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Jetson Electric Bike Review

    There’s currently a war going on, a war between electric scooters and electric bikes. The scooters, with their collapsible stems and simple, lightweight construction, have the convenience factor on lock.

    But the bikes, with their saddles and advanced pedal assist power functions, are far more comfortable and versatile.

    But what would happen if you tried to combine the best of both sides? What would such a contraption even look like? Well, I’m betting it would look a little something like the Jetson Bolt, a super compact, foldable, e-bike with a price tag that’ll drop your jaw.

    And drop my jaw did, which is why I picked up one of these Frankenstein beasts up and put it through its paces. Here’s the Bolt breakdown!

    Jetson Electric Bike Review

    Jetson Bolt Electric Bike: Pros And Cons


    • Best e-bike price tag in the west!
    • Very easy to assemble.
    • Has a cool cruise control function.
    • Top speed can be lifted to 19 mph.
    • 15-mile range.
    • 3-hour charge time.
    • Surprisingly good rear disc brake.
    • Insanely small, especially when folded.
    • Supports riders up to 250 lbs.


    • The saddle is awful.
    • No pedals.
    • Struggles with anything more than mild inclines.
    • No suspension.

    Where Can You Purchase The Jetson Bolt Electric Bike?

    Shop the Jetson Bolt Electric Bike here.


    I was kind of expecting the Jetson Bolt to arrive pre-assembled, probably due to its size, but, sadly, that wasn’t the case. The good news, however, is that assembly is nowhere near as complicated as it is for a full-fat e-bike.

    It involves fitting the seat tube (takes about 2 minutes), screwing on the footpegs (about another 2 minutes), and attaching the fenders (about 5 minutes) — that’s literally it. Once these small inconveniences are taken care of, you’re ready to hit the road!

    Motor & Top Speed

    The Bolt has a 250-watt motor, and it’s nothing special, but it is surprisingly quiet, which helps you to stay aware of your surroundings, improving the overall safety of the bike.

    The Bolt is advertised as a 15 miles per hour e-bike, which is true. If you bought one today and took it for a spin, you’d max out at 15 mph, but what many Bolt buyers don’t realize is that you can actually adjust the speed to 19 mph using the Bolt app.

    Now, as this electric bike is rated for ages 12+, it’s possible that your kid may be riding it, in which case, I do not condone adjusting the top speed, but if you, a grown adult (I’m assuming), have a need for speed, then, by all means, let ‘er rip!

    It takes the motor a few seconds to get going from stationary, but once it’s off, it reaches its top speed surprisingly quickly. While this is a good thing, you do have to be careful, as the power can take you by surprise.

    If you hit them at speed, the Bolt can conquer small inclines, but to really master hills, you’re probably better off with the Bolt Pro.

    Tires & Terrain

    The tires are pretty tough, but they’re by no means puncture-resistant, so I always try to stick to smooth surfaces.

    They provide a decent amount of traction, but it’s best to take it easy if, say, it’s wet out, or you’re by the beach and there’s a light dusting of sand on the road/sidewalk.

    Battery & Range

    Hidden away in the core of the Bolt, we have a 36 V lithium-ion battery, which helps to keep the overall weight down, whilst simultaneously boosting power efficiency.

    During my tests, I managed to travel 14 miles on a single charge, which is 1 mile shy of the advertised distance, but, to be fair, I did challenge it with quite a few small inclines on the journey, which tuckered the battery out quicker than usual.

    Assist Modes

    One of the first things you’ll notice about this bike when you pull it out the box is that it doesn’t have any pedals or drivetrain, which means pedal assist functions simply aren’t applicable.

    All you have is a pair of fixed pegs to rest your feet, and a twist-grip throttle that drives the Bolt for you, which is why it’s considered sort of a compromise between an e-bike and an e-scooter.


    Even though you don’t get pedal assist functions on the Bolt, there are still a couple of pretty neat controls to speak of, the most exciting of which (in my opinion) is the cruise control.

    The button can be found next to the right handle. You simply twist the throttle until you reach a comfortable speed, reach your thumb over, push the button, and voilà; you can release the throttle and ride in comfort.

    You also get a little LED dial on the right-hand side that shows your battery status, so you don’t accidentally travel too far one way and find yourself carrying your Bolt all the way home, although, it is incredibly light, so it wouldn’t be as much of a drag as you’d expect.

    Brakes, Suspension, & Handling

    This bike weighs all of 34 lbs, which is why I was completely flabbergasted that it comes with a cute, little mechanical disc brake on the rear wheel. Yep, you read that right… a full-blown disc brake, and it’s pretty darn powerful too.

    People might look at this bike and see a novelty, but as soon as they hit that rear brake and skid out into oblivion, they understand that it’s no toy.

    While V brakes probably would have sufficed for a 15 mph ride, if you do “hack” in those extra 4 miles per hour using the app, you’ll be thankful that you’ve got the additional stopping power to keep you and those around you safe during a ride.

    However, you will need to get used to the strength of the disc brake, as you don’t want to end up on the ground every time you need to slow down.

    I spent about an hour in a safe space with a flat surface practicing, trying to develop a light touch, and then I was ready to take my diminutive dynamo further afield.

    As I’m sure you’ve guessed, the Bolt has zero suspension, so it can be a pretty rough ride. The only respite you get is from the tires, and, as we discussed earlier, they’re nothing special.

    That said, as long as you stick to smooth surfaces, the handling on this little e-bike really isn’t too bad.

    The handlebars are easy to turn, and despite being the smallest electric bike on the market, it doesn’t contort rider position as much as you’d expect.

    Frame, Gears, & Weight Capacity

    The frame of the Bolt is crafted from aluminum alloy, the same stuff as most of the more pricey e-bikes on the market, and even though this thing is tiny, it can support riders up to 250 lbs and still perform relatively close to spec.

    It’s also foldable… kind of. When Jetson claims that the Bolt is “foldable”, all they really mean is that the handlebars collapse down.

    No other aspects of the bike fold, but, as it’s so small to begin with, this isn’t a major flaw, and the built-in handle does make it an absolute breeze to transport by hand.

    When “folded” the Bolt will fit in pretty much any trunk, making it one of the most practical e-bikes on the market, and, at 34 lbs, it’s remarkably easy to load and unload, too.

    It doesn’t have a gear system in place, because it doesn’t even have pedals. You simply pop your feet on the pegs, pull the throttle, and away you go, but the throttle system is fairly responsive and can be stabilized with cruise control.


    You can really tell that this bike was designed for kids as well as adults when you sit on the seat — it’s freakin’ tiny! Not just that, it’s not too soft, and you’ll find yourself slipping all over it, making it almost impossible to get comfortable.

    So, if you do buy this bike, I’d 100% pair it with an aftermarket saddle purchase, as it’s the single most effective and affordable alteration you can make to improve the quality of the ride.

    Value For Money

    One of the reasons the Bolt turns so many heads is the ridiculously low price tag. In fact, it’s so low, you kind of have to view these Jetson creations as existing outside the core e-bike market, as no products from rival manufacturers are competing at this level.

    With no competitor bikes to use as a reference point, it’s difficult to say whether the Bolt is good value for money or not, but going on my own personal feelings about the machine, I’d say, yes, they’re pretty awesome value for money, especially if you can find them reduced.

    The Final Verdict

    The Jetson Bolt E-bike kind of looks like something a clown would ride around for some cheap laughs, but the performance this thing gives is anything but a joke.

    Bridging the gap between the electric scooters and electric bikes, Jetson has created something I believe is truly special, and you can basically pick one up for a song.

     It may have the appearance of a toy, but due to the foldable frame, and the diminutive scale, in certain respects, it has more real-life applications than the all-singing-all-dancing mega e-bikes at the very top of the market.

    The Bolt is never going to satisfy the experienced cyclist, but it is a fantastic entry-level option for younger e-bike enthusiasts and the modern professional trying to minimize their carbon footprint. It’s simple, it’s effective, and it’s super fun.

    I give the Jetson Bolt Electric Bike 3.9/5