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Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer

    Cords are a nuisance no matter the context, but they’ve never been as much of a drag as they are when you’re trying to trim your hedges.

    Combine the desire to get the job done quickly, with a blanket of falling debris, and it’s likely that, on top of your hedge, you’ll be giving the cord a trim — it happens to the best of us.

    Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer

    But what then? You’ve got a half-cut hedge that looks like it’s going through a punk rock phase, and your trimmer is caput. The only way to resolve matters is to fork out for a new cord and wait for it to arrive.

    Meanwhile, your neighbors have started talking smack about your hedges and are scratching you off their Christmas card list.

    Thankfully, there’s a way you can do away with this issue altogether and solidify your place on the Christmas card list forever… a cordless hedge trimmer.

    And having done the research for you, I’m happy to present the 5 best options currently on the market.

    Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer: Reviews


    DeWalt DCHT820 20V Cordless Hedge Trimmer


    Black+Decker LHT321 20V Cordless Hedge Trimmer


    Black+Decker LPHT120 Cordless Pole Trimmer


    DeWalt DCHT820 20 V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

    Best Overall

    Kicking things off, we have this awesome hedge trimmer from DeWalt.

    This is the quintessential residential-style hedge trimmer, and it’s amazing at what it does.

    The high output motor is capable of cutting ¾” branches, ensuring it can handle any common yard hedge or bush, and the included 5 Ah battery is nothing to sniff at either. 

    During my tests, it provided exceptionally consistent power and lasted for around 50–60 minutes of fairly constant work.

    Featuring a 22”, laser cut, hook-toothed blade with gap widths of around 1”, it’s long enough to take on even the most unruly hedge, and as a double-sided device, it’s perfect for confident trimmers looking for a quick job well done.

    At 11.5 lbs, it’s also a very lightweight design, making it ideal for longer, more arduous jobs, especially if you invest in a second battery to double your runtime.

    And, perhaps best of all, this thing is built like a tank, ensuring a long service life.


    • 5 Ah battery — Long runtime
    • Powerful motor — Capable of the max trimmer standard
    • 22” blade length — Great for tall hedges and fast trimming action
    • 11.5 lbs — Light design prevents fatigue


    • Safety/maintenance — Doesn’t arrive with plastic scabbard

    Also available from…

    Performance Tool Center


    Black+Decker LHT321 20 V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

    Best Budget Option

    If you’re looking for those handy 22 inches without breaking the bank, I’d suggest the LHT321 from the folks over at Black+Decker.

    It may not cost as much as our top suggestion, but that doesn’t necessarily mean corners have been cut.

     The 22” blade is incredibly sharp and well put together, and something I picked up on during my tests was how well the soft-grip handle and enclosure managed to dampen vibration, making this trimmer very comfortable to use.

    The 20 V Li-Ion battery is also quite impressive, providing a consistent output (besides towards the very end of a charge), and an impressive runtime of just over an hour, depending on how hard you’re pushing it.

    That amounts to roughly 3000 square feet of trimming power per charge.

    It’s a dual-blade design, meaning it’s a quick cutter and that novices should take it slow at first, but it’s also a very user-friendly machine, so even green trimmers will gain confidence in no time.

    Possibly my favorite thing about this device is the Power-Cut function, which is essentially a boost mode that helps you chew through particularly stubborn branches and greenery, but bear in mind that it uses significant battery power.


    • 20 V Li-Ion battery — Powerful and runs for just over an hour
    • Soft-grip handle — Keeps you comfortable during long trimming sessions
    • Weighs little under 8 lbs — Again, very comfortable
    • Power-Cut — Boost mode for conquering tough branches


    • Volume — A little louder than some other trimmers on this list


    Black+Decker LPHT120 Cordless Pole Trimmer

    Best Extendable Option

    The blade of this cordless hedge trimmer may only be 18” long, but with an adjustable pole that can extend to a whopping 11 feet, you’re actually getting the best reach of any other trimmer on this list.

    It also has an awesome tilt function so you can set the perfect angle before you extend the pole and get trimming.

    What’s more, at 7.7 lbs, it’s incredibly lightweight, and during my tests, I never felt like I was losing control, even when the pole was maxed out.

    Making this long-reaching trimmer even easier to use is the soft-grip handle and soft-push trigger, combatting fatigue, so you can complete longer jobs in one sitting.

    And speaking of longer jobs, this thing arrives with a beefy 20 V battery that runs for around an hour, but if you’re tackling tough spring tree branch growth, then you’re looking at something more to the tune of 30–40 minutes on a single charge.

    It’s designed to tackle branches up to 7/16”, so it’s not the most powerful trimmer out there, and the pole isn’t completely retractable, which can make storage tricky, but for the price and build, it’s an absolute steal.


    • 11 ft reach — Suitable for almost any height hedge
    • 7.7 lbs — Manageable even at full extension
    • 20 V Li-Ion battery — Long runtime for large jobs
    • Durability — Rust-proof fiberglass sections ensure long service life


    • 7/16” branch width — Not too powerful
    • Storage — Pole doesn’t fully retract

    Also available from…



    Black+Decker LHT2436 40 V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

    Best For Big Jobs

    With an exquisitely crafted, 24”, double-sided blade, the LHT2436 is primed and ready to help you tame your backyard jungle!

    With such a long blade, you’ll be able to keep both tall and wide hedges and bushes in check with minimal effort on your part.

    It also has an impressive 40 V Li-Ion battery for extended run time and unparalleled cutting power.

    This trimmer eats ¾” branches for breakfast, meaning it’s capable of manicuring even the toughest of hedges, as well as some spring tree branch growth.

    During my tests, I managed to cover about 6000 square feet of hedge, and honestly, at this point, I was more tired than it.

    But just because I was tuckered out, doesn’t mean this thing is fatiguing to use. On the contrary, the soft grip keeps the sensitive joints in your hands cozy and prevents vibration transmission, and as it only weighs around 7 lbs, you can carry it around all day without developing any aches and pains.

    It also has a full length trigger (my absolute favorite feature), which makes activation over long periods completely effortless.


    • 24” blade — Great for trimming tall and wide hedges quickly
    • 40 V battery — 60+ minutes runtime for long jobs
    • Soft grips — Cuts vibration and protects hand joints
    • Full-length trigger — Much more comfortable to keep depressed
    • 7 lbs — Very light considering the size and power


    • Overheat — It can get a little hot when really challenged

    Also available from…

    Tyler Tool


    Craftsmen CMCSS 800C1 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

    Best For Small Jobs

    We’ve seen some powerful hedge trimmers thus far, but if you’re looking for something a little more modest, check out the CMCSS 800C1.

    Featuring a dinky 8” blade, it’s ideal for trimming smaller hedges and light topiary. I find that it’s a particularly good shaping tool early on in a hedge’s development, and even though it’s small, it’s surprisingly powerful — it can trim branches up to 5/16 of an inch.

    As you might expect, it’s also exceedingly lightweight, 5.19 lbs to be exact, which I really enjoyed during my tests. I felt as if I had ultimate control at all times, no matter how long I was trimming for, and I could use it with one hand easily.

    And in terms of charge longevity, the 1.5 Ah battery is capable of around 20 to 30 minutes work, which isn’t loads, but, again, you’ll only be using this for small jobs and detailing anyway.

    Unfortunately, the blades aren’t stainless steel, which means you’ll have to be on the ball with your maintenance, but otherwise, this is a very impressive little trimmer.


    • 8” blade — Great for detailed trimming
    • 5.19 lbs — Can be held in one hand
    • 2-in-1 — Can be used as a grass trimmer too


    • Blade material — Not stainless steel, so you’ll need to look after it
    • Price — Not much cheaper than a full-sized trimmer

    Buyer’s Guide

    How Do You Charge A Cordless Hedge Trimmer?

    To charge your cordless hedge trimmer, you first need to remove the battery.

    The release function may be different from model to model, but, for the most part, you’ll be looking for a release catch just above or to the side of the battery bay.

    Press the release control, being careful to cradle the battery as you do, otherwise, it may end up falling straight out of the unit.

    You should then be able to pull the battery away from the trimmer.

    Next on the agenda, grab your charging station (most trimmers will arrive with one), secure your battery into the charging port, plug the station into a normal wall outlet, then wait until it reaches full capacity.

    Are Cordless Hedge Trimmers Considered “Green”?

    Cordless hedge trimmers are indeed considered a green device, as they’re more environmentally friendly than both gas-powered and corded units.

    To really maximize their eco-potential however, you’ll need to make sure you recycle old batteries.

    Are Cordless Hedge Trimmers Considered Energy Efficient?

    Cordless trimmers are considered very energy efficient, so if you’re looking to do your part for the planet and shave a few bucks off that energy bill simultaneously, you’re on to a winner here.


    There are brushed motors, and there are brushless motors. Of the two, brushless are by far the superior option.

    They’re quieter, more powerful, provide a longer runtime, and have better staying power than brushed motors.

    That said, they also jack the price up a little

    Size Of The Blade

    You’ll find trimmer blade sizes ranging from 8 to 40 inches, but models designed for residential use will usually fall around the 22” mark.

    22” is normally large enough to tackle ¾” branches, making this blade length suitable for pretty much all backyard usage, but, if you’ve got some particularly stubborn and thick hedges out there, you should think about sizing up a bit.

    Single Vs Double-Sided Blade

    Although they move, hedge trimmer blades are a lot like swords. They can be single-sided (like a samurai sword) or double-sided (like a claymore sword).

    For novice trimmers, a single-sided trimmer will be easier and safer to use, as you can always keep the sharp edge facing away from your body, but those with some experience will likely enjoy the efficiency a double-sided blade brings to the equation.

    Blade Gap

    The distance between the teeth of your cordless hedge trimmer will determine what sort of plants you can work with.

     A good coverall gap width is 1”, but if you fall in love with a model that has a gap width of ⅜” or ¾”, it will more than likely be fine for keeping more hedges and bushes in check.


    A lighter hedge trimmer is easier to maneuver, allowing for more detailed topiary. It will also let you work for longer without developing fatigue, so if you’ve got a lot of bushes to battle, a lightweight model is definitely the way to go.

    The only problem is that, typically speaking, the lighter the trimmer, the weaker it is. In light of this, your mission is to find a healthy balance between weight and power.

    You should think about the types of hedges and bushes you’ll be trimming, and then search for a trimmer that can handle the workload, but couldn’t handle a whole lot more.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have a bit of headroom, but if you can keep your trimmer both light and fit for purpose, your life is going to be a lot easier.

    Strength Of Charge

    In terms of runtime, you should expect anywhere between 20 minutes and 1 hour, but it’s not unheard of for up-scale models to run for even longer than that.

    If that sounds a little underwhelming, feel free to invest in a second battery, so you can cut out downtime when the first runs out of juice.

    Duration Of Charge

    On average, it takes about 3–5 hours to fully charge a hedge trimmer battery, but some manufacturers do suggest charging for a much longer period before the inaugural trim.


    One of the awesome things about electric hedge trimmers is how quiet they are, but there’ll still be a big sonic difference model to model, so don’t be afraid to shop around for a super quiet unit.


    It can be hard to tell if a hedge trimmer is durable, so the best advice I can give you is to choose a reputable brand and check out a bunch of user reviews before you buy it.

    Telescopic Extensions

    If you’re dealing with some tall hedges, you should consider investing in a telescopic cordless hedge trimmer.

    These handy devices are fitted to extendable poles so you can reach the lofty sections of your hedges with ease and without a ladder.

    This kind of trimmer will also have a tilt function, so you can set the appropriate angle before you extend it and start shaping your hedge.

    Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer: Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is A Good Voltage For A Cordless Hedge Trimmer?

    There’s not really such thing as a bad voltage for a cordless hedge trimmer, as it all depends on the intended application. 20 V is at the lower end of the power spectrum but will be fine for light trimming and thin branches.

    For a more powerful device, aim for the 30–60 V zone.

    Is An 18 V Hedge Trimmer Good?

    As we just discussed, a lower voltage isn’t necessarily bad, just different. However, 18 V will be fairly limited. Still, an 18 V unit from a quality brand will be more than enough for a lot of residential applications.

    When Should I Replace The Battery In My Hedge Trimmer?

    If you notice a clear dip in performance, it’s probably time to consider replacing the battery in your cordless hedge trimmer. They should last for at least a few years before you lose capacity or strength.

    How Much Does The Battery Of A Cordless Hedge Trimmer Weigh?

    The smaller batteries found in cordless hedge trimmers should only add about 0.5 lbs on top of the unit weight, but the more powerful batteries will, of course, pile on the pounds.

    How Thick A Branch Can A Hedge Trimmer Cut?

    The width of branch a hedge trimmer can cut is determined by a few factors. Firstly, the gap width between teeth.

     They must allow the full branch to pass through to the blade. Secondly, the power of the battery.

    A low power unit may not be able to cut certain branch widths even if they do fit between the teeth.

    As a general rule, you shouldn’t use any sort of hedge trimmer for cutting branches larger than ¾”. That’s more hedge cutter territory than it is hedge trimmer territory.

    What’s The Difference Between A Hedge Trimmer And A Hedge Cutter?

    A hedge trimmer is designed for light trimming purposes only, whereas a hedge cutter is a much more heavy duty power tool. It can handle all the tough, thick branches that trimmers can’t quite deal with.

    Final Thoughts

    I believe there’s a cordless hedge trimmer for everyone on this list, and even if you didn’t find the trimmer of your dreams today, you can use what you’ve learned from the buyer’s guide to continue your search across the web. Happy hunting!