7 Best Battery Operated Lights For Your Closet

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Don’t get me wrong, closets are awesome, and I always find myself dreaming of just that little extra bit of space to keep my clothes, but once they’re in there, even with my overhead light on, I find it difficult to find what I'm looking for.

Closets are exceedingly dark zones, and this sours an otherwise amazing and crucial bedroom staple. You shouldn’t have to pick your outfit blind (for obvious reasons), but that’s exactly what you wind up doing.

Not to worry, though, because we no longer have to live this way. There are plenty of awesome battery operated closet lights available, and I’ve spent the last couple of weeks searching for the best of the best; here they are!

7 Best Battery Operated Lights For Your Closet

Does The Best Battery Operated Closet Light Even Exist?

Here’s the thing… there are tons of options to choose from if you’re looking for closet lights, and everybody has different wants, which means there is no one battery operated closet light that is objectively the best.

The best light for you is the one that provides sufficient light and suits your room’s aesthetic.

Not only do closet lights differ in brightness and color temperature, they can also arrive in a whole bunch of different fixtures.

For instance, you could repurpose ceiling lights, pick up some futuristic tap lights, choose dainty puck lights, stick with the classic motion sensor blueprint, opt for stick lights, or keep installation simple with LED strip lights.

If reliability is what you’re after in a closet light, I’d highly recommend going for a fixture with motion sensors, as you won’t waste any battery when you’re not around. It also streamlines your getting ready process, as you don’t have to activate/deactivate the light manually.

You should also consider rechargeable batteries to save yourself some money and a few trips to the store for replacements.

In terms of what you can expect from battery life, it differs from fixture to fixture, but it’s typically something between 6 and 12 hours.

Key Considerations When Shopping For Battery Powered Closet Lights

If you’re feeling a little lost heading into this list, I totally get it; lighting can be a confusing concept, but as long as you keep the following factors in mind, you’ll be just fine!

  • Lumens — Lumens are a measure of brightness. The higher the Lumen count, the more luminous the light will be.
  • Color Temperature (Kelvins) — Color temperature refers to the tonal qualities of a light, and it’s measured in Kelvins.
  • Battery Life & Size — More or bigger batteries generally mean a longer battery life. You’ll most likely find lights that require AA or AAA batteries.

With that said, let’s take a look at the best battery powered closet lights on the market!


Lightbiz Rechargeable LED Closet Lights

I know I just mentioned that the perfect closet light doesn’t exist, but these lights from Lightbiz get pretty darn close.

Not only are the batteries rechargeable, saving you cash over time, they feature a motion sensor so every charge lasts for ages.

Using sensor mode, they’ll last between 7 and 20 days, and I say “they’ll” because they arrive as a pack of three.

They also have a pretty flushed out adjustable timer function, so you can fine tune the motion sensor’s behavior. It’s got a dimmer too!

During my tests, a full charge took 2 to 3 hours, and it’s as simple as hooking them up to your laptop with a USB cable. I found installation a total breeze too.

As if this all wasn’t enough, Lightbiz, offers a lifetime warranty on their products, which certainly inspires consumer confidence!


  • Motion sensors — Saves battery life
  • Rechargeable — Saves money
  • Sleek design — Not intrusive


  • 150 lm — Not much apart, but bright together

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Stevens Books


Mr. Beams MB990 Ceiling Lights

Ceiling, closet roof… what’s the difference? These ceiling lights are an absolute treat in a large closet space.

I say large because they’re not quite as streamlined as my previous pick, and they take up some room.

They also bring 300 lumens to the table (or closet anyway), which is impressive for their size, and during my tests, I found that the motion sensor sped up my morning routine and extended battery life — we’re talking a year of use from one set of batteries.

Unfortunately, those batteries aren’t rechargeable, so you will have to buy replacements from time to time.


  • 300 lumens — Nice and bright for big closets
  • Motion sensor — Year long battery life
  • Easy installation — Took me less than 5 minutes


  • Batteries — Not rechargeable

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Brilliant Evolution Stick-On Light Bar

If you’re only looking for a single light to illuminate a small closet, this light bar is your best bet. During my tests, my favorite aspect of this light was the installation.

You peel away the adhesive’s protective layer, place it on your surface of choice, and voilà!

It’s only 65 lumens, which isn’t too bright at all, but it will certainly provide a good glow in an otherwise dim space, and it won’t shock your sleepy eyes when you get ready in the morning.

This is tap lens design, meaning you have to manually activate it, which isn’t a big deal, but you do risk accidentally leaving it on.

Still, they’re a quality product that will chase away that closet darkness.


  • Price — Very wallet friendly
  • Easy Installation — Just set it in place, and that’s that.
  • 3000K — Easy on the eyes


  • 65 lumens — Quite dim

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Brilliant Evolution LED Under Cabinet Lights

We’re sticking with Brilliant Evolution for my fourth pick. The thing I really appreciated about these little hockey puck lights during testing was the flexibility they provide.

They arrive as a pack of six, and you can install them separately, meaning you can light all the different sections of a more complex, compartmentalized closet space.

In terms of brightness, each light offers 55 lumens, and the batteries included with purchase have a 100-hour runtime.

Sadly, they’re not rechargeable, but that’s by no means a dealbreaker in my eyes, especially as they come with a remote which makes operation an absolute delight.


  • Slimline — Don’t take up valuable closet space.
  • 6 pack — Split them up strategically to illuminate intricate closets.
  • 100-hour battery life — Won’t need changing for at least a year


  • Batteries — Not rechargeable

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Star-Spangled Stick-On Puck Lights

These puck lights are similar to my previous pick, but they arrive as a pack of 5, and they’re a little more stylized, so if you want to make more of a statement with your closet lights, these are the way to go.

At 50 lumens a-piece, they’re slightly dimmer, but this may be all you need; it was certainly sufficient in my closet during my tests.

The batteries last for 50 hours of runtime, which, again, isn’t quite as impressive, but it’s still decent.

Installation couldn’t be easier. Just prime the adhesive backs, slap them into place, and that’s literally it — a few seconds work at most.


  • Easy Installation — The sticky backs are very handy.
  • Options — Available in both warm and cool white.
  • Touch activated — It’s no motion sensor, but activation is still effortless.


  • Battery life — 50 hours isn’t that great, comparatively speaking.

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Power Practical Luminoodle Under Cabinet Light Strip

If this was a list of the closet lights with the coolest names, the Luminoodle would have absolutely finished in top place, but it just so happens that it’s a fantastic bit of gear too!

This simple light strip defies gravity using a surprisingly strong adhesive backing, so you can set it on your closet ceiling and forget about it — it’s not going anywhere.

The bulbs are 5000K, placing them slap bang in the middle of the kelvin scale, meaning they have a crisp, focused light that highlights detail without being harsh on the eyes.

Unfortunately, they’re activated by a traditional power button rather than any fancy technology, but as long as you’re fine with that, it’s not a problem.


  • Easy installation — Takes literally seconds
  • 5000K — Great for task-based applications
  • 3 ft — Suitable for large closet spaces


  • Battery pack — It’s a little unsightly.

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Wobane Motion Sensor Closet Strip

I have a real sweet spot for these lights, as I think they have a clever design.

The thin battery pack is mounted on the closet wall using magnetic strips, and the super discrete light strip links up to it via a flexible cable and can be fitted using an adhesive base.

The magnetic battery pack allows for easy recharging without having to constantly re-adhere, and the 6.56 ft light strip is suitable for the most mammoth of closets.

They’re also powered by a motion sensor, saving you effort and ensuring the batteries last as long as possible!

The one issue I had with them during testing was their 6000K color temperature.

It’s very clinical, and the blue hint gives your clothes a weird appearance, which can make finding specific garments quite tricky.


  • 6ft+ — Perfect for large closets
  • Clever mount — Magnets save a lot of hassle
  • Rechargeable — One set of batteries does the job.
  • Motion sensor — Easy to use and staves off charging sessions


  • 6000K — Extremely cold light makes identifying garments tricky

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What Makes A Type Of Lighting Good For A Closet?

The primary thing to look out for in a closet light is a gravity defying mount. They need to be fitted on the ceiling of the closet so you can see all your clothes below. This is why overhead and cabinetry lights are so prominent on my list.

Do Battery Powered Lights Go By Any Other More Technical Names?

Not really; a battery powered light will almost always be referred to as such, although you might run into a few advertised as being wireless, which is the same thing. Perhaps you’ll encounter some being referred to as battery operated lights, but that’s about it.

Can You Illuminate A Closet Without Electricity?

By investing in any of the wireless lights on this list, you can indeed light up your closet without using electricity; however, if you settled on a rechargeable design, you will eventually need to plug it into a wall outlet to recoup some juice.

Where Is The Best Location For A Wireless Closet Light

My advice is to mount your light in a central location on the ceiling of your closet. This way, you’ll get the most square foot coverage possible. The same is true for smaller lights used to illuminate compartments and shelves.

I’d also recommend testing the light spread before you actually install the lights in position, as moving lights installed with adhesive or screws can cause damage to surfaces.

Final Thoughts

There you have it — 7 of the most impressive and convenient battery powered closet lights. I really did love each and every one of these designs during my tests. Which did you prefer?