Top 10 Best Solar Deck Lights Reviews

While many of the products we review here are readily available to purchase and operate without a license, we always recommend hiring a qualified electrician to install and demonstrate their use.

In some cases, improper use and installation may result in a breach of insurance. Even worse, you could be putting yourself or your family at risk as an incorrectly installed electrical device could start a fire. So, don’t risk it - seek the services of a fully licensed electrician instead.

With summer coming up we’re looking forward to warmer days and cozy evenings in the yard. There’s nothing better than those soft summer nights spent with your friends and family enjoying food, drink, and laughs.

To make the most of the evening, you need to have some form of lighting. After all, nobody wants to sit in the dark. 

If you don’t have an electric socket in the yard near your decking, you’ll need to look elsewhere for light.

You could have a fire pit, but that requires a lot of effort and fuel. The easier and better choice is to pack your deck with solar lights.

Solar lights come in a huge range of sizes, colors, and designs. There are solar lights to fit literally every aesthetic. If you want clean and bright lights, you’ve got solar spotlights. If you want a softer, calmer ambiance, you can get diffused lights. If you’re after a boho or whimsical look, there are literally thousands of different shaped color lights.

Best Solar Deck Lights Reviews

Of course, lots of choice can be overwhelming. It’s difficult to sort the chaff from the wheat when you’ve got thousands of different options in front of you.

That’s why we’ve put the hours in to research and review the 10 best solar deck lights on the market. This means that you can sit back, read our reviews, and choose from the best. Before you know it, you’ll be relaxing on a beautifully lit deck having the time of your life.

In case none of our choices tickled your fancy, we’ve also put together a comprehensive buyer’s guide. This guide contains all the information you need to search for and purchase your own solar deck lights.

We’ve also answered a few of the most frequent questions asked about solar deck lights. If you’re concerned or confused, check out our FAQ section.


This light has the best features of the other lights on this list put together. It is bright, intuitive, highly efficient, and easy to install. There’s little more you could ask of a solar deck light to be honest!

Let’s start with the size and efficiency of the solar panels. These lights have solar panels across the whole length of the casing.

The solar panels are monocrystalline making them much more efficient than many other panels.

In fact, these things have a conversion rate of 25% compared to the 15 – 19% rates of the other lights on this list.

6-8 hours of charging gives you a full night of light. That seems like it is the same as some other lights, but these lights have a massive 300 LEDs to power. So naturally they need to collect more energy.

Another bigger and better feature of these lights is the 2000mAh battery included. It is a literal powerhouse!

You won’t need to replace this battery as soon as you get it. According to customers, it works for months before it starts showing signs of aging.

The best thing about these solar deck lights is the 3 different modes of operation. In mode 1, it acts as a security light, turning on at full strength when it detects motion.

Mode 2 starts out with the lights at medium strength, but it becomes brighter when it detects motion.

In the 3rd mode, the light stays on medium constantly. This is best if you’re sitting on the deck or having guests over.

What’s even better about this function is the fact that the motion sensor has a 25ft range. This means that it will pick up motion and light your path across the whole garden, not just the deck.

If you’re concerned about the light being too bright or painful to look at, the manufacturers have thought of that!

They have a diamond diffuser shade that makes the light safe and easy to look at. This means it won’t blind your guests.

Our only problem with these lights is the fact that you only get two in the pack!


  • Incredible lighting.
  • Easy to install.
  • IP67 rating.
  • 3000 lumens!
  • 270- degree light distribution.
  • Highly efficient energy conversion.
  • 3 different operating modes.
  • Can access the battery compartment.
  • 2200mAh battery included.


  • Only 2 lights included in the pack.


These lights might look similar to some of the others on this list, but they have a few advantages that place them higher on our list.

First, and probably most distinctive, you have the 3 different operation modes.

You can choose to have the lights on all the time in mode 1. This will give you dimmer light but over a longer distance. This is ideal if you’re entertaining on your deck and just want some illumination.

In mode 2, the lights turn on at dusk, but they are dimmer than they can be. They only fully light up when motion is detected. This mode is great if you want to use them as safety lights on your decking stairs.

They’ll be on at night to show you the way, and they’ll shine brighter as you step into their motion field.

The third mode makes them operate like a security light in that they don’t turn on until they detect motion.

You can easily switch between modes with a click of the button, making these lights the most intuitive on our list.

Honestly, this is one of the best features we’ve seen on solar deck lights. It makes them so much more functional.

In terms of the light they provide, the 3rd setting is a security light. They will definitely brighten up your deck and your whole yard.

The 1st mode is a bit dimmer and therefore more ambient, but it is still quite a cool, bright light. If you’re aiming for mood lighting, you’ll definitely overshoot the mark with these.

Another awesome thing about these lights is the fact that they don’t just cast light downward.

The LEDs are angled so that you get a 150-degree range of light. This is great news because it means you need fewer lights to cover the same area.

The only real complaint seems to be that out of a box of 6, one will consistently not work. This is an issue reported by a few customers.

Luckily, the customer service seems to be on the ball, but it is frustrating nonetheless.


  • 3 modes including motion activated setting.
  • Bright light for illumination.
  • 16–20-foot motion sensor range.
  • Easy to install with screws.
  • Can access the battery compartment to change the batteries.
  • Tilted solar panel for optimum sun catching.
  • 150-degree light range.


  • More expensive than others.
  • One light always seems to be faulty.
  • Harsher light.


Made from brushed stainless steel, these lights look and feel like a quality product. With 12 in a pack, you’re getting a decent amount for your money even if they are more expensive than some others.

One of the things we love about these lights is the tilted solar panel. The 30-degree angle gives these panels a much better chance of absorbing the sun’s light than horizontal panels.

The manufacturer is keen to highlight the fact that their lights have 3 LEDs rather than 2 like many of their competitors.

The extra LED is supposed to make these lights brighter than many others. According to the customer reviews, these lights are, in fact, pretty darn bright.

There is no lumen rating, but the customer photos speak for themselves.

When used on stairs, these lights are bright enough to show you the way and reduce your chance of slipping.

When attached to your deck or railings, they create enough light to see and enjoy yourself. We wouldn’t say that they create ambient lighting, but you will definitely be able to see.

In terms of installation, it’s fairly simple. These lights hang on screws that you put into the deck.

This does make it easy to lift off the lights and replace the batteries. However, if you don’t want to drill into your deck, you’ll need to buy your own adhesive.

That being said, double sided adhesive tape is definitely going to hold these lights in place even though they feel hefty. Many customers have used adhesive tape to attach these lights without issue.

In terms of efficiency, these lights seem to do well even in the winter.

Many customers report that these lights stay on till dawn even when they’ve only had a few hours of sunlight. We suspect it has something to do with the tilted panels.

There seems to be some reports that these lights don’t last more than a few months. This does seem to be an issue with a minority of users.

You can access the battery compartment, but it’s not the easiest thing to do. This means that if the batteries do give out, you’ll find it hard to replace them.

Overall, if you’re looking for a pack of bright lights that will keep you lit up over the winter and summer, these are an excellent choice.

They might be a bit more expensive, but that cost seems to be reflected in the quality.


  • Easy to install with screws.
  • Tilted solar panel for optimum sun catching.
  • Bright white light.
  • 12 lights and mounting hardware included.
  • Work year round.
  • Clean, modern look.


  • Difficult to change the battery.
  • Some reports of failure after a few months.
  • More expensive than others.


These lights are a bit more expensive than the other options, but they look absolutely amazing!

The light is filtered through a plastic casing. The plastic casing has air bubbles throughout. This reflects the light giving it a bit of a diffused, underwater vibe.

You can choose between a warm white color or a multicolored cycle. The multicolored lighting looks particularly awesome. It works brilliantly as ambient or accent lighting on and around your deck.

At 10 lumens, you’re not going to light up the whole garden, but you can create soft, atmospheric lighting. It’s just a shame that there aren’t more in the package.

The ‘L’ shaped design makes it really easy to install these lights on railings and steps. They can also be attached to fences, pool edges, and hot tubs. All the necessary installation hardware is included.

According to the manufacturer, they have increased the size of the solar panel by about 3 inches.

This seems to have significantly improved the overall efficiency of the lights. There are many reviews happily talking about how long the lights stay lit.

Quite a few customers report that even after only a few hours of sunlight, the lights stay on for most of the night.

We’re quite surprised by this seeing as they use polycrystalline panels which are the least effective panels. However, as we said, customers seem to be incredibly happy overall.

The other thing to be aware of, is that switching between the white and multicolor settings is quite difficult.

The switch sits behind the clear plastic cover which means that you need to take that off to change the setting.

These lights are rated as IP65 which means that they are totally sealed against dust and particulates. They are also able to withstand rain, splashing, and a direct hit from the hose or sprinklers.

As for year-round use, these lights seem to bear up reasonably well.

One reviewer is keen to point out that they didn’t make it through an Alaskan winter, but that is fairly extreme. Others have used these lights all year round with no issue.

In all, these are a pricier choice, but they’re definitely worth the cost.


  • Easy to install with screws or mounting tape.
  • Can access the battery compartment to change the batteries.
  • Warm, ambient light or multicolored light.
  • IP 65 rating.
  • Stays lit all night.
  • Beautiful look.


  • Difficult to access switch.
  • More expensive option.


These are fairly similar to another set of lights on our list, but there are a few key differences.

First and foremost, you get 16 lights in this package. This is awesome in terms of quantity! If you’ve got a large decking area this set is economical and efficient.

The overall design isn’t the nicest out there. The brown plastic cover makes it seem a bit cheap looking, but the truth is, it does well at keeping out water and dirt.

Benefiting from an ‘L’ shaped design, these lights are easily installed on railings, steps, pool edges, and decking.

Installation is an absolute breeze thanks to the included adhesive strips. You don’t even need to use screws which is great news if you don’t want to permanently alter your deck.

If you do want to screw the lights down, the screws are included. No anchors are included, and the screws seem awfully short.

There are a few reports that they’re not fit for purpose, but most people seem to have used the adhesive strips.

At only 3 lumens, these lights aren’t designed to illuminate large areas. They are more like safety lights. When installed on steps or railings they’ll give you enough light to see by.

With 16 of these lights in a smaller area you could definitely create some ambience, but you’ll need to use a lot of them.

The charging time is listed as 6 – 8 hours which gives you about 10 hours of light.

A lot of customers report that these lights last throughout the night, even on cloudier days. That’s quite surprising considering the batteries only store 200mAh of power.

The battery compartment can be accessed fairly easily which means you can change the batteries when they start to lose their charge.

There are a few reports that the batteries give out fairly easily, so you might find yourself replacing them earlier than you’d like.

Overall, these lights are great on both quality and quantity. They might not be the best thing to look at, but they certainly perform well.

Don’t buy these if you want to light up the whole garden, they’re better for creating soft, ambient lighting.


  • 16 lights and fitting hardware.
  • Easy to install with screws or mounting tape.
  • Can access the battery compartment to change the batteries.
  • Warm, ambient light.
  • Last through the night.
  • IP 55 rating.


  • Low quality batteries.
  • Not particularly good looking.


These lights are actually amazing! They have a simple, modern design, but they add a lot of life and vibrancy to your deck.

You get 6 lights in this pack which means that per unit, they’re a little more expensive than other options on this list. However, we think that the quality of these lights makes them well worth the cost.

These lights are easily installed on railings, steps, pool edges, or decking.

They cast light downward, but the textured plastic creates a bit of a sun shaped pattern. This adds some life and texture to your decking at night.

To make things even more interesting, you can switch these lights from warm white to multicolor.

When in the latter mode, the lights cycle through 6 colors from blue through to orange. The colored lights look awesome for parties and gatherings.

Despite only being rated at 10 lumens, customers are eager to point out that these lights are surprisingly bright. They create a warm, cozy ambient atmosphere, but they’re definitely bright enough to see by.

Charging takes about 4 – 5 hours of sunlight and that gives you enough power to see you through the night.

There are lots of customers raving about the length of time these lights stay active for. It shows the quality of the panels and the batteries.

With an IP rating of 55, these lights are able to handle rain, splashing, and low-pressure jets. They can be used on decking around pools and hot tubs if you so wish.

Customers are also very eager to talk about the fact that these lights can withstand all seasons and all weathers.

Users have found that even in cloudy, cold winters, the lights are able to work well and last most of the night.

One of the few problems with these lights is the fact that the switch that lets you change the color setting or turn the lights off, is located under the plastic cover.

This means that you have to partly disassemble the light to reach the switch.

It’s not a major issue, but it is definitely annoying! Especially if you want to switch to the color lights part way through the evening.


  • Beautiful sunburst light design.
  • Warm white and multicolor options.
  • Easy to fit to stairs, railings, and decking.
  • IP 55 rated.
  • Works all year round.
  • Highly efficient.


  • Mode switch located in an awkward place.
  • Only 6 lights in the package.


Ok, the first thing to note about this item is that you have a whopping 16 lights for a great price! This is probably the best value light set on our list.

From an aesthetic point of view, there’s not much to write home about.

These lights are quite bland looking. They have a brown plastic exterior which is probably supposed to help them blend in with your decking. That being said, when they’re lit up you can’t really see the brown color.

These lights have an ‘L’ shaped design which helps them fit to railings and steps. They are ideal for use as safety lights along the edge of your deck or stairs.

They will clearly mark out where the steps are and where the drops are.

In all honesty, they’re not really designed for illuminating large areas.

They’re better for creating low ambient lighting. Customers find that these lights create just the right amount of light for sitting out and enjoying a glass or two of wine.

The manufacturer gives an IP44 rating in terms of waterproofing. This is slightly lower than what we’d usually recommend, however, customers have used these lights around pools and hot tubs without issue.

It seems that as long as you aren’t spraying them directly with a jet wash, you should be fine.

Cold weather, on the other hand, does seem to affect the battery life. If you’re installing these for winter lighting in northern regions with lots of snow, think again.

Despite their small size and low cost, these lights seem to be highly effective in terms of their charging and discharging cycles.

You only need about 4 – 5 hours of sunlight to get enough charge to make it through the night.

Many customers report that even on cloudy days the lights charge enough to stay lit until the early hours of the morning.

Overall, these lights are exceptional in terms of value and efficiency. They will create a lovely, soft atmosphere in your decking area.

They’re easy to install and maintain as you can change out the batteries when they’re dead.


  • 16 lights and mounting hardware included.
  • Easy to install with screws or mounting tape.
  • Can access the battery compartment to change the batteries.
  • Soft, ambient light.
  • Highly efficient.
  • Last all night.


  • Not the best-looking lights out there.
  • IP44 rating.
  • Doesn’t cope well in very cold weather.


There’s a lot to love about these lights. First and foremost, let’s look at the design. They are sleek, modern, and unobtrusive. This makes them a perfect match for almost any deck space.

They cast light downward in a cone shape and look really lovely when mounted to fencing or railing. If you place these around your deck, you’ll create a wonderfully inviting area that you’ll love spending time in.

To install, you screw the aluminum holder to your fence or decking with the supplied screws. Once the holder is in place you can slip the lamp into the top. This design makes it really easy to get in and change the batteries.

They’re also light enough that you can use mounting tape if you’d prefer not to drill. This is awesome for people who don’t want to damage their decking.  

You’ll need to change the batteries quite soon according to the customer reviews. Quite a few reviews mention the poor battery life.

This is probably because they’ve just thrown cheap batteries in with the package. But, hey, at least you can switch out the batteries on these lights!

In terms of charging, the solar panels are angled which means they are more likely to catch those rays.

Many customers find that the lights are able to get a night’s worth of illumination from about 5 – 6 hours of sunlight.

These lights claim to be completely weatherproof, and indeed there are a lot of reviews that suggest as much.

However, they only have an IP rating of 44. This means that they are fine in the rain but shouldn’t be hosed down.

They’re also not protected against dust or sand. This won’t be a problem for most people, but if you’re using them on a beachside property, you might find they get clogged with dust and sand.

Despite their shortcomings, we still think these lights are a good choice. They’re a cheaper option if you don’t want to spend too much, and they’ll definitely see you through the night.


  • 8 lights and mounting hardware included.
  • Easy to install with screws or mounting tape.
  • Can access the battery compartment to change the batteries.
  • Tilted solar panel for optimum sun catching.
  • Warm, ambient light.


  • Poor battery life. You’ll probably want to swap them out immediately.
  • IP rating of only 44.  


These are some of the fanciest solar lights we’ve seen. They look like classy Victorian gas lamps. If you’re looking for lights that look good lit or not, these are definitely a great choice.

When you purchase these lights, you have a choice between white light and a warmer yellow light.

Both options also have a second multicolor mode. This means that you can jazz things up when the occasion calls for it.

The light that you get from these lights is surprising considering the frosted casing and the fact that light is directed downward.

This pack contains 8 lights which would be more than enough light for a small to medium deck.

In mathematical terms, these lights give off about 10 lumens of light. They’re better for creating ambiance than they are for fully illuminating an area.

That being said, they would be more than suitable as safety lights to illuminate stairs or edges. They would also be good enough as mood lighting for the deck.

On the downside, the solar panels don’t seem to be as effective as some others. The manufacturers state a 6-hour charging time in direct sunlight which should give you 8 hours of light.

It’s not really enough to see you through the entire night, especially if you haven’t had 6 hours of sun.

Customer reviews do mention that these lights can get dim on cloudy days. That suggests that these use polycrystalline solar panels which are less effective in cloudy conditions.

While we’re talking about the weather, one of the great things about these lights is that they can survive the cold and wet really well.

Many customers have used these lights through cold, snowy winters without loss of function.

The package you receive includes all the mounting hardware you need.

They are pretty simple to install though there are some reviews that mention soft screws. This can lead to stripping which makes it difficult to fully tighten the screw.

Overall, these are a classy, cost effective choice. They hold up well in all conditions, though they are perhaps not the most effective battery wise.


  • 8 lights and fitting hardware included.
  • Beautiful and classy design.
  • Easy to install.
  • 2 color choices.
  • Multicolor function.


  • Needs a lot of direct sunlight.
  • Low quality screws provided.


The first thing to note about these lights is that they come in three different colors. You can choose from blue, warm white, or white.

This means that you can fit these lights with whatever aesthetic you’re going with.

These lights look somewhat industrial. They have a metal silver casing that might not fit your rustic deck look, but it sure is durable.

According to the manufacturer they can withstand 20 tons of pressure. This means that you can walk or drive all over them which is handy if you’re placing them on deck stairs.

These lights are designed to be screwed into the ground rather than onto a fence or a wall. This is because the solar panels are positioned directly on top of the unit.

If you position them on a wall, the angle will be too flat to catch the sun.

Utilizing monocrystalline solar panels, these lights are more effective than some competition.

They fully charge in 6 – 8 hours of sunlight which is enough to keep the LEDs shining for 5 days according to the manufacturer.

The thing that really blows us away, is the sheer amount of light you get from these. The customer photos and reviews are testament to the brilliant brightness.

Many people use these lights as driveway lights, but they make it more like a runway!

Installing these on your decking steps or rails will definitely give you enough light to enjoy some food and drink by.

They have a 500-600 lumen rating, which is one of the highest we’ve seen on solar lights.

The unit is completely sealed to give you an IP67 rating. However, annoyingly this means that you can’t replace the batteries.

This means that when the batteries inevitably give out, you have to replace the whole light.

The manufacturer gives a 3–5-year lifespan, so you should get a few years of use out of them before the batteries give. However, it’s not an ideal design.


  • 12 lights and fitting hardware included.
  • Incredibly bright.
  • Durable and hard wearing.
  • IP 67 rating.
  • 3 color choices.
  • Easy to install.


  • Have to be placed flat on the floor or railing.
  • Can’t change the battery.
  • Industrial design.

Best Solar Deck Lights Buying Guide

Before we take a look at the key features and specifications you should look at, we need to talk about how solar lights work.

Understanding the mechanics will help you make better purchasing choices. You’ll understand how the material or construction choices affect the operation of the lights.

How Do Solar Lights Work?

On the most basic level, solar lights work by capturing energy from the sun’s light and converting it into usable energy.

The energy is sent to the rechargeable batteries found inside the light. These batteries power the LED bulbs once a sensor tells them that it is dark enough.

Each day, the lights go through a charge and a discharge cycle. During the charging cycle, the solar panels capture and convert sunlight before sending it to the batteries.

During the discharge cycle, the batteries discharge the power into the LED lights and brighten up your yard.

The key things to consider when purchasing solar lights are the solar panels, the batteries, and the bulbs.

If one of these key components lacks quality, then the whole system will perform poorly.

Let’s take a closer look at the key components.

Solar Panels

There are three different types of solar panels used for home outdoor lighting: monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and amorphous.

Mono and polycrystalline solar panels are the most common panels used in garden lighting, but there are a few key differences between them.

Polycrystalline panels can be identified by their blue hue. They are the most affordable panels and perhaps the most widely used of all three kinds.

Affordable as they may be polycrystalline panels are not the most efficient. This is because the solar cells are made from multiple silicone crystals melted together.

The presence of multiple silicone crystals means that there is less room within the cell for electrons to move around. This makes the panels less efficient overall.

Monocrystalline panels are more efficient because they are made from single-crystal silicon. The single crystal leaves plenty of room for the electrons to get to work.

Monocrystalline panels have a black color instead of a deep blue. If the listing doesn’t state what kind of panel is used, make sure to check the color.

The other kind of solar panel is amorphous panels. These are top shelf panels. They are more expensive, but they are also the most effective solar panels.

Amorphous solar panels are created when silicon is sprayed onto the glass substrate. It makes these panels very thin and also flexible.

The great thing about amorphous panels is that they perform better in low-light conditions. This is because they are able to pick up and convert a wider range of visible light.

The downside, apart from the price, is that amorphous panels need a larger surface area to be efficient.

Ultimately, if you can afford amorphous panels, they are worth it. Especially if you don’t live in a sun-drenched state.

One thing to note, is that hybrid panels are becoming more common. These panels will use mono or polycrystalline cells for the main part of the panel. However, they may also incorporate an amorphous layer.


The rechargeable battery inside you light is going to impact how long your lights stay on for. Now, you can replace the standard batteries with your own if you wish, but that’s an additional expense.

When choosing your solar lights, you want to think about the battery size and the amount of power it can store.

First, let’s consider the size. When we talk about the battery size, we mean whether it takes AA, AAA, C, or D batteries.

Ideally, you want lights that take AA or AAA. These batteries are easy to come by and aren’t overly expensive. This is important because you will have to replace the batteries at some point.

C batteries are often found in solar deck lights. These give more power to the bulbs which means that you can get brighter lights. They are a little bit more expensive and more difficult to come by, however.

You don’t want to buy lights with awkward or unusual batteries. It will make replacing them difficult and potentially expensive.

In terms of power storage, you’ll want to look at the mAh rating. This should be visible in the product description.

In essence, this number tells you how much power the batteries can store each day which in turn tells you how much power you’ll get at night.

Ideally, you want to choose batteries with the highest mAh rating. This will give you more hours of light.

1500mAh is a good place to start, especially if you are purchasing bright lights. For dimmer and softer lights, you can get away with lower mAh ratings if necessary because they draw less power over time.

Light Bulbs

Most solar lights use LED bulbs because they are small and energy efficient. This means that the lights can be smaller, more portable, and less expensive.

The choice you need to make is about the brightness and color of your lights.

Brightness is measured in lumens or watts. As a reference, a candle puts out about 14 lumens while a home lightbulb manages 1600 lumens.

In general, solar deck lights tend to have a lumen rating of between 5 and 30. This might seem dim but remember that you tend to have more than one light around the deck.

If you’re looking for lights to illuminate your deck area, you need to choose lights with a higher lumen rating. If you’re just looking for safety lights to highlight steps or railings, then you only need a few lumens.

In terms of colors, you can get solar lights in everything from white through to multicolor. Some lights allow you to change or cycle through different colors. Others simply stick with one color.

One thing to be aware of, is the warmth of the lights. Neutral LED lights have a bright, white color that creates a bright but cold color. If you want a calmer, more inviting atmosphere you need to look for warmer lights. These will be listed as ‘warm’ lights.

Other Considerations

There are a few other things you need to think about when purchasing solar deck lights.

First up, you need to check the waterproof rating of your lights. Waterproof ratings are shown as an IP number. The number has 2 digits. The first shows you how dust-proof the item is and the second tells you how waterproof.

In terms of waterproofing, you need a rating of at least 5. This means it is fine in the rain and against low pressure jets like hose pipes and sprinklers.

After waterproofing, it’s a good idea to think about how you’re going to affix the lights.

Most deck lights need to be screwed into the railing or steps. If this is the case, make sure the screws and anchors are supplied. It makes the whole process easier.

String lights are probably the easiest lights to secure. They can be wrapped around the railings or nails knocked into the walls. Often, string lights have solar panels attached to a stake. This needs to be placed in earth to stay upright.

Finally, you need to consider the charge and discharge times. You want a light that can charge in as few hours as possible and shine for as long as possible.

Some lights will boast really short charge times, often in the realm of 3-4 hours. This may be true, but it’s important to remember that they work that out based on bright sunlight. On cloudier days it will take longer to charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do solar deck lights work under a porch?

This will depend on how much light you get under that porch. There’s no getting away from the fact that solar lights do need sunlight to work. If the porch completely blocks the sun and creates shade, then your solar light won’t gather energy.

If you get a few hours of light under your porch, then your lights should be able to build up some power for the night.

You could purchase lights with a remote solar cell. These are usually connected to the light by a wire, but you can place the solar panel a few feet away from the light itself.

Do solar deck lights attract bugs?

Any outdoor light sources are going to attract bugs. They come for the light and warmth and stay for the sweet taste of human flesh!

You can’t get rid of the bugs entirely however solar LED lights tend to attract fewer bugs than halogen or fluorescent lights. This is because LED light bulbs give off a narrower spectrum of light. It excludes or reduces the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light.

Bugs are largely attracted to the ultraviolet and infrared light, so they find LED less appealing. LED lights also give off less heat than other lights. This also makes them less appealing to bugs.

Are solar deck lights any good?

Yes, they absolutely are, but you need to be smart about your choice.

There are a lot of substandard solar lights on the market, ones that will work for a month before fading. You need to avoid those like the plague.

Try not to get sucked in by the cheapest option. They tend to cost you more in the long run thanks to replacements and batteries.

You also need to be realistic about the amount of light you’re hoping to get. Many solar deck lights are designed as safety lights. That means that they give off a small amount of light, just enough to show you where the step is.

If you want your deck lights to be bright you need to make sure you purchase lights with a high lumen rating or purchase more lights.

Solar lights are an awesome investment for your decking. 

They are an environmentally friendly choice that are much easier to install than mains powered lights.