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Can a Bluetti Run a Refrigerator?

    Bluetti solar-enabled battery backups are some of the best on the market, hands down.

    Combining sleek aesthetics with immense power and state-of-the-art technology, they’re redefining portable energy for a new generation of wandering souls and easing a fraction of the burden placed on the planet by traditional, fume-spewing power supplies. But just how capable are these new-age generators?

    Can a Bluetti Run a Refrigerator

    One of the toughest challenges for any type of generator is running a refrigerator. These frosty boxes that keep our food nice and fresh and our cold ones, well… cold, do so by consuming a significant amount of energy (we’re talking $150 worth per year).

    As such, they need a seriously robust power source to keep them ticking in the event of a blackout.

    So, do Bluetti power stations have what it takes to save our perishables when the electricity is out of action? Let’s find out!

    Can I Rely on a Bluetti to Keep My Fridge Running?

    The quick answer to your inquiry is yes! A Bluetti can absolutely keep your refrigerator pumping out cold air and save your food from a stinky fate — hooray! But, alas, as is the case with most things in life, it’s not that simple.

    Bluetti power stations arrive with a variety of power ratings, and refrigerators with varying power requirements, so, you’ll need to pair the right Bluetti with the right refrigerator if you want it to keep its cool until the power returns.

    Not to worry, though. I’m going to be discussing how you can tell if a Bluetti battery backup is powerful enough to run your fridge, and, better yet, I’m going to make some Bluetti recommendations based on a few refrigerator energy requirement averages. Sound good? Fantastic, let’s begin!

    How to Tell if a Bluetti Power Station Can Run Your Refrigerator

    To figure out if a generator is capable of powering an appliance, you first need to know two things…

    1. The start-up (or surge) wattage of the appliance

    All motor-driven electronics, fridges included, require a large jolt of power to get them running, then once they’re fired up, their power draw decreases significantly. This initial burst of energy is known as start-up wattage.

    The excess is required for only around 2 to 3 seconds, but without it, the motor won’t get moving, your fridge won’t stay cold, and your food will expire — unless you eat it all in one sitting, of course.

    2. The running wattage of the appliance

    Once the motor has received the start-up wattage, and it’s all systems go, the running wattage of an electrical appliance is the continuous power it draws to keep on, you’ve guessed it… running. This continuous power requirement is usually about a quarter of the appliance’s start-up wattage.

    Once you know both these figures, you simply have to check that the surge and continuous load of a Bluetti generator exceed those of your fridge. If so, then you can rest assured that it will keep your food fresh for the time being.

    Note that I said the surge and running wattage of your generator should exceed those of your fridge, rather than just match them.

    This is because the compressor in a fridge has to turn on and off throughout the day to regulate internal temperature, which means there will be sporadic spikes in its power usage.

    A generator that has trouble keeping up with these fluctuations will take on damage, as will the connected fridge.

    Power Requirements of the Average American Refrigerator: Which Bluetti Generators Are up to the Job?

    The average American refrigerator has a surge requirement of 900 to 1200 watts and a running draw of roughly 150 watts, so let’s take a look at some Bluetti power stations that can shoulder that load.


    Bluetti AC200MAX

    The AC200MAX is one of Bluetti’s latest offerings, and it’s an absolute beast of a battery backup.

    Boasting a maximum surge wattage of 4800 watts and a max continuous output of 2200 watts, it’s more than powerful enough to power our hypothetical refrigerator. 

    And, due to its 2046 Wh (watt hour) rating, it’ll keep our hypothetical snacks cool for 15 to 28 hours!


    Bluetti AC200P

    Rated for 2000 watts, the AC200P isn’t quite as powerful as the AC200MAX in terms of continuous power, but it has the same impressive 4800-watt surge capacity, so it can support an average-sized fridge without breaking a sweat. 

    Both the AC200P and the AC200MAX are expandable, so if you wanted to power a particularly large fridge freezer for a long time, you could do so by investing in a couple of peripheral Bluetti batteries and connecting them to your main power station.

    What About a Mini Fridge?

    An average-sized mini fridge will typically have a running wattage of 75 watts and a start-up wattage of 300 watts, which isn’t very taxing at all, so pretty much any Bluetti power station could keep one going for a long time in the event of a blackout.


    Bluetti EB240

    With a surge capacity of 1200 watts, the Bluetti EB240 doesn’t quite have enough juice to power an average-sized refrigerator, which is a shame, as the 1000-watt continuous load is plenty enough to keep one going after start-up.

    However, it could power even the largest mini fridge for more than 20 hours straight.


    Bluetti EB150

    The EB240 is a little overpowered for a mini fridge, so if that’s all you’re looking to power, I’d recommend either the EB150 or EB70S. 


    Bluetti EB70S

    The 70S should keep your food chilled for the better part of a day, and the 150, for about 20 hours.


    Bluetti AC50S

    The AC50S is a reasonably priced little generator, perfect for those looking for a battery backup on a budget.

    With a surge capacity of 450 watts and a 300-watt running capacity, it may be small, but it’s got plenty enough muscle to keep your mini fridge running when the lights go out.

    Summing Up

    Well, there you have it, folks — Bluetti battery generators can indeed run a refrigerator, but don’t just pick up any old model and hope for the best.

    Figure out your fridge’s start-up and running requirements, then find a Bluetti generator that can shoulder the load and then some.