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How to Remove Square Light Fixture Cover

    Square light fixture covers are a unique way to spice up the lighting set-up in your home or even in the workplace. The geometric shaping adds a modern twist to what could be a traditional environment and saves you the hassle of having to buy lamp shades or hanging light fixtures to cover the standard light bulb.However, despite how unique these square light fixture covers can look in your home they can prove to be an absolute nightmare to remove. So when your light bulb inside the fixture blows, you’ll either have to hire someone to do it for you (a waste of money in reality) or sit in a dimly lit room with only limited lighting.

    Well, now you don’t need to worry as we’ll be taking you through everything you need to know about removing a square light fixture cover and what tools you’ll need to acquire to do the job safely and efficiently.

    What Do I Need?

    One of the most essential tools you’ll need to complete this job is a step stool or a ladder if the light is on the ceiling. If the ceiling is particularly high and you’re not confident enough to reach that high, then get someone to help balance the ladder while you climb up.You’ll also need a screwdriver since the square light fixture will be screwed into the ceiling or the wall. You’ll need the screwdriver to remove the screws so you can access the light bulb that needs changing or to put on a replacement light fixture cover.Safety Goggles or other protective eyewear will be necessary when trying to remove not just a square light fixture but any light fixture on your ceiling. Chances are that the light fixture may not have been removed for some time and there’ll be a build-up of dust, debris, and maybe a deceased spider in there.

    Whether you’re up there to change the light bulb inside the fixture or you’re just doing a spot of cleaning, you should use a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to clean any smudges on the fixture. When you’re up on the ladder and you’ve removed the fixture cover, then you might want to do some light dusting with a feather duster around the bulb and on the ceiling around the fixture. Bright fluorescent lights can enhance the presence of cobwebs and dust, so try to keep the area clear as much as you can to prevent your space from looking like a haunted mansion.Wear rubber gloves to make it easier to have a better grip on the light bulb when you’re trying to remove it. Your Checklist:

    • Ladder
    • Screwdriver
    • Safety Goggles
    • Glass Cleaner
    • Feather duster
    • Microfiber cloth
    • Rubber Gloves
    • Tool Box or Small Box

    Guide to Removing a Square Light Fixture Cover (7 Easy Steps)

    Now you’ve got all the tools you’ll need for the job, you can now follow these 7 easy steps to guide you to remove your square light fixture cover.

    1. Turn The Lights Off

    You may want to do this first step, at least 5 minutes before climbing up onto the ladder, especially if your lights have been on for a while. You might end up burning yourself if you touch the glass on the bulb while it’s on, so it’s best to wait a few minutes to let it cool down. Fluorescent bulbs can also burst if you touch them when they’re still on, as putting your cold hands on the hot surface can cause a reaction and cause the bulb to explode.

    2. Put Everything You Need In a Box

    If you’re going to do some cleaning while you’re up removing the light fixture, then you may want to take a small toolbox to carry all your necessities. 

    3. Put Your Goggles On and Then Begin Climbing

    Put your safety goggles on before you begin climbing the ladder – you may have to give them a little clean to make sure you can see clearly through them. Once they’re tightly secured to your face, start climbing the ladder with your box of tools

    4. Remove The Square Fixture Cover

    Unscrew the screws that are connecting the light fixture to the ceiling or wall with your screwdriver. Take your time when removing the screws as you don’t want half the fixture to fall down from the ceiling and hit you in the face. Make sure you keep the screws near as you’ll need them in later steps to secure the fixture back

    5. Remove The Bulb & Dust The Area

    You’ll want to begin untwisting your bulb from the fixture and then putting in your new bulb. After you’ve done this, you can take some time to dust inside the fixture area and also the ceiling surrounding the fixture

    6. Screw The Fixture Back On

    Once the new bulb is secured and you’ve finished dusting the area of all debris, find your screws and reattach the fixture back to the ceiling.

    7. Clean The Glass

    Once the fixture is secured, spray some glass cleaner on the surface and use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the glass so there are no smudgesThere we have it, once you’ve completed all these steps you can climb down and not have to worry about changing it for quite some time. Remember to take your time and get a friend to help you out.