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Bluetti PV200 Solar Panel Review

    Solar panels provide an eco-friendly solution to our energy hungry lives by supplying clean, green energy to charge our power banks and electrical devices.

    In a world where we are becoming ever more reliant on technology and need constant access to our smartphones, laptops and other devices, we are also becoming more and more aware of climate change and the impact that our energy use has on it.

    Solar energy is free, sustainable and limitless, but to harness it you need to have an effective and efficient solar panel. 

    Bluetti PV200 Solar Panel

    Bluetti’s PV200 solar panel claims to have a high conversion efficiency of up to 23.4%, and can provide 200 watts of energy in ideal conditions. But how does it perform in real life, when the conditions are not so perfect?

    We put this solar panel to the test and assessed its portability, ease of use, compatibility, design, and power performance. In this article we go through the pros and cons of the Bluetti PV200 to help you decide if it is the solar panel you have been looking for.

    BLUETTI PV200 200W Solar Panel

    Bluetti’s PV200 solar panel claims to have a high conversion efficiency of up to 23.4%, and can provide 200 watts of energy in ideal conditions. But how does it perform in real life, when the conditions are not so perfect?

    We put this solar panel to the test and assessed its portability, ease of use, compatibility, design, and power performance. In this article we go through the pros and cons of the Bluetti PV200 to help you decide if it is the solar panel you have been looking for.

    Technical Specs:

    • Maximum power output – 200W
    • Peak conversion efficiency – 23.4%
    • Type of solar cell – ETFE
    • Dimensions when unfolded – 23.2 x 89.2 inches
    • Dimensions when folded – 23.2 x 24.8 inches
    • Vmp (Voltage at maximum power) – 20.5V
    • Imp (Current at maxim power) – 9.7A
    • Voc (Voltage at open circuit) – 26.1V
    • Isc (Short circuit current) – 10.3A
    • Number of folding panels – 4
    • Weight – 16 pounds
    • Warranty – 24 months
    • Operational temperature – 14 degrees Fahrenheit – 149 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Optimal working temperature – 77 degrees Fahrenheit

    Bluetti PV200 Solar Panel Buying Guide

    First Impressions

    On first opening the box with the Bluetti PV200 inside, we were impressed by the sufficiency of the packaging. The solar panels are shipped all across America and abroad and we were glad not to see any damage on the box itself, or to the panel inside.

    The cardboard box was pretty sizable and this was because the folded solar panel was wedged between polystyrene blocks in order to fully protect it. We liked how difficult it was to draw the panel out of the box because it showed how well held in place the product has been during transit.

    Once out of the box and unwrapped from the protective tissue paper, we were impressed with how attractive and sturdy the PV200 appeared. The back side of the panel is covered in a matte fabric which looked durable and unmarked, and the whole thing was held together with strong side clips to prevent it from springing open.

    The adjustable legs were velcroed flat so they did not flap around, and the plastic handle was very securely fixed to the top of the panel. On the back of the folded panel there is a zippered pouch containing the MC4 connector cables.

    We found the information manual in the bottom of the box but almost missed it – so be sure to double check because it is an important document. Not only does it contain all the necessary instructions for the PV200, but it also contains your warranty card!

    Ease of Set Up

    A quick glance at the information manual was enough to let us know how to set the Bluetti PV200 up for a trial run. This solar panel really does score highly for ease of set up as it is just a case of unclipping the side clips and unfolding the panels.

    There are a total of four panels which are all parallel wired for improved performance (but more on that later). We then laid the extended solar panel flat on the ground while we adjusted the standing legs.

    There are only three legs on the PV200, which seems to leave it slightly more unstable that other models. However, the placement of the leg at either end of the panel and directly in the middle means that a good level of stability can be achieved. 

    The legs are velcroed to the back of the panel to keep them out of the way while folded, so the first thing we did was unstick them. Next you use the snap closure to set the legs at one of three possible angles.

    The snap closures are clearly marked for minimal confusion, and you can choose between 45 degrees, 40 degrees or 50 degrees depending on where the sun is in the sky and the angle of the surface you will be standing the panel on. We went for the middle snap setting which stands the panel at a 45 degree angle.

    The closures were extremely simple to pop shut, and stayed secure. As long as you set all three legs at the same angle, the Bluetti PV200 stands up really well.

    The MC4 connector and cable was neatly tucked in the zippered pouch on the back of the panel. To complete the set up we simply ran the 120 inch cable from the solar panel and connected it to our Bluetti EB55 power station.

    The cable was plenty long enough for our setup, especially when connected to the solar panel cable from the power station itself, however some people like to buy MC4 extension cables to give them that little extra leeway and stretch when setting up. Once it was plugged in, we simply switched on the power station and watched the power roll in.

    Power Performance

    The Bluetti PV200 solar panel has a maximum power capacity of 200 watts, but this is when used in ideal conditions like those in a laboratory. There are actually a number of things that will impact the efficiency of the solar panels and some are out of your control.

    Ambient temperature and weather conditions affect its performance, as well as the quality and intensity of the sunlight. This means that the PV200 is most productive when used in hot climates with lots of uninterrupted sunshine.

    Where possible, you should position this solar panel in as much direct sunlight as possible, and keep altering the angle and direction of the panel as the sun’s position changes in the sky. This is a slight nuisance because it means that you cannot leave the PV200 unattended in the same way that you can leave other power sources.

    There is a level of attention and maintenance required throughout the day, if you hope to get the most out of the panel. However, we think this is a small inconvenience considering how eco-friendly and cheap sunshine is!

    When we tested the PV200 in moderate sunshine we found it produced around 123 watts, which is just over half of its maximum wattage. This seemed accurate considering the conditions we were testing it in, and it was still plenty of energy to charge the Bluetti EB55 over the course of 5 hours. 

    What was really great was that the four folding panels are all wired in parallel and therefore draw energy separately from each other. This is a development from Bluetti’s earlier solar panel models and it has a huge advantage when it comes to power performance.

    When two of the four panels fell into shadow, the PV200 supplied the power bank with 70 watts of energy. This was approximately half of what it provided with all four panels in the sun. We loved that the solar panel did not sink to 10% of its original wattage as is the case with other models that are not wired in parallel.

    It means that if you do happen to leave the panels and a couple of them accidentally fall into shadow, the PV200 will continue to charge your power station at a reduced rate rather than cutting out entirely.

    The solar cells themselves are top quality monocrystalline which explains the high efficiency conversion rate. They have 95% transparency, meaning that these solar cells function more effectively in low-light conditions than many more dense cells out there.

    We found that this made the PV200 a really practical solar panel, because even when you cannot guarantee that there will be burning sunshine all day, the PV200 can provide a sufficient energy supply.


    The Bluetti PV200 solar panel is compatible with multiple Bluetti power stations including the AC200P, the EB240, the EB150, the EB55, the EV70, the AC50S and the EP500. It performs true to spec when paired with all these devices, providing the conditions are optimal.

    The MC4 connector is actually compatible with most standard solar generators available today, making this a highly versatile and useful product.


    The Bluetti PV200 has ETFE material surface on the surface and this makes it highly durable. The ETFE is water resistant, so you don’t have to rush out in a panic and pack your PV200 up at the slightest hint of rain.

    Of course, the solar panel is not designed to withstand lengthy exposure to rain and snow, so if you want to prolong the lifespan of this panel then you should try to keep it dry where possible.

    It cannot be soaked in water and therefore is not meant to be positioned by lakes, rivers or the ocean where there is a risk of it being submerged.

    The ETFE is hard wearing and does not tear or scuff easily. The dark grey color means that marks do not show up easily on this panel and it retains its slick, clean appearance very well.

    It is pretty resilient in the face of wind, although high winds can lift it off the ground and cause it to tip over. Once tipped facedown the solar panel is useless so this is something to watch out for.


    The Bluetti PV200 is pretty sizable when fully extended, and this has both advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is the fact that it extends in one long line, meaning you need to have a fair stretch of clear ground in order to set it up.

    This can cause issues on a packed campsite or beach. However, the long length means that it has more surface area to harness the sun’s rays, so it ultimately aids its performance. 

    When folded, the PV200 is approximately 23 by 25 inches, which is about the size of a folded deck chair. Although not tiny, it is certainly neat and compact and is easy to slide in a car trunk with other things because it is so flat. The side clips are very secure and hold the panels in place effectively.

    The carry handle is incredibly well attached so you do not feel any risk that it will come loose as you carry it. The handle is thick and comfortable to grip.

    The folded panel weighs 16 pounds, which is about the equivalent of a bowling ball. Although not too heavy to lift, this solar panel is not great for carrying long distances with and we certainly would not recommend taking it on a hike. 

    For short journeys from the car or the campsite however, it is highly portable and convenient.

    Final Verdict

    The Bluetti PV200 solar panel is a highly effective source of green energy that can be folded up and carried with you wherever you may go. It is especially great for camping trips and vacations in places where there is lots of sunshine, because the power performance of this panel does depend on the level of sunlight available.

    It is versatile, compatible with lots of generators and extremely easy to use. So save the planet and buy one of these solar panels from Amazon or Bluetti today.