No remote access.
    • Battery Powered – They’ll need changing periodically.

    Lux ELV4 Programmable Thermostat

    The ELV4 is a no-nonsense heating-only thermostat. It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but it’s loaded with great features that can take the venom out of the energy bill.

    One such feature is called Vacation Mode that allows you to log your departure and return dates and times, so it can run economically in your absence, but fire back up again just in time to welcome you home.

    It also offers separate, flexible programming for weekdays and weekends, so whether you’re working hard or hardly working, your home is always the perfect temperature.


    • Price – No need to bust open your piggy bank.
    • Flexible Programming – Easy to fine-tune to your lifestyle.
    • Vacation Mode – Saves energy.


    • Heating Only – You’ll need a separate device for cooling systems.
    • Style – Not exactly elegant.

    Lux TX500U Programmable 5-2 Day Thermostat

    Boasting universal compatibility and an insanely easy installation process, the TX500U is perfect for those who are looking for a smooth transition from old to new thermostats.

    It may be a simplistic unit, but what it lacks in complexity, it makes up for with its user-friendly, tri-button interface and clear backlit display.

    Despite the inexpensive price tag, it offers the Smart Recovery feature of the TX9600TS, which, combined with separate programming for weekdays and weekends, means you’ll be saving a pretty penny on the old energy bill!


    • Smart Recovery – Thermal punctuality and inexpensive bills.
    • Price – Great value for money.
    • Flexible Programming – Molds to your lifestyle.
    • Universal Computability – No fuss on installation.


    • Not Remote Access – You’ll have to visit the module to make changes.

    Lux PRO FBA_PSP511LC Programmable Thermostat

    In terms of functionality, the Lux PRO is very similar to the TX500U.

    You can look forward to a weekday/weekend program split, and each day can be divided into four temperature zones.

    It also has separate programs for heating and cooling, which means that exposure to slight deviations in ambient temperature won’t affect the output or invert a heating cycle to a cooling cycle and vice versa.

    The Pro is energy efficient, the big screen is lovely to use, and it has a keypad lock function to stop people from meddling with your fine-tuned temp schedules.

    Our only qualm is that it’s not compatible with multi-stage systems.


    • Flexible Programming – Separate weekdays and weekends.
    • Separate Heating and Cooling – Consistent output.
    • Screen lock – No temp tampering!
    • 4 Temp Zones Per Day – Customize your whole day.


    • Compatibility – Not primed for multi-stage systems.

    Lux TX100E 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

    Looking for a bargain? Check out the TX100E. It offers full week planning, or if it suits your needs, a 5-2 split for separate weekend temperature schedules.

    You can also split your day up into as many as four discrete heating/cooling settings, which is great during the tail end of summer when the night brings a chill, and you can override any settings momentarily if you need to switch things up on the fly.

    Designed to be paired with low voltage systems (24V), it’s the perfect thermostat to compliment an energy-conscious household that still wants some advanced features and programmability.


    • 2-5 Day – Flexible Temperature scheduling.
    • 4 Temps Per Day – No manual changes required.
    • Installation – Easy as they come.
    • Price – Great bang for your buck.


    • Battery Powered – They’ll need changing from time to time.

    Best Lux Thermostat – Buyer’s Guide

    If your current thermostat has been fighting the good fight since the dark ages, you may be unaware of how thermal control technologies have advanced through the years, which is why we’ve composed this guide on key features to look for in your new Lux thermostat.

    Type Of Thermostat

    Did you know that there are three distinct categories of thermostats to choose from these days? Deciding which of these categories suits your lifestyle best should be your first port of call.

    Smart Thermostats

    Smart thermostats are at the cutting edge of ambient temperature technology. Using the power of the internet, they connect up to your smartphone, allowing you to control all functions remotely. Pretty neat, huh? And I haven’t even mentioned geofencing yet, but more on that later.

    Non-Connected Programmable Thermostats

    Do you like the sound of being able to map out complex temperature schedules, so no matter what time of day or year it is, you’re always at your optimum temperature? Yes? Then you need a programmable thermostat.

    Non-Programmable Thermostat

    Non-programmable thermostats are usually controlled manually, so if you’re feeling cold, visit the console and hitch it up a few degrees. If you’re feeling warm, take it down a couple notches.

    Thermostat Features


    Simply put, geofencing is a smart thermostat feature that uses the GPS facilities in your phone to inform automatic temperature changes in your house. For example, if you’re traveling further away from home, it will automatically engage a more energy-efficient regiment, and when it senses that you’re returning, it will fire up the settings you had before you left.

    It saves all the busy bees out there from having to create comprehensive heating and cooling schedules, and it can help save lots of pennies on your energy bills.


    If you want your thermostat to have a similar interface as your smartphone, you should invest in one with a touchscreen. They’re elegant, modern, and usually display information in a clear manner on large, well-lit screens.

    Voice Control

    Some smart thermostats can be linked up to your virtual assistants, meaning you can control them with voice commands.

    Filter-Change Alert

    This feature simply tells you when it’s time to switch out the filter on your heating or cooling system, taking out the guesswork, and ensuring your HVAC system is always working at its full potential.

    Thermostat Considerations

    HVAC Compatibility

    Not all Lux thermostats will gel with your established HVAC ecosystem, so always double-check compatibility before settling on a new thermostat. What’s more, if you have separate systems for heating and cooling, you may need to double up on Lux thermostats for full temperature control.


    Older heating systems tend to connect up to a thermostat via two low voltage cables, which is all you’ll need to install most new non-connected programmable thermostats, but advanced Wi-Fi-enabled units usually require a C-wire.

    If you don’t have a C-wire, you’ll need to…

    • Have one installed by a professional.
    • Choose a thermostat with a C-wire power adapter or extender.
    • Invest in a 3rd-party adapter.
    • Find a smart thermostat that doesn’t require a C-wire. Luckily for you, that’s most Lux thermostats.


    Hopefully, your new thermostat is going to serve you for many years to come, which means you’ll need it to look fly as heck, not just with your current interior design, but with your future decor too. As such, it’s best to choose a unit that looks elegant and neutral.

    Best Lux Thermostat – Frequently Asked Questions

    Let’s bring things to a close with a brief Lux thermostat FAQ segment.

    Q: Are Lux Thermostats Any Good?

    A: Lux thermostats are some of the best you can buy, and with over a century of experience in the heating game, it’s no surprise. Their roots in the industry provide the perfect foundation to grow from as they embrace modern technology.

    Q: How Do You Set Up A Lux Thermostat?

    A: Lux makes it incredibly easy to set up their thermostats. All you have to do is find the menu, select temperature settings, choose your temps, then press set. The process may differ depending on the unit, and more complex programming will follow a slightly different command chain, but that’s the basic formula for setting up a Lux thermostat.

    For the full skinny on how to set up your thermostat, have a thorough read of the manual.

    Q: Can I Replace My Thermostat Myself?

    A: While Lux thermostats are comparatively easy to install, if you don’t have at least a basic understanding of electronics and the equipment you’re dealing with, it’s best to seek professional help.

    Q: Can Smart Thermostats Be Hacked?

    A: As is the case with most things that connect up to the internet via Wi-Fi, smart thermostats can be hacked, and the custom heat schedules could provide ne’er do wells information about your comings and goings.

    To avoid this, you should choose strong passwords for all your internet connections and consider hardwiring the thermostat to the network.

    Q: How Do You Unlock A Lux Thermostat?

    A: To unlock the keypad on a Lux thermostat, all you have to do is…

    • Hold the “Next” button for 5 seconds, until the words “ENTER CODE” appear on the display.
    • Enter your unlock code using the Up/Down buttons to cycle through the digits.
    • Press and hold the “Next” button for a further 5 seconds, and voilà; you’re done!

    Q: What Color Is The C-wire On A Thermostat?

    A: The C-wire on a thermostat will always be blue.

    Q: Are Lux Smart Thermostats Worth It?

    A: Lux’s smart thermostats are definitely worth it for those who lead a very busy lifestyle or those who simply like to have full control over their ambient temperature at all times. Their intelligent technology can also help to reduce your energy bills, making them a wise choice for your wallet and the planet.

    The drawbacks are that they tend to have much higher price tags, and they only really benefit people who are going to stay put for a long time. Those with adventurous souls who move around a lot are better off choosing a non-connected programmable or manual thermostat.

    Summing Up

    That brings us to the end of our lengthy Lux presentation. We’ve seen some dynamite thermostats here today, each occupying a different level of the market, so people from all walks of life can benefit. Did any of them catch your eye?

    The best of the bunch for our money is definitely the Kono due to its technological superiority and elegant design, but it’s not for everyone. If a more basic design would suit your lifestyle, save yourself a few bucks, and choose something along the lines of the TX9600TS or the ELV4. Either way, here’s to a future of happy heating and contented cooling!