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Top 5 Electric Dirt Bikes

    I love getting out there and slinging mud just as much as the next guy, but, like many others, I’m concerned about the environmental impact of my riding.

    I find it hard enough defending the noise pollution and immediate environmental damage dirt bikes cause, let alone the sizable long-term contribution to rising CO2 levels.

    Top 5 Electric Dirt Bikes

    If things keep going the way they are, not only will we continuously displace wildlife, we’ll play a nefarious role in the downfall of the entire planet as we know it — Not a great trade-off, no matter how much we appreciate tearing the trail up.

    But just because we like our ride dirty, doesn’t mean we have to dirty our air, which is why many mud-slinging motorcyclists are opting for electric dirt bikes, and after significant research, I’m presenting to you 5 of the best!

    Editor’s Pick

    Razor Dirt Rocket Mx650

    Best value

    Razor Dirt Rocket Mx400

    Best For Kids

    Qaba 6V Kids Dirt Bike

    Editor’s Pick

    Razor Dirt Rocket Mx650

    With a 650-watt electric motor and a top speed of 17 miles per hour, the Mx650 has an incredibly wide appeal.

    It would make an awesome jump up for a teenager with experience on children’s bikes, and the nimble design and snappy acceleration would keep a smile plastered across the face of the casual rider with more experience on larger bikes.

    While 17 mph isn’t exactly blistering, it’s fast enough to really charge through straight paths, while still offering immense control for more articulate riding of winding trails.

    During my tests, I found that the battery lasted just shy of the advertised 40 minutes, which is pretty great considering how hard I was pushing this thing.

    The extended battery life ensures you can take on your favorite larger trails without worrying about getting stranded part way through.

    The 40-minute runtime combined with the 17 mph top speed gets you roughly 12 miles of use per charge, so you won’t be competing in any pro-grade dirt races on this thing, but it is an absolute beast for recreational riding.


    • 17 mph — Good balance of speed and control
    • 40-minute runtime — Won’t leave you high and dry on a lengthy trail
    • Pneumatic knobby tires — Maximum power transfer makes small work of challenging terrain.


    • Power — Not competitive spec

    Also available from Electricridesonly


    Razor Dirt Rocket Mx400

    The MX400 is suitable for young teens who perhaps aren’t quite ready for something like the Mx650 reviewed above.

    With a top speed of 14 miles per hour, whether they like tackling small to medium size jumps or simply carving up a short trail, you can rest assured that the Mx400 will serve them well, safely building their confidence with every ride.

    During my tests, I clocked it in at about 25 minutes continuous runtime, but bear in mind that I’m a little heavier than most that will be riding this bike, and when my kid took it for a spin, the Mx400 pulled off the advertised 30 minutes without breaking a sweat.

    What my kid kept remarking on is the ride feel of this little Razor — It’s the most comfortable bike they’ve ever ridden.

    The pneumatic knobby tires smooth out rough terrain, and the double-crown front fork absorbs big impacts remarkably well.

    An additional rear suspension would have been appreciated, and the 12-hour charge time seems quite steep, but all in all, it’s a quality dirt bike.


    • 59.2 lbs — Easy to manage for younger riders
    • Build quality — Considering the weight, it’s remarkably sturdy.
    • 12” Pneumatic tires — Take the sting out of gnarly surfaces


    • 12-hour charge time — It’s a long time for a low-power bike.
    • No rear suspension — But at 14 mph, you don’t really need one

    Also available from Wish

    Best For Kids

    Qaba 6V Kids Dirt Bike

    Got a 5-year-old with a burgeoning passion for dirt biking? Introduce them to this diminutive dynamo, and you’ll be in their good books for life.

    Weighing only 17.6 lbs, it’s easy for young kids to manage and maneuver, and it’s a breeze for parents to store after the ride’s over — Phew!

    It has a top speed of 1.25 miles per hour, so safety is always a given, especially as it arrives with side wheels, making it accessible for children that have not yet mastered a standard two wheel bicycle.

    However, the 6 V battery ensures that your little one will be able to tackle some relatively challenging surfaces.

    And speaking of the battery, it’s a lead acid design, which isn’t as good as lithium, but it does keep the price down, and, besides, with a 45-minute run-time, it’s pretty impressive.

    You will have to charge it for 8–12 hours to fully replenish it though.


    • 17.6 lbs — Even a 5-year-old can handle it.
    • Side wheels — No scraped knees or banged heads with this bike!
    • 1.25 mph — Very safe for kids, even without the side wheels


    • Under-powered — Your kid may outgrow this one pretty quickly.

    Also available from aosom

    Best BMX-Style

    Eclypse Astra Electric Balance Dirt Bike

    Not everyone’s kid is into the motocross aesthetic, so I thought I’d include this fantastic BMX-style option from Eclypse.

    Despite the traditional design, thanks in part to the 3-speed twist grip, it handles incredibly well, and although it only weighs 21 lbs, it’s built like a tank.

    Your kid may graze a knee during the inevitable tumbles to come, the bike will be unscathed.

    It can crank out a top speed of 11 miles per hour, perfect for a young gun to challenge themselves in a controlled manner and advance their riding skills, especially seeing as the lithium ion battery pumps out an impressive 70 minutes run time on a single charge.

    Unfortunately, that lithium power storage technology does bump the price up, making this bike the second most expensive on the list, but that run time does add some insane value — Your child’s fun won’t be cut short.

    My only other gripe here is that there is no suspension, so jumps aren’t really an option.


    • 11 mph — Good speed for building confidence.
    • Lithium ion battery — Long runtime and short charge time
    • Industry-standard components — With a few replacement parts, this bike can grow with your kid.


    • No suspension — Jumps might rattle some teeth.
    • Price — Expensive for the spec

    Premium Pick

    Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath

    Featuring the infamous graphics and fairing design of the legend himself, Jeremy Mcgrath, your kid can channel this dirt bike god as they cut their teeth on their first trails and jumps.

    Featuring dual suspension as well as riser handlebars, this is a fancy machine with a silky smooth ride feel, giving your kid the tools to challenge themselves with tougher terrain in comfort and safety.

    Maxing out at 15 miles per hour, it’s speedy enough to get the adrenalin pumping and sling some serious mud, but not enough to put younger riders in danger.

    The 40-minute runtime is another feather in its cap, as it makes longer journeys to riding spots worth the gas and effort.

    Unfortunately, the price you pay for that runtime is a hefty 12-hour charge time.


    • 15 mph — Good learning speed
    • 40-minute runtime — Worth the effort of heading out to a riding spot
    • Dual-suspension — Feels every bit as nice as a “big” bike
    • McGrath style — Replica of the bike that changed it all.


    • 12-hour charge time — Pretty steep for a battery of this size

    Also available from Electricridesonly

    Best Electric Dirt Bikes Buying Guide

    Dirt bikes were complex enough before they got the “e-makeover”, so, naturally, it can be tricky deciding what separates the good from the bad or how to find one that suits your needs.

    Not to worry, though. The following guide will keep you on the straight and narrow!

    Street Legality

    If you plan on using your dirt bike on the road, even if it’s just to get to your favorite trail, you need to make yourself aware of the local laws regarding the legality of certain bikes.

    Many electric dirt bikes will not be street legal, and some municipalities don’t hold back when it comes to punishing riders of banned bikes.

    Some will confiscate and crush your pride and joy, so before you fork out a small fortune on one of these electric wonders, do some research and build a clear picture of what is and isn’t allowed in your area.

    Battery Capacity & Range

    For the many benefits that electric vehicles bring to the table, we suffer one drawback… the death of batteries.

    Thankfully, there is a vast range of battery capacities available when shopping around for electric dirt bikes, and the most expansive often far exceed the physical abilities of seasoned riders.

    On the other end of the spectrum, some electric bikes will max out at around 12 miles, or possibly less if the terrain is particularly demanding, but the upshot is that they’re much more affordable.

    The trick here is to strike a balance between battery capacity and overall cost. Don’t remortgage your house to get the biggest battery out there.

    Ask yourself how long your typical riding session lasts, then simply look for an appropriately sized battery.

    Do bear in mind, however, that your overall range will also be impacted by motor size, how hard you’re riding, rider weight, and the weather.

    Charge Time

    Another balancing act you’ll have to pull off is between battery capacity and charge time.

    Generally speaking, the larger the battery, the longer it will take to fully recharge. Charge times range from around the 1-hour mark right through to 12+ hours.

    Of course, the shorter the charge time, the better, but if you only take your bike out, say, a couple of times a week, as long as you remember to charge it before your next outing, it doesn’t really matter if it takes 12 hours.

    Swappable Batteries

    Not all electric dirt bike batteries are DIY swappable, but it is an amazingly handy feature, especially if your bike battery has a particularly modest capacity. You can just switch them out and be back on your way in seconds!

    KTM has championed this approach with some of their bikes, but it’s yet to really hit the wider market in a big way.


    The power of electric motors is indicated by the wattage. Electric dirt bikes can range from around 100 watts through to 34 kw.

    If you’re new to dirt bikes, do yourself a favor and choose a low-power electric model no larger than 2 kw. This ensures you can learn safely. For kids, you want to keep the power below the 500-watt mark.

    On the other hand, if you have plenty of experience with powerful gas dirt bikes, feel free to shoot for the beefy bikes with stacked wattage.

    Seat Height

    Being that seats are rarely adjustable on dirt bikes, it’s important to tailor the purchase to the height of the rider.

    The golden rule is the rider should be able to just touch the balls of their feet down on the ground with their full weight on the bike.

    If you can put your feet flat on the floor, the bike is too small for you. If, however, you’re purchasing a dirt bike for a child, there’s a little wiggle room in this rule.

    For instance, it’s acceptable if they can only reach the ground with one foot. This prevents them from outgrowing the bike too quickly, although it will make it more challenging to ride initially.

    Max Speed

    In terms of speed, electric bikes range from around 10 to 84 miles per hour. For kids, I wouldn’t suggest anything over 17 mph unless they’re particularly skillful.

    For adults, there are no rules. Just go with whatever you feel comfortable with.

    Weight & Weight Capacity

    Despite the absence of a fuel tank and fuel itself, powerful electric dirt bikes can wind up heavier than their gas-guzzling equivalents, which can make them harder to manage, both on the trail and when you’re trying to store or transport them.

    Children will find heavier bikes particularly tricky to handle.

    I’d recommend noting the weight of bikes you have experience riding, and using this as a reference to get a feeling for how your prospective electric dirt bike will feel.

    You’ll also want to consider your own weight, as every bike has a max load-bearing capacity. Exceeding this load can be dangerous for the bike and the rider.

    Best Electric Dirt Bikes – FAQ’s

    Stick around for a quick FAQ for even more handy electric dirt bike info!

    Are Electric Dirt Bikes Worth It?

    While many seem hesitant to make the transition to electric dirt bikes from their favorite gas models, I’d say it’s absolutely a worthwhile endeavor.

    The obvious benefits concern our impact on the environment. Electric dirt bikes are far quieter than gas bikes, meaning we won’t be disturbing nearby animals or people when taking them for a spin.

    In addition, the absence of carbon emissions means our messy habit is as clean as it comes in terms of impact on air quality and global warming, but there’s more to these awesome machines than saving the planet.

    Electric dirt bikes require much less maintenance than gas bikes, as they have fewer moving parts, meaning we get more time in the saddle, and less time in the garage tinkering.

    This also saves us from spending obscene amounts of money on new components.

    Without a transmission, electric dirt bikes are also much more accessible for beginners, as it makes them easier to handle off-road.

    Plus, the increased torque gives them some pretty amazing acceleration, meaning they’re real fun to ride.

    Are Electric Dirt Bikes Better?

    As discussed above, in many ways, electric dirt bikes are indeed better than gas dirt bikes, and they’re no doubt where the future of the sport is headed, but, for now at least, the most powerful dirt bikes run on gas.

    The electric blueprint is becoming more robust as time goes by, though, so they’re almost certain to dominate in the muscle department before long too.

    How Far Can An Electric Dirt Bike Go?

    The range of an electric dirt bike is determined by several factors, such as wattage, battery capacity, rider weight, bike weight, weather, and terrain.

    Some of the more powerful options can run continuously for a whopping 70 miles, while others may putter out after only 10–13.

    How Fast Does A 250cc Electric Dirt Bike Go?

    250cc is at the higher end of the electric dirt bike power scale, and while (like range) top speed will be determined by a myriad of factors, it’s widely agreed that in ideal conditions, this caliber of bike should reach speeds of up to 85 miles per hour.

    Final Thoughts

    Electric dirt bikes may still be the minority for now, but with the resources being allocated to their development, and the promise models such as the ones discussed today have shown, it won’t be long before they’re the essential type of dirt bike.

    But why wait? Pick up one of the amazing bikes on my list and live the future of riding now!