Night Lights And Ambient Lighting (Reviews)

While many of the products we review here are readily available to purchase and operate without a license, we always recommend hiring a qualified electrician to install and demonstrate their use.

In some cases, improper use and installation may result in a breach of insurance. Even worse, you could be putting yourself or your family at risk as an incorrectly installed electrical device could start a fire. So, don’t risk it - seek the services of a fully licensed electrician instead.

Standard lighting can be dull. It can certainly help you see where you’re going and what you're doing, but it doesn’t set a mood like ambient lighting can.

Sometimes you just don’t want a big bright light when something more modest and laid back would do. Perhaps the best way to enjoy an evening indoors is to mimic the light levels of the light outside.

In this article, we’re going to review some of the best night light and ambient lighting options out on the market at the moment.

And without further ado…


Now this is a fantastic bulb set to go for if you love colored lighting.

The bulb comes with its own remote control through which you can select one of 16 different glorious colors, and immediately change the whole atmosphere and ambience of a room.

The color choices available cover the whole spectrum of the rainbow - you can have red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange - take your pick.

And the bulb has different lighting modes besides. You can have a smooth and steady light, or you can choose a nice and gradual fading effect, or you can have flash or strobe, which would be great for parties.

And it’s dimmable too, with a simple press of a button on the accompanying remote you can turn the brightness up or down as you please through 8 different levels of brightness.

And even when you’re not using it for color, it’s still a great bulb. It’s default setting is a nice soft warm white light, and again this is dimmable.

As for the maximum brightness, this comes in about the same as a regular 40 watt incandescent bulb…

However, importantly, it is MUCH more energy efficient than a regular 40 watt bulb, and you can save over 85% on your energy bills compared to the 40 watt equivalent. So much better for the environment too.

It’s an excellent choice for special parties or special events.

It’s super easy to use, you just screw the bulb/s in, and select your lighting preferences from the VERY intuitive easy to use remote.

If you want to buy more than one, you can save money by buying a pack of 2, or save even more money by buying a pack of 4.


  • 16 great colors to choose from
  • 8 different levels of brightness
  • Save up to 85% of your energy
  • Super intuitive & easy to use
  • Save money by buying in bulk


  • Maximum brightness matches that of a 40 watt bulb, could be brighter


This is another great lighting option worth checking out. It’s a table lamp that emits light 360 degrees around it, which is always convenient.

Like the LE light bulbs we showed you earlier, this lamp can also display a full spectrum of colors. The colors can be automatically cycled, but if you just want one color, you simply tap the top ring of the lamp and it will stay on that shade for you.

The color spectrum goes from bright, vibrant colors that will liven up any area, or, if you just want to relax and chill, the spectrum also includes colors that are soothing and calm.

If you don’t want to use it for its colors, it works just great as a regular table lamp. You get 3 different brightness levels of warm white light. One bright light for focusing or studying, a moderate light for casual reading, and a much softer light for preparing to go to sleep.

It's made of toy grade ABS + PP plastic for children's safety, so it is durable and provides a 100% safe children's environment should the smaller members of your family wish to use it too.

Amazon occasionally has deals on this particular lamp, simply click on “Check price” to see if there’s a deal on now.


  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Lots of colors to choose from
  • 3 different levels of brightness
  • Power adapter is compact
  • Sturdy rubber base


  • Has to be constantly plugged in


If you’re looking for just a straightforward night light however, then you need look no further.

This is a 2-pack of night lights that you simply plug directly into an electrical socket. You can use it to light up walkways in the dark when all the main lights are switched off.

And the beauty of it is that while it’s bright enough to help people see where they are going, it’s not so bright that the light will wake anybody.

We love that it has a built-in motion sensor which automatically switches the light on when it senses movement - so handy. No more having to fumble around to find a switch in the dark!

But that’s not all. You also get a choice of brightness, bright at 6,000 lumens, or dim at 3,000 lumens of light. But it doesn’t stop there…

You can also choose the nature of the light. You can have a cool white light that can enable you to identify the colors of objects around you. Or you can opt for a gentler softer warm white light which is more inviting.

It’s available at an excellent and easily affordable price. And it has excellent customer ratings too, having earned a full 5 stars out of 5 on Amazon - even after well over 100 individual ratings.


  • Excellent affordable price
  • Built-in motion sensors
  • Cool or warm white light
  • 2 levels of brightness
  • Excellent customer ratings


  • No colors to choose from, just two kinds of white


This is the dream night light for kids and teens the world over! You can effectively bring the night sky into the bedroom or living room.

It’s stand out feature is that it projects an imagined glorious night sky onto the walls and ceilings of the room. It’s kinda magical. And you can change the color as you please, with a spectrum of 8 different colors to choose from.

It can project cloud images, red and green stars, or a combination of both.

There are 3 different levels of brightness you can use based on your needs.  They are 100%, 60% and 30%.

It even has built in Bluetooth speakers so you can play all of your favorite music or you can take advantage of the several built-in options of soothing sounds, such as fan, thunderstorm, running water, and ocean waves.

It’s equally great for having fun and partying or just chilling to some laid back music as you drift off quietly to sleep. It really makes an excellent gift for youngsters.

And it comes backed by a 12-month money back guarantee, very reassuring.

Amazon occasionally has deals on this amazing nightlight, simply click on “Check price” to see if there’s a deal on now.


  • Projects special effects around
  • 8 color options to choose from
  • Features Bluetooth speakers
  • Lots of natural soothing sounds
  • Backed by 12-month guarantee


  • Doesn’t exactly mimic the constellations of the night sky
  • Some customers weren’t impressed with the battery life