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Bluetti 2400Wh Portable Power Station EB240 Review

    If you love escaping from the noise and chaos of the city, and love taking time to pause and connect with nature somewhere way off-grid, then the EB240 power station from Bluetti could be a game changer for you.

    It is capable of storing and retaining 2400Wh of energy, and can be recharged via solar panels anywhere the sun shines. 

    Bluetti 2400Wh Portable Power Station EB240 Review

    This means that the next time you go camping, or spend time at your remote homestead, you can still enjoy the benefits of modern conveniences and the comfort and ease of modern technology, no matter how far from the grid you have ventured.

    BLUETTI 2400Wh Portable Power Station EB240

    In this article we review the EB240 power station in relation to its power performance, compatibility, ease of use, portability, durability and value.

    We performed some tests on the unit to see how it actually performs in real life, and whether it lives up to the hype that it has been receiving from homesteaders and campers.

    We evaluate its practical use, both in terms of charging and running your appliances and devices, and in terms of its own recharge and retain capabilities, so that you can decide whether the EB240 is the off-grid power station you have been looking for.

    Technical Specs:

    • Peak Power: 1000W
    • Surge Power: 1200W
    • Capacity: 2400Wh
    • Battery Cell Type: NCM battery (2500+ life cycles)
    • Output ports: 2 x AC110V ports, 1 x 12V/9A DC Port, 1 x 45W USB-C PD port, 4 x 5V/3A USB-A ports
    • Input ports: 1 x AC charging (42V/160W, OCV 16V-68V/ Max 10A) / Solar charging DC port (Max 500W/10A)
    • Dimensions: 19.4 inches x 6.5 inches x 14.4 inches (length x width x height)
    • Weight: 48.5 pounds
    • Operating Temperature: 32 degrees Fahrenheit – 104 degrees Fahrenheit

    Bluetti 2400Wh Portable Power Station EB240 Buying Guide

    First Impressions

    On first taking the Bluetti EB240 from its shipping box we were struck by how much it looked like a carry-on case or briefcase. Its slender design makes it easy to slip in the trunk of the car or tuck away down the side of some furniture without it taking up valuable storage space. 

    The unit comes with two different charging cables and adapters; a 200W AC wall charger and adapter, and a DC 7909 to MC4 solar charging cable. 

    It is important to note that it does not come with a solar panel included. If you wish to use this power station to its full potential you need to purchase a solar panel separately or use any that you already have.

    The Bluetti SP200 works really well with this generator, although we recommend getting at least two pieces if you wish to enjoy optimal charging times. 

    We also received a user manual that was well written and easy to follow, and a 2 year warranty and safety standards certificate (both of which you should store safely in case you should need them in the future).

    Overall, our initial impressions of the EB240 were good. It was securely packaged, shipped in a timely fashion, and the package contained everything we expected it to. Thumbs up so far.

    Ease of Set Up

    The unit arrived with approximately 70% battery charge straight from the manufacturers. This was really helpful because it meant we could switch it on and figure out the display and controls immediately without having to wait a long time to charge it ourselves.

    The Bluetti EB240 did not switch on instantly however, and at first we worried that we had received a dud. Thankfully this was not the case – we just needed to hold the power button down for 2 seconds in order to turn it on.

    This is the case with the other buttons on the unit, so don’t be worried if yours does not appear to work, just hold down for longer.

    Once switched on, the power button lights up, which is a useful little feature. The LCD display screen then comes to life and shows a 5 bar battery icon which is clear and easy to interpret.

    This shows you the battery status so you know exactly how much juice is in the tank, and it is visible even from a distance. The display also shows the AC and DC ports power status, and reports the exact wattage that is being used by either output ports at any time.

    This feature is really great because you can keep a close eye on your power usage and ration it as you see fit. It is also super interesting if you are into your electronics because you get to observe the draw of each individual device and appliance.

    The display also shows the input port status, and details the wattage being drawn into the power bank from the external charging source. This allows you to see how quickly your EB240 is charging and to monitor the effectiveness of your solar panels, which is really handy.

    The unit has to separate on/off power switches for the AC and DC ports, meaning that not all the ports need to be active if you aren’t using them. This is great for energy efficiency as it minimizes leakage.

    All in all, the set up and functionality of the display and controls on the Bluetti EB240 were really impressive and highly comprehensive.

    Power Delivery Performance

    As we had enough juice in the tank, we decided to test out the Bluetti EB240’s power performance on a few things about the place to see how effective it actually is.

    The unit has 8 outlet ports and is capable of running 8 different devices and appliances simultaneously, so long as the combined wattage does not exceed its 1000W peak. We found this pretty impressive, and also very useful when wanting to get multiple tasks done at once.

    The 2 AC outlet ports are incredibly useful for most everyday household appliances. You can use a blender, microwave, coffee maker, rice maker, and even a drill with these ports, so long as they do not exceed the maximum wattage.

    When we tested the AC outlet, it ran a 700W microwave for 2.9 hours, a 300W blender for 6.5 hours, and a 900W electric drill for 2.6 hours. Considering how you would rarely need to run any of those things for that amount of time, the EB240 has incredible power capacity that can prove very useful on camping trips and vacations when you want to cook home style food from the great outdoors.

    What is more, we plugged in a 900W refrigerator to see if the EB240 would cope with the load, and it did. In fact, it can power a refrigerator for around 2 .5 hours, which would be very useful in the case of an emergency. Having the EB240 in your storm bunker would provide great peace of mind for this very reason.

    The 12V/9A DC carport can be used for car devices and is highly useful when you are out on the road. Truckers would really value this power station as car minifridges and other low wattage devices from this port.

    A 10W lantern light could be run for 204 hours from this unit! More than enough to keep you illuminated over numerous nights and power black outs.

    The 4 USB type A ports proved very useful for electronic devices such as laptops, smart phones, digital cameras and games consoles.

    The fact that there are four ports available is great because you can charge multiple devices at once, and you can recharge your smartphone around 255 times from the EB240, and a standard laptop can be charged around 34 times. An internet router can be powered for 29 hours, meaning you can stay connected to the internet in times of emergency for over a full day.

    But the real star of the show when it comes to the Bluetti EB240 power station, is the USB type C Power Delivery port. This port enables you to charge macbooks and other high spec devices like drones.

    More importantly, it offers fast charging to smartphones so you can get that speedy injection of charge to your device whenever you need it. This is a vital feature for a backup energy source and is one that you will find you use very often.

    Overall, we found the power performance of the EB240 to be highly versatile and efficient.

    Charging Performance

    There are three possible ways to recharge the Bluetti EB240, and these are wall socket, generator, or solar panels. The AC adapter and charging cable suit both wall socket charging and generator charging.

    Both charge the unit from 0% to 100% in around 12.5 hours. This is not the fastest charging that we have seen, as other power stations by Bluetti have the option of dual charging which can half the time. However, this option is good when you are organized as you can set the unit up and leave it plugged into a wall socket or generator overnight in order to fully charge it.

    The third charging option is solar panels, and we found this to be the most appealing due to the fact that solar energy is free and is available wherever you may be- even when a wall socket might not be.

    The fact that the unit does not come with solar panels is something that you will have to factor into your budget, however, if you already have solar panels then the unit is very compatible with most makes thanks to the DC7909 to MC4 adapter cable that comes with it.

    We plugged the unit into two of our Bluetti SP200 panels to test its charging speed. It went from 0% to 100% in 9 hours, but this was with continuous exposure to high quality sunshine throughout. The charging speed could take longer depending on the ambient temperature and quality of sunlight that your solar panels are exposed to.

    Battery Performance

    The Bluetti EB240 runs off a seriously powerful NCB lithium ion battery cell which is capable of over 2500 life cycles. This is very impressive and means that although the unit is pretty expensive, you get your money’s worth because it is so long lasting.

    You can literally have this unit for decades without it showing signs of fatigue, as long as you look after the battery. You can do this by not charging it and discharging at the same time. 

    The shelf life of this battery cell is between 3 and 6 months, meaning that you do not have to worry about topping off the charge very often. This is great because no matter how sudden an emergency may occur, your EB240 will still have retained its energy.


    The EB240 has an in-built battery management system (BMS) which is highly intelligent and monitors the temperature and stats of the power station. This prevents overheating, overloads, overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuiting, and many other possible risks and damages.

    It not only means that the EB240 itself is highly durable and long lasting, but it also means that the devices and appliances you plug into it are safe and protected too.


    The EB240 is marketed as a portable power station, and thanks to its slim design and sturdy handle, we do think this is an accurate description. However, the unit weighs 48.5 pounds making it a pretty hefty bit of kit to lift.

    It is possible to carry the unit for a short while, and it is certainly suitable for taking in the car and on long journeys, however this unit is not something that you would necessarily want to carry for more than a few minutes and is therefore not a good choice for hikes and treks.

    It has a sturdy and stable base thanks to its flat bottom, however it is more prone to toppling over on uneven ground than other power banks because of its slimness. This is why we think the BLuetti EB240 is better suited to homesteads and garage use, rather than wild, outdoor camping.

    Final Verdict

    The Bluetti B240 power bank has an awesome 2400Wh capacity which can keep your devices and appliances running for as long as you need. We love its compatibility with so many devices thanks to its 8 outlet ports, and we also love its solar charging capability.

    The unit is not the fastest charging on the market, but it is a great option for those who like to take things so and live an eco friendly and efficient lifestyle.