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Best Ebike Conversion Kit

    It is commonly known that the future is electric. We are moving away from fossil fuels to more renewable energy sources.

    By 2023, it is estimated there will be over 300 million electric bikes on the road. This is almost double the number of electric bikes used today.

    This could be because lithium-ion batteries are becoming cheaper. Therefore, people are trading in their regular bikes for new, improved electric bikes. 

    Best Ebike Conversion Kit

    However, luckily for you, there is no need to trade in your old bike when you can easily use a conversion kit to turn it into an e-bike!

    Not only is this better for the environment; as you’re up-cycling your bike into a new one, but it will also save you money on buying a whole new electric bike – it’s a win-win situation!

    Once completed, you will have a new electric bike to run your errands, commute to work, or boost your fitness.

    So why not join the already 250,000 electric bike owners in the USA and jump onto one of the largest electric transport trends in the years to come, with an electric bike conversion kit.

    Whether you are looking to transform your mountain bike, fat-tire bike, or even your road bike, below there is a kit for everyone. 


    EBIKELING Direct Drive Front Or Rear Kit


    Bafang BBSHD 1000W Ebike Conversion Kit


    Voilamart Electric Bicycle Kit


    EBIKELING Direct Drive Front Or Rear Kit

    If you’re looking for a powerful conversion kit then the Ebikeling Direct Drive Front or Rear Conversion Kit might be the right one for you. It operates with a 30-amp controller and 1200-watt hub motor.

    The kit provides you with everything you need such as the choice between a thumb or a twist throttle, a direct-drive brushless hub motor with a brushless motor controller.

    It is available in either front or rear configuration and suitable for most bikes.

    The company is based in Chicago where they generate and design cost-effective conversion kits for people all around the globe.

    Typically, converting your old bike into an electric bike costs a fraction of the expense of buying a whole new electric bike.

    Likewise, you will also be able to keep your trusty bike around for a bit longer! When fitting the kit, there are several different ways to do so – to suit all your requirements.

    Alongside rear and front twist and thumb throttles, to enhance your electric bike even more, you can opt for an LED display or upgrade this to an LCD.

    The upgraded LCD display provides you with the ability to view your bike’s battery percentage, speed, current and total biking distance, PAS levels, and wattage.

    Additional features include two brake levers that improve your safety with switches and a torque arm.

    If installing a motor over 500 watts to your bike, you should invest in a torque arm.

    When purchasing this conversion kit, some cyclists invest in the additional feature of an Ebikeling Universal Torque Arm to help ensure that the wheel remains securely attached to the frame or fork of their electric bike.


    • Direct drive brushless hub motor included – You do not need to purchase a separate hub motor, also comes with brushless motor control. 
    • The option to upgrade LED displays – You have the option to upgrade LED displays to an LCD.
    • Powerful – Featuring a 1,200W hub motor, this bike is perfect for all your biking activities.


    • May take a while to assemble – Assembly may be difficult for some.

    Also available at


    Bafang BBSHD 1000W Ebike Conversion Kit

    One of the major appeals of the mid-drive motor is that it creates a more realistic riding experience by maintaining a balanced center of gravity.

    This Bafang BBSHD 1000-watt Mid-Drive Motor Ebike Conversion Kit features a large-capacity battery that works with 48V and 52V batteries.

    It also contains all the necessary accessories you may need for your bike to perform at the highest capacity.

    Within the biking world, Bafang is a trusted and reputable brand. They are known for their well-built, high-quality components at a reasonable price.

    Likewise, this conversion kit bears no exceptions to these proclaims. Every kit contains sensors or brake levers, crank, chainring wheels, a thumb throttle, and much more.

    Additionally, at no extra cost, you have the opportunity to choose either a taillight or a headlight for protection when biking in the dark.

    An integrated LCD means that you no longer have to blindly guess what biking mode you’re in or how much charge your bike has left; you can easily keep an eye on all of these features and more with the LCD attached to your bike.

    A Bluetooth connection enables these features to remain connected throughout your bike rides.

    The display shows features such as your trip distance, PAS levels, riding time, average and current speed, and more. Likewise, if any errors were to happen, they would pop up on this screen.

    Whether you have a fat bike, mountain bike, or road bike, the conversion kit works with a range of different types of bikes.​

    In addition, you can also choose to select this kit to include or not include a battery – the choice is yours.


    • Realistic riding experience – The bike maintains a balanced center of gravity, providing you with a realistic biking experience.
    • Suitable for 48V and 52V batteries – Can be used with different types of batteries. 
    • Integrated Bluetooth display – This allows display features to be connected throughout your biking journey.


    • The battery is shipped separately to the kit – You may find yourself waiting longer for the battery to be delivered.

    Also available at


    Voilamart Electric Bicycle Kit

    Save money by turning your regular bike into an electric bike with this Voilamart Electric Bicycle Kit!

    The kit features a 48V 1000W brushless gearless motor that helps propel and move your bike towards a maximum speed of roughly 28 miles per hour.

    Depending on the mode you choose, you can also run your bike at 750W at 24 miles per hour – to suit all your biking requirements.

    The kit contains a guide that instructs you on the installation of your conversion kit.

    Although, it may take between one to two hours, depending on your experience, to fit the front wheel motor kit on your bike.

    Additional features include a dual-mode controller that allows the motor to work under the Hall effect and non-Hall effect, extending your electric bike ebike conversion kit life.

    Likewise, an LCD display clearly provides all your necessary information such as battery level and pedal assistance settings.

    With just one glance towards this display, you will see everything you need to know about the current status of your bike. This ensures that you won’t face any unexpected problems while biking.

    Additional features include a nylon tire, alloy rim, and stainless steel spoke. You can change easily between modes with an adjustable 5-level intelligent pedal assist featuring a twist throttle.

    Voilmart understands that safety is the main concern for many people; therefore, their conversion kits contain brake levers to automatically turn off the power supply to the motor safely.


    • Powerful – This conversion kit contains a powerful 1000W gearless motor that allows you to go up to 28 miles per hour.
    • Electric brake levers – This allows you to instantly turn off the power to your motor if needed.


    • Low-quality instructions – Some people have found the instruction manual to be hard to read and not concise in its translation. 


    Bafang BBS02B Electric Bike Conversion Kit

    If you’re looking for an easy-to-install conversion kit then this Bafang BBS02B Mid-Drive Electric Bike Conversion Kit might just be the perfect one for you.

    Essentially, all you need to do is remove the center shaft and the crankset when installing.

    There are several different model options available to suit whatever bike you have, including models that provide a battery or and some that do not provide a battery.

    One of the main appeals of the Bafang electric bike conversion kit is that they are very versatile and can work with a range of different bikes, including road bikes and mountain bikes.

    However, one thing to note is that they won’t work for bikes that have carbon frames. Moreover, you can even upcycle your old hybrid bike with this conversion kit.

    Once you have successfully installed the conversion kit onto your bike, you should be left with a powerful 750W motor, which produces more than enough power to conquer steep hills, cycle over bumpy terrain, and much more.

    Additional features within this conversion kit include hydraulic sensors or brake levers, thumb throttle, waterproof cables, magnets, a speed sensor, and a front headlight for extra safety when riding in dark or low-light conditions.

    Moreover, an optional LCD with Bluetooth function can also be added to the kit.


    • Easy to install – Requires minimal effort. 
    • Versatile – You can use this conversion kit on a range of different bikes. 
    • Powerful – Features a 750W motor that will help you climb hills and travel across different terrains.


    • Not suitable for fat-tire bikes – This conversion kit is not suitable for fat-tire bikes.


    NBPower Electric Fat Bike Conversion Kit

    If you have a fat-tire bike and are wondering which conversion kit will suit your requirements, this NBPower Electric Fat Bike Conversion Kit is a great place to start.

    Once transformed, you will be able to ride your regular bike through virtually anything.

    Demonstrating a powerful and impressive 3,000W brushless motor, with an additional 20-inch tire for easy installation.

    When installing, the back wheel highlights a 170-175mm dropout, making it suitable for many different types of fat bike tires.

    Additional features include a 72V Savton controller with an integrated color display and a seven-speed freewheel.

    You don’t have to worry about potentially damaging your bike in the rain as the kit includes waterproof cables, making it perfect for all your rainy day bike rides.

    Likewise, to give your legs a break from peddling, the kit includes a twist throttle. As well as a Bluetooth adapter that makes your display compatible with your Android or iOS devices.


    • Includes 20-inch tire – For convenience, a 20-inch tire is included in the kit. No need to purchase one separately. 
    • Powerful – Operates an impressive 3,000W brushless motor.
    • Great for different types of fat tires – Can be used on different models of fat-tire bikes.


    • The battery is not included – Battery needs to be purchased separately.

    Also available at

    Best Ebike Conversion Kit Buying Guide

    Over the last few years, electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, are becoming increasingly popular among sports enthusiasts, hobbyists, and commuters.

    The advancement of powerful rechargeable batteries and new, improved electric motor technologies have pushed the cycling world into a new era that features high-performance battery-powered bikes.

    You may be tempted to go out and purchase a new electric bike; however, you can easily transform your favorite bike into an e-bike with a conversion kit – giving you the best of both worlds.

    An electric bike conversion kit provides you with everything you need to transform your regular bike. All the hard parts have been done, all you have to do is fit the components onto your bike.

    To some, this may sound daunting. Therefore, we have created a complete buyer’s guide, looking at all the necessary features for an electric bike conversion kit.

    The Different E-Bike Conversion Kits

    There are different types of conversion kits, and knowing the difference will help you choose the best one for your bike. These include:

    • Mid-Drive Conversion – This is a popular design as it mimics the style of a complete electric bike. With this kit, a motor and battery are attached to the frame of the bike, with the motor typically at the bottom bracket. The weight of this motor is generally light; however, due to its position, it is more prone to damage. 
    • Friction Drive – This type of conversion kit features a roller and motor situated on the back wheel, and – as its name suggests – uses friction to push the bike forward. This is a less popular option due to weight distribution issues, as well as not being very efficient.
    • Concealed – As its name may suggest, this conversion kit is hidden. This is great for people who want to hide the fact that they have an electric bike. This kit works by fitting a battery and motor onto the inside of the seat tube, driving the bottom bracket. The only drawback is the extra costs associated with this kit. 
    • E-Bike Wheels – This is the most common type of conversion kit. Essentially, with this kit, you are replacing either the front or rear wheel of your bike with a new wheel that contains an incorporated special gearing and hub. Likewise, a battery will also be mounted in the hub or elsewhere.

    E-Bike Power

    In addition to choosing the right conversion kit for your bike, you also need to consider the most suitable power. Below, you will find the different technical details to consider when purchasing a kit.


    Typically, a battery is used to power an electric bike motor (this is usually a lithium-ion battery). These voltages need to coincide. The general voltage sizes found within a conversion kit include 24V, 36V, and 48V batteries.

    Depending on your circumstances, you may need a lower or higher voltage for your bike.


    Generally, a typical conversion kit will include motors with the sizes of 250W, 500W, and 750W. These watts refer to the motor power output.

    The more watts your bike requires, the more power it will need. This means that, depending on your bike power, you will need a larger battery to accommodate these watts.


    This refers to the amount of energy that is being taken out of the battery. This is measured in amp-hours (Ah), which is also known as the capacity.

    If you want your bike to run for longer, you will need a bigger capacity. In general, a typical conversion kit will contain 8-20 Ah.

    The amount of capacity and power you need is dependent on how you use your e-bike. For example, for commuting, roads are generally flat; therefore, a smaller battery and motor will work fine.

    On the other hand, any off-road biking may require more capacity and greater power. 

    Best Ebike Conversion Kit – FAQ’s

    Can I Convert A Regular Bike Into An Ebike?

    Yes! Typically, almost any type of bike can be transformed into an electric bike. A basic conversion kit can make this a relatively easy experience depending on your mechanical knowledge.

    Final Thoughts

    Instead of throwing away your old bike and replacing it with an electric bike, why not upcycle it into an e-bike with a conversion kit!

    Conversion kits are a great way to make the most out of your bike without having to purchase a new one.​

    Hopefully, this guide has provided you with everything you need to know about electric e-bike conversion kits – so you can find the best one for you.