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BLUETTI EB70S Portable Power Station Review

    BLUETTI is famous for producing high quality, high capacity power stations, and their EB70S is no exception.

    In fact, this power station has one of the most impressive capacity to size ratios on the market and is able to offer 716Wh of power to charge a wide variety of electrical devices. It is a top choice for outdoor use and camping trips, but how does it stand up to scrutiny? 

    BLUTETTI EB70S Portable Power Station Review

    In this review we look at all aspects of the unit, including power performance, compatibility, functionality, durability and charging speed, in order to determine whether the EB70S is worth its sizable price tag.

    Read on to find out whether this power station is exactly what you have been looking for.

    BLUETTI EB70S Portable Power Station

    What You Get

    It’s always good to know exactly what you are paying for, so to kick off we are going to go through exactly what you get fresh out the box with the standard EB70S package. 

    Of course you get the EB70S power station units itself, but you also receive an AC adapter and charging cable, a solar charging cable and a carport charging cable.

    You only receive one of each of these but if you are someone who likes back ups, seconds can be purchased separately from BLUETTI online. You do not receive a solar panel with this package, so if you do not already own one you will need to factor this into your additional costs.

    BLUETTI SP200 solar panels are available from Amazon and their website. You get a comprehensive user manual and a warranty card when you buy the EB70S, and the warranty covers the unit for 24 months, as is standard for all BLUETTI devices.

    Technical Specs

    • 716Wh / 800W of pure sine wave electricity
    • Maximum surge of 1400W
    • 2 x 100W USB-C PD ports
    • 2 x 5V/3A USB-A ports
    • 1 x 12V / 10A car port
    • 1 x 15W wireless charging pad
    • 2 x 12V/ 10A DC ports
    • 4 x 100-120V / 800W AC outlets
    • Advanced MPPT technology for fast solar charging
    • Maximum 200W
    • 12V / 28V options


    • LiFePO4 battery cell
    • 2500+ life cycles
    • Built-in BMS


    • 12.6 x 8.5 x 8.7 inches (length x width x height)
    • 21.4 lbs net weight


    • LCD display
    • LED light with three modes (low, high, SOS flash)
    • Foldable handle
    • Rubber feet
    • 2 colors available (blue / grey)

    BLUTETTI EB70S Portable Power Station Buying Guide

    Power Capacity

    Holy smoke is this unit powerful! With 800W available and a capacity of 716Wh it is able to retain and supply more than enough juice to all the everyday electrical devices you would expect. Better still, it is able to charge up to 12 devices at once, so long as their combined draw is not more than 800W. 

    The BLUETTI EB70s is designed to deliver quality, constant and uninterrupted pure sine wave electricity, and when we tested it in this area we found that it does just that. The energy waves were consistent and smooth, meaning that the flow of energy from power station to device is top notch.

    When we tested the capacity of the EB70s we found that it retained 80% of its available 716Wh when charged by solar, and 89% when charged using the AC outlets. This is super impressive and means that this unit can store and retain enough energy to keep your devices and appliances running for extended periods away from energy grid supplies. 

    In real terms, the EB70s can charge your smartphone 50 times, your laptop 9-10 times, your tablet 20 times and your camera over 36 times. It can charge a drone 8 times, and run the LED lantern for over 53 solid hours.

    It can run a coffee machine for 62 hours, a nintendo switch for 96 hours, and a fan for 18 hours. When you consider how the majority of your use for all these items will be intermittent, it is clear that one charge of the EB70S will last you the length of most camping trips and long weekends away.

    For outdoorsy types who like to use all the mod-cons and high-tech appliances, the EB70S is a must buy.

    Unit Compatibility

    It is possible to run up to 12 different devices off the EB70S simultaneously, although this will of course affect the charging speed of each device overall. The unit has a wide variety of power outlets to accommodate as wide a variety of devices as possible.

    The 4 AC outlets are seriously handy, and get lots of use on trips and picnics. Most blenders, coffee makers, rice cookers, slow cookers, fans and even tv’s are compatible with these outlets, meaning you can get home cooked food even when you are out in the wilderness, and you can play music and listen to a portable radio with no problem too… as long as you can get a signal!

    The old school USB-A ports are handy for slow charging as they do not draw much juice, and you can leave phones, cameras and tablets to charge overnight without drawing much from the unit itself. The 15W wireless charging pad that sits on the top deck of the EB70S is also super handy.

    You can rest your phone or tablet on top of the power station and leave it to slow charge with no need for fiddly connections or annoying wires. This is also a really handy option if you find you have forgotten your phone charging cable.

    The 12V/10 A carport is compatible with lots of more heavy duty appliances like minifridges and LED lamps. But the real highlight of the EB70S power station is that it has 2 USB-C PD ports.

    Hardly any other power stations on the market offer this, and it means that you can fast charge two devices at once. You can charge both your smartphone and your laptop to 80% within half an hour.

    This is an excellent feature as it affords you peace of mind that you could get both devices charged should you need to. You are prepped for any eventuality.

    Charging Performance

    The unit itself has three possible charging modes and comes with the three appropriate charging cables to boot. Using the very versatile DC input port, the EB70S can be charged via car outlet, wall socket, generator, or solar panel.

    It has a maximum input capacity of 200W, which is less than BLUETTI’s EB55 but is still impressive. The DC input offers 12V or 28V, so can accept a wide range of charging options. 

    What is more, it has in-built MPPT (maximum power point tracking) technology for advanced solar panel recharging. The MPPT controller enables the unit to solar charge from 0-100% in just 5 hours, whereas it only reaches 80% without the MPPT controller.

    This is excellent for those who want to get the most out of their solar panels. Of course, the EB70S does not come with solar panels, however you can buy them separately from the BLUETTI website.

    The fastest way to charge the EB70S is with the 200W AC wall socket or the 200W generator input. In both cases the unit can be charged from 0-100% in between 4 and 4.5 hours. When using the car port input, the unit takes around 7.5 hours to charge. 

    It is possible to both charge the unit and use it to run your devices simultaneously (ie. both input and output can be active at once), however this should only be done when highly unnecessary. The health of the unit will be impaired over time if you both charge and discharge at once, so it is best to stick to one function at a time where you can.

    Battery Quality

    The EB70S runs off a high quality LiFePO4 battery cell that has excellent energy retaining properties and energy delivery performance. In fact, the LiFiPO4 battery is capable of over 2500 life cycles from 0-80% charge, which is far greater than standard lithium ion batteries and really gives this unit the edge.

    Thanks to the quality of the battery cell, the EB70S is a very long lasting and reliable investment which you will get plenty of years of use out of so long as you look after it properly.

    It also has an inbuilt battery management system (BMS) which monitors the battery’s power usage and behavior in order to protect both it and your devices. The BMS protects against short circuiting, overloads, overcurrent, overheating, overvoltage and many other risks.

    As a result, your devices are kept in great condition and the power station itself is fully utilized.


    Because of the size of the LiFiPO4 battery cell contained in the EB70S power station, the unit is actually fairly hefty. It has a net weight of 21.4 lbs, which when carried over long distances can really begin to tire out your arms.

    For this reason we found that the unit was best when used close to your car or campsite. It is not ideal for long walks despite having a handy carry handle since the weight is too inconvenient. However, for carrying down onto the beach for a late night barbeque it is perfect.

    The block shape makes this unit very stable and means that it is easy to place down on any surface without fear of it toppling over. It also has four rubber feet attached underneath which stop it from slipping about and increase its stability further.

    We particularly love the electric blue color option on this EB70S unit as it stands out clearly and makes the unit hard to forget and leave behind. However, scratches and marks will show up on this color casing more than on the dark grey option.


    The EB70S has an excellent LCD display screen which is clear to read even from a distance. The screen displays both output and input wattage so you can keep track of the power use at a glance. It also displays the remaining battery life so that you can see plenty of time when you need to recharge it.

    This prevents unfortunate occasions when the power station runs dry and leaves you without booster juice unexpectedly. The remaining battery is  shown in a 5 bar battery icon, meaning the actual percentage is not evident. Although this lacks accuracy, it is a very clear method and works just as well.

    The EB70S has a simple on/off power switch which activates the LCD display, and the separate output ports have on and off buttons too, so that all the ports do not need to be active unless needed.

    The instruction manual is well written and clear, and we particularly like the addition of the LED light on the front of this unit which provides illumination that is bright and far reaching. A really useful extra.

    Overall Verdict

    The BLUETTI EB70S is a top choice of portable power station for those who like to take all their gadgets, appliances and devices with them wherever they go. This unit is seriously powerful, versatile and durable, and it looks cool too. Is it a tad on the heavy side?

    Sure. but we think this is a small price to pay for the capacity and wide compatibility that it offers. Make your camping trip that much more enjoyable by picking one of these up on Amazon or from BLUETTI now.