Best Ring Light For Streaming Reviews

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Streaming online to an audience is a unique way to make some extra cash if you’ve got a sizable following or even just a cool hobby that can gain you new friends who have the same interests as you.

If you’ve been streaming for a while now, you may have started doubting your streaming setup and comparing yourself to some of the pro streamers online who seem to have the most high-tech equipment out there.

While you may not need 3 filming cameras, studio lighting, and professional microphones to build an audience when streaming, viewers will be more inclined to watch streams that have a good video quality which is benefited by bright and crisp lighting.

Best Ring Light For Streaming Reviews

This is why you should consider getting a ring light for your streaming setup. After all, no one wants to watch a streamer sit in the dark with a harsh desk light only lighting half of their face.

We’ll be bringing you the best ring lights for streaming here today so you can quickly boost the quality of your streaming videos and start competing with the likes of the streaming king Ninja in no time. 


The Neewer 18” ring light is our top pick for the best ring light for streaming and one of the main reasons why is that you get everything you could possibly need including the light itself, the stand, filters, a carry bag, adapters, and a smartphone holder so you can set it up as soon as it comes through your door. 

The hot shoe adapter included will allow you to connect your smartphone or your digital camera to the ring light and there is also a phone holder if you prefer to set your phone up so you can start filming with the right light immediately. 

No matter where your streaming setup is located, the gooseneck soft tube on this ring light is flexible and strong enough to be adjusted to any angle to perfectly illuminate your face to your followers. 

The Neewer ring light comes with two filter options that you can attach to the LED light whenever you want to switch it up.

You’ve got a white filter and an orange filter so if you need to cool down or warm up the lighting of your set up then you’ve got versatility. 

The ring light also has a large dimming range that is easily adjusted by the dial on the side of the stand, allowing you to adjust the lighting based on the light available in the room. 

Assembling this ring light and stand can be slightly confusing so you may want to thoroughly read through the instructions before you begin putting it all together.


  • Lots of settings - Can have the light however you like
  • Large ring - Will illuminate the whole face and more
  • Good adjustable stand - Can position the ring light however you want
  • Compatible with phones and cameras - Can use it whatever equipment you own


  • Assembling is difficult - Will need to follow instructions carefully


The 10” Fauna ring light will be able to light up both you and your streaming background to make you look like the pro that you are (or maybe trying to be).

The included adjustable tripod stand can extend from 17” to 44” so it can be positioned on the floor behind your screens or the desk right beside you as you stream. 

The ring light comes with a Bluetooth camera phone remote if you do ever want to take selfies or videos without having to touch your smartphone.

The light itself has a 360-degree rotation angle so you can adjust the positioning to suit however you choose to stream that day.

The light can be powered from a USB source like your computer or a portable battery so you won’t have to worry about being too close to a power outlet to power up this light.

The ring light comes with 3 light modes including white, yellow, warm yellow light, and 7 RGB light modes to suit whatever lighting atmosphere you want to create. 


  • 7 RGB color light modes - Can create what vibe you want
  • Powered by USB - No need to worry about an outlet
  • Extendable tripod - Can be positioned on desks or flooring


  • Ball joint loosens after time - Will need to tighten the connection for ring light to stand


Our best budget ring light for streaming is the AIXPI 10” light which comes with a tripod stand and a phone holder.

While it doesn’t boast some of the extra features of some of our other recommendations, it’s still a solid ring light to give you professional lighting whether you’re a hobbyist or you’re looking to get serious about streaming. 

The ring light includes 120 bulbs which provides bright, crisp lighting to complete your set up.  

The ring light stand can be used with either a smartphone or a camera right in the center of the light giving you perfect lighting every time you steam or take photos. 

The 3 color lighting modes will allow you to adjust based on what time of day you’re filming and will help your setup look completely professional, even when you’re streaming in the late hours of the night. 

The ring light has a 360-degree rotation angle, so you can perfectly angle the light to while you’re streaming.

The tripod stand is completely adjustable and can extend from 14.5 inches to 66.9 inches and lock it to your preference, so you can position the stand on the floor or a table near you for extra convenience. 


  • 3 color lighting modes - Can create daylight and more studio-like lighting
  • Adjustable tripod - Position on tables or floors
  • Smartphone and camera compatible - Can be used for streaming and other uses


  • Fastener for phone holder feels cheap - May break and drop phone from the stand


If you’re after convenience then this Emart 18-inch ring light may be more your thing.

It comes with a wireless remote to control the color temperature and the brightness of the ring light so you are not constantly getting up to make adjustments.

The ring light also comes with a memory function that can recall the last settings used, a lifesaver for streamers who hate having to adjust their light settings every time they stream.

This ring light can be powered 2 ways. You can use a power adapter that’ll need to be plugged into an outlet or by using a rechargeable battery to power it up.

Batteries aren’t included with the product, but you can easily find them online or in superstores.

The Emart ring light has excellent heat dissipation to keep the light’s temperature down even when you’ve been using it for hours,allowing you to disassemble the ring light more easily after use without having to wait for it to cool down.

If you’re planning to use your ring light for other uses while you’re on the go, then the carrying case included will be a lifesaver to transport everything in one compact bag.

If you stream via your phone, the cellphone holder will allow you to position your stream in the center of the ring light so you get the perfect lighting each time.


  • Memory function - No need to set up settings each time
  • Good heat dissipation - Won’t overheat and can disassemble instantly
  • Powered 2 ways - Can use both inside and outside


  • A few customers noted mold came back on the carry bag - Lack of care taken by the company 


Our last recommendation for the best ring light for streaming is the Inkeltech 18-inch ring light. Its large size will be ideal for those who want a lot of illumination for their streaming setup.

You can adjust the color temperature and the brightness via the dial knob or the remote, The LCD displays the settings you are using.

The Inkeltech ring light can be powered via a power outlet or, if you want to use the ring light outdoors, you can use batteries to power it up.

The batteries aren’t included and the ring light will only take Sony batteries which are carried at most electronic stores. 

The LCD on the ring light will also display the remaining battery life left.

The ring light is compatible with both smartphones and cameras. 

If you’re taking selfies then the wireless camera remote will allow you to snap some shots without having to touch the screen, helping you get professional-looking photos all the time.

If you stream via your smartphone then you’ll be happy to know you can charge your phone through the ring light so it won’t lose battery power on your phone while streaming.

It’ll also mean you won’t have to have loads of wires connecting from your computer to your streaming equipment.


  • Can charge your phone through the ring light - No need for long wires across computer
  • Can adjust settings via a remote - No need to stand up every time to adjust lighting
  • Powered by batteries or power outlet - Versatile use both indoors and outdoors 


  • Screws are tight - Difficult to adjust height and positioning of stand
  • Materials feel cheap - Won’t be as durable as other models