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Google Nest Hub vs Echo Show

    Which Industry-Leading Smart Display Deserves A Spot In Your Home?

    So, you’re thinking about augmenting your home with an Amazon or Google smart display — fantastic. The right one can make for an excellent addition to a smart array and enrich your life a great deal….but which is the right display for you?

    Google Nest Hub vs Echo Show

    Google Nest Hub


    • Google Assistant is Smarter Than Alexa
    • Well Priced
    • Full YouTube Support
    • Sleep Tracking


    • Nest Hub Can’t Send Video
    • Less 3rd-Party Support for Google Assistant

    Echo Show


    • Better Streaming Platforms
    • Moving Screen (Echo Show 10 gen 3)
    • More Size Options
    • Alexa Has More Functions


    • Alexa Syntax Requirements
    • The 10 Is Expensive

    Google Nest Hub Vs Echo Show – What Are Your Options?

    Admittedly, the 1st gen Echo Show didn’t really live up to expectations, but Amazon was quick to resolve these teething issues with their 2nd Gen 5 and 8” lineup. They also recently released their flagship Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen), a super-intelligent display with the ability to twist on its motorized base and follow you around the room.

    The 10” option is definitely the most powerful of the three, while the Echo Show 5 is perfect for the minimalist household, and the 8” sits comfortably between these two extremes, giving indecisive consumers something to latch onto.

    Google entered the smart display arms race with the Home Hub that would later be renamed the Nest Hub. In price and size, it sits between the Echo show 5 and 8, and unlike Amazon, Google hasn’t been churning out replacement units every other year.

    We wouldn’t see the next distinct Google smart display offering until their 2019 release of the Nest Hub Max, a larger unit intended to compete with Amazon’s Echo Show 10.

    Google Nest Hub Vs Echo Show – Display

    Measuring 10.1 inches wide, the Echo Show 10 has the largest display of all and shares the Nest Hub Max’s 1280 x 800 resolution, so if you subscribe to the notion that bigger is better, then the Echo Show 10 is the one for you.

    With a 10” display, the Nest Hub Max falls just short of Amazon’s mammoth offering, but realistically, you’re not going to notice the 2.54mm difference.

    If you’re looking to keep things nice and small to fit in a minimal or already congested environment, the Echo Show 5 with its 5.5” 960 x 480 display is up to the job.

    If you can find a little extra space, the Nest Hub has a 7” 1024 x 600 display, but for ultimate clarity, I recommend the Echo Show 8 as it has the same 1280 x 800 display as the premium 10” options.

    The Echo Show 10 has the premium on video services, but the Nest Hub Max does have a few big names that are missing from the Show roster, such as YouTube and Netflix.

    Google Nest Hub vs Echo Show – Audio

    The Echo Show 10 and the Nest Hub Max have almost identical audio specs, but there are some significant differences when it comes to the smaller models.

    As is generally the case, the smaller speakers are, the worse they sound, so if audio quality is important to you, go as big as you can afford.

    The Echo Show 8 is a decent compromise on this front, as it doesn’t fill the room as well as the 10 or the Max, but the audio output is much better than the 5 or the Nest Hub.

    With such notable inclusions as Amazon Music, Spotify, and Apple Music, I’d say the Show lineup has the best streaming service options, but the Nest hits back hard with support for Google and YouTube Music.

    Google Nest Hub vs Echo Show – AI

    Alexa and Google Assistant are by far the most advanced virtual assistants on the market, but as for which is the best of the two, it’s hard to say. They both have their benefits and drawbacks.

    For example, Google Assistant has a much more fluent grasp of the English language, so you don’t have to be as precise with your syntax to get it to listen to and execute your commands.

    However, in terms of 3rd party and device support, Alexa has a distinct advantage. With all the “Skills” available via the Alexa app, you can get this monotone assistant of yours to engage with much more specific tasks such as ordering pizza, playing games, or even helping you meditate.

    To be fair, these so-called “Skills” have been getting a lot of flack for their lack of substance or practicality, but some of them are pretty great. It’s just a shame that you still need to navigate Alexa’s syntactical assault course in order to enjoy them.

    Google Nest Hub vs Echo Show – Features

    If you’re torn between the Nest Hub and the smaller Echo Shows, it might help to know that while the Nest can receive video, it cannot send it.

    In terms of the big contenders here, there are really only two features I’d like to mention, the moving display of the Echo Show 10 and the sleep tracking of the Nest Hub Max.

    As I’ve already mentioned, the 10’s display literally follows you around the room, which can be handy during video calls or even if you need constant visuals on a recipe as you cook up a storm in your kitchen.

    The screen can only turn left and right, meaning you have to adjust the tilt manually, which is disappointing, but it’s still a groundbreaking feature.

    Now onto the big, fluffy feather in the Nest Max’s cap, sleep tracking. Using motion and noise detectors, it records information about your rest as you’re slinging some ZZZs, which can then be used to improve your sleep in a number of ways, helping you to live a more fulfilling waking life — pretty amazing, right?

    Google Nest Hub vs Echo Show – The Final Verdict

    Unfortunately, I can’t tell you which smart display is right for you. It all depends on which streaming platforms you prefer, the room you plan on using it, and what you want the device to be capable of.

    Smaller spaces like kitchens, offices, and bedrooms benefit from a smaller smart display like the Nest or Echo Show 5, but for anything living room-sized, you’ll need the Show 8 at the very least.

    If I had to choose between the 10 and the Max, I think I’d be leaning more towards the Echo Show 10, as I find the automated screen very appealing, and I prefer Amazon’s partnered streaming platforms. That said, I’d probably tire of the moving screen quite quickly, while the sleep tracking of the Max would have a lasting impact on my life and wellbeing.

    So, after all that, are you team Echo or team Nest?