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Bluetti T200 AC Adapter

    Solar power stations are the new green, and Bluetti is one of the pioneering companies leading the clean energy charge. 

    However, not all of us live in Arizona, which means relying on sunshine exclusively to power our Bluetti power stations isn’t always an option.

    Bluetti T500 AC Adapter

    This is why the brain boxes over at Bluetti have introduced some supplementary charging tech to their catalog, one of which is the D050S, a simple charge boosting middleman adapter, but the one that’s really turning some heads is the newer T200.The T200 is a small addition to the Bluetti roster that makes some BIG promises.

    Enabling dual-charging, we can top up our Bluetti beasts quickly using both solar panels and an AC outlet — Sounds good, right?

    But is it as effective in practice as it sounds on paper? That’s what I wanted to find out!

    Bluetti T200 AC Adapter At A Glance

    The Bluetti T200 AC is a 500-watt power brick adapter for charging your Bluetti power stations and discrete batteries using a normal AC household outlet.I know that sounds rather commonplace, but the beauty of the T200 is its flexibility.

    With just a few additional cables, it can be made compatible with a huge portion of the Bluetti back catalog, making it a fantastic space-saving option if you’ve got multiple power stations or batteries to keep juiced.

    Where Can I Purchase The Bluetti T200 AC Adapter?

    Bluetti T200 AC Adapter: Pros & Cons

    No time to check out my full review. Take in the abridged version below:

    Bluetti T200 AC Adapter


    • Solid enclosure
    • Rubberized grip holds it steady and safe
    • Integrated thermal solution improves longevity
    • Performs to spec
    • Epic flexibility
    • Synergy with Bluetti products


    • It’s a little unwieldy
    • The initial smell is quite unpleasant

    Bluetti T200 AC Adapter: Review

    What’s In The Box?

    While there is only one T200, there are three bundle variations to consider. Which you choose determines what you’ll get in the box.

    I ordered the EP500 bundle that arrives with the T200 power brick, the AC cable, and a DC7909 to aviation plug adapter cable.If you go for the B230/B300 bundle, the most rudimentary (and affordable) configuration, you’ll only get the power brick and the AC cord, but the EP500P/AC300 bundle arrives with an additional DC7909 to MC4 adapter cable.Whichever bundle you choose, you’ll also get a well-put-together instruction manual that guides you through the charging process, which is great, as there isn’t much information online about these supplementary chargers yet.

    That said, there are some simple visual guides on the Bluetti site if you’re interested. 


    As mentioned earlier, the best thing about the T200 AC adapter is its flexibility.

    With the basic bundle, you can charge the Bluetti B230 expansion battery and the Bluetti B300 expansion battery.With the EP500 bundle, you can charge, you’ve guessed it… the Bluetti EP500, while the third bundle facilitates dual charging for both the Bluetti EP500 Pro and AC300.But here’s the thing, you can buy all the necessary cables independently, so once you have just one of the three bundles, you can expand compatibility with a few choice aftermarket purchases.In fact, if you pick up a DC7909 to XT90 cable, you can hook your T200 AC adapter up to the Bluetti AC200, the Bluetti AC200P, and the Bluetti AC200MAX.It’s got some serious cross-power station potential — A definite boon for Bluetti enthusiasts with multiple units.

    But perhaps the most exciting thing to note here is that, if your power station has the ports available, you can use multiple T200s simultaneously to bring charge times way, way down.

    Build Quality

    Anybody who’s owned any of the Bluetti power stations or batteries can tell you how well the company’s products are put together, so I had high hopes going into this review.

    However, I couldn’t shake the thought that, as this is a supplementary unit rather than an exciting headliner, they might have reeled it in a bit. Thankfully, though, this wasn’t the case!As soon as I took the power brick from the box, I gave it a good shake and listened for any rattling or clunking, but there was nothing to hear.

    The enclosure feels solid too, and although I haven’t dropped mine yet, I feel confident that it will brush any eventual impacts off without breaking a sweat.


    Much like older Bluetti charging blocks, the power brick arrives with the grippy, rubberized strip that both protects the solid enclosure and stops it sliding about on slippery surfaces, something you’ll appreciate if you’re using it on a table.

    The last thing you want is your fancy new adapter to slip and fall from high up, although, as I mentioned, I’m sure it could take the hit and then some.You also get the attractive Bluetti logo front and center of the rubberized grip, giving the adapter a very sleek and professional aesthetic.There’s a little venting panel at one side of the brick, housing an integrated fan that runs pretty much constantly.

    It’s quite loud, but in my opinion, a bit of noise is well worth the peace of mind that the integrated cooling system provides.

    Heat is the worst enemy of both batteries and charging adapters, so this thoughtful appointment should keep the T200 in top shape for many years to come.

    Besides, the running volume isn’t too bad.The only thing I feel, not let down by, but curious about, is the size of this thing.

    Granted, it’s got a respectable capacity for its size, but I don’t think anyone could argue that it’s not an absolute CHUNK! Power brick is 100% the correct terminology, as the T200 is literally brick sized and shaped.

    I wonder if Bluetti could have done anything to shrink it down a little, but maybe that’s something we can look forward to in the future. 


    The first thing I was struck by when I pulled the T200 from the box was the scent… it was not good.

    If you’ve been around electronics that have been pushed too far, you’ll know exactly the smell I’m talking about — a plastic-y, burnt-wiring smell.I thought at first I’d been sent a defective adapter, but after some quick research online I discovered that this is actually the norm.

    Still a little tentative, I linked it up to my Bluetti, plugged it into an outlet, and flicked the switch.Half expecting some sort of fizzling sound and perhaps a plume of black smoke, I took a step back from the brick, but thankfully, it kicked into action immediately — No explosions.

    In fact, after a couple of uses, I noticed the acrid scent had started to dissipate, and at this point, it doesn’t smell at all!It took little over 6 hours to fully recharge my Bluetti B300 battery, meaning it performed perfectly to spec, and as of writing this review, it still does. 

    Value For Money

    Okay, it’s time to address the elephant in the room. The T200 is a pretty expensive product.

    It’s not necessarily a savings account destroyer, but it certainly carries a premium that comes hand-in-hand with the Bluetti name.Having said that, other than the weird smell upon arrival, I really can’t fault this unit, and although the particularly tech-savvy may be able to construct an alternative 500-watt adapter system for a lot less, there’s always going to be a lot of risk involved.When you buy Bluetti, you’re not just buying the physical product, but the peace of mind that comes with the reputable brand name.

    You’ll also benefit from the synergy factor of staying in the Bluetti ecosystem.The T200 is built from the ground up to complement all compatible Bluetti products, and when there are a lot of expensive electronics involved, seamless integration is a big deal.

    So, does the T200 deliver value for your money? Not in the typical way, but yes, it most certainly does.

    Final Thoughts

    Having used the T200 for quite a while now, I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone with a compatible Bluetti power station or battery.

    Are you paying a premium for the name? Most definitely, but you also get an incredibly reliable unit guaranteed to bring your charge times way, way down.It’s built like a tank, so you really do get your money’s worth over time, especially as the integrated fan does such a spectacular job of keeping thermals under control.

    I’d like to see smaller supplemental chargers from Bluetti down the pipeline, but the size of T200 is a worthy trade-off for the 500-watt capacity. If you don’t have room for such a sizable addition to your green energy arsenal, I’d recommend making space, because the T200 is worth it!I give the Bluetti T200 AC Adapter 4.8/5