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ROCKPALS 250-Watt Portable Generator Review

    Rockpal’s 250-Watt portable generator is advertised as the perfect battery generator for your camping trip. It can charge your mini-fridge, your fan, and your phone all at the same time, or so it says. 

    ROCKPALS 250-Watt Portable Generator Review

    Before connecting your solar panel from your RV to this device, let’s test its features.

    ROCKPALS 250-Watt Portable Generator


    This Rockpals generator is an upgraded version of the previous model, so it now has a 250 wattage with a surge max of 300 watts.

    There are two USB ports so that most portable devices can be connected to the generators, like phone and camera charges.

    There are 4 12 volts DCs which can power car devices under 60 watts.

    What Can It Power?

    To most of us, these numbers mean nothing, so let’s see what devices this generator can power and if it is a good choice for your camping trip.

    Despite the ads stating that the Rockpal is an excellent generator for your camping trip, you can see from the 250 wattages that it wouldn’t be perfect for everyone. If you camp using a large RV, for example, and expect this generator to power your whole trip, it won’t be able to handle all the devices. 

    However, if you are hoping to use a tent or a boat, then this little gem might be just the ticket.

    It has the power to charge phones, laptops, drones, lights, and other similar items. Even mini-fridges can be fully charged using a 100 watt solar panel in under 8 hours. For comparison, a wall plug would take over 8 hours to charge the generator fully.

    What Are Its Features?


    Rockpals has a 3.7 volt 60ah battery which can be recharged by a wall outlet, a car, or a solar panel. It can provide up to 300 watts, but we suggest it sticks to 250 watts for longevity. 

    There are two ground AC outlets, which means you might need a socket converter, however, you will not be electrocuted if you accidentally touch the outlet. Along with the outlets, there are four DC ports and 2 USB outlets, all of which can be used at the same time without issue. 

    Compact and Portable

    The Rockpal only weighs 5.5 pounds, so you can carry around this charger easily with your other camping equipment. You can even add it to your backpack if you are hiking.

    Designed for Small Appliances

    We have mentioned that the Rockpal isn’t capable of powering a whole RV, but, to be fair to the little battery pack, it isn’t designed to. It won’t keep your large refrigerator going, nor will it keep your 60 inch TV clear. It is designed to give your on-the-go equipment the juice it needs to continue on your weekend trip.

    If you want your smartphone, laptop, camera, drone, mini-fridge, radio, or portable TV powered up, then this generator has enough outlets ready for you and the power to charge all of these small devices at once.

    Quiet and Efficient

    Rockpal uses a sine wave inverter which means it has clean power allowing the motors to run faster, quieter, and cooler. Because the engines are at a safe temperature and quiet, you won’t experience any audible electrical noises from the fans.

    If you like to charge your phone in the night, this efficient little packet of power will not disturb you.

    Long Life

    The batter is made out of lithium which is designed to last for decades as it maintains and stores energy. Lithium is the highest quality material to make batteries with, which is why its deterioration rate is so slow in comparison to other batteries. This is also why Rockpal’s price tag is so high. You will not need to replace this power source for years.

    Built In Safety MPPT

    MPPT stands for Maximum Power Point Tracker. The job of an MPPT is to stop solar panels from overcharging the batteries.

    Overpowering it could destroy the battery and make it bleed, causing a toxic health hazard. Instead, the MPPT prevents the solar panels from giving an overdose of charge, allowing them to fill up quickly and safely.

    What Are Its Limitations?

    No Display

    Very few generators come with a display, so this limitation probably isn’t too disappointing, however, the Rockpal doesn’t have the ability to show you its charge level through an LED light.

    This means that if your camp lights stop working or your phone stops charging at night, then you won’t be able to check the battery’s power until morning.

    This is only a problem for people who want 100% electrical connectivity while camping, as most other people will be happy to recharge the battery when the sun comes up.

    Cannot Charge Other Devices While Charging Itself

    You cannot charge your phone with a solar panel. Its intense energy will destroy your phone. However, you might have thought that creating a trail of panel-to-battery-to-phone could kill two birds with one stone, charging your battery and your phone at the same time.

    Unfortunately, the battery will not allow attached devices to charge while it is charging. This is a safety feature to enable the MPPT to work correctly, however, some customers might be frustrated by this stop-start process.

    Cannot Power Large Appliances

    We have discussed how the Rockpall can only power small appliances, but you might be shocked to learn what kind of devices this applies to. A coffee maker will be too strong for it, as would a hair drier.

    You may have been prepared to forgo your RV-sized refrigerator, but you should learn that toasters and kettles cannot be used on this battery pack, nor can drills.

    Essentially, any device with more than 250 watts of power cannot be attached to the Rockpal.

    Before purchasing this battery, you should double-check your current appliances and see if their wattage is too high for this generator.


    • Lightweight
    • 2 USB Outlets
    • 2 Ground Socket Outlets
    • 4 DC Outlets
    • Can Be Charged By Solar Panel
    • MPPT Safety
    • Quiet
    • Lithium – Long Life


    • Can Only be Used For 250 Wattage Appliances or Less
    • Cannot Charge Others While Charging Itself


    The Rockpal is the perfect generator for a small camping trip, a backup phone charger, or a weekend of drone photography. If you wanted to use it to power your home, or an extra refrigerator, then you’ll need something stronger.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have more questions? We have the answers:

    Is Rockpal A Good Brand?

    Rockpal is an excellent brand. It is known for its long life, ease of use, solar panel ready, and lightweight products. When buying any battery generator, you should compare your need with the wattage available.

    What Will a 250 Watt Generator Run?

    Any 250 watt generator will only be able to power small devices like laptops, smartphones, drones, and cameras. Depending on the size of your TV or Mini-fridge, it may be able to power those too.

    To be sure you aren’t connecting the generator to something too powerful, you should compare the wattage of the item with the wattage of the generator. These numbers should match, or the item should be lower.

    Who Owns Rockpal?

    Rockpal is trademarked by Shenzhen GadgetWoo E-Commerce. They are a Chinese company that owns and controls other technology brands. Currently, the only other brand they own is Telesport.

    How Many Watts Do You Need to Power A House?

    A typical home will need 5,000 to 7,500 watts to run efficiently. This does not include hi-tech homes with Alexas, Rumbas, or other constant-use appliances.

    Ideally, you would want multiple generators of 9,000 watts to make sure that your home is constantly powered without any breaks.

    How Long Do Solar Generators Last?

    Solar Generators last for between 25 and 35 years.

    How Do I Charge My Rockpals Power Station?

    Your Rockpal will have a DC input which you can use to charge the station with a solar panel, car charger, or a home socket.

    How Long Do Battery Powered Generators Last?

    The length of time they will last for depends on what you are charging the generator with. The Rockpal can power outdoor lights for over 60 hours; it can power a 75 watt TV for over 3 hours, a mini-refrigerator for over 4 hours.

    To figure out how long your generator will last, you need to follow this equation:

    Wattage Of Generator * (0.85 / Wattage Of Device) = Hours

    Using a 70 watt laptop and the 250 watt Rockpal as an example, this equation shows that the generator will last for around 3.03 hours.

    250 * (0.85 / 70) = ?

    250 * (0.0121) = ?

    250 * 0.0121 = 3.03

    3.03 Hours