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5 Best Honda Generators

    Honda: a well-known brand name attached to some of the most popular, best-selling cars and other automotive vehicles on the market. Everyone’s heard of the company, and if not, you have now! 

    But Honda’s excellence as a manufacturer extends beyond cars and motorbikes. Honda is also one of the leading developers of generators worldwide.

    5 Best Honda Generators

    Honda generators are known for their reliability and superior performance in all areas, from efficiency and portability to noise levels.

    Anyone looking for a long-lasting, high-performing generator, be it for backup home power or an outdoor electricity supply, should consider investing in a Honda model. 

    This is why we’ve compiled the 5 best Honda generators into a single list of reviews, so you can get your hands on one of the best generators on the market without conducting an internet-wide search. 

    Before we dive into the products, though, a word about the brand:

    All About Honda 

    Honda has been around for a long time. The company’s journey began in 1937, in Japan when Soichiro Honda (the founder) set up a business called Tokai Seiki, which manufactured and sold piston rings. 

    After a brief contract with Toyota, the business eventually failed. However, during the Second World War, Honda was an instrumental contributor to the military aircraft industry. After the war ended, Honda began to produce motor-powered bicycles (motorcycles), the first of which was completed in 1949. 

    Since then, the Honda brand has expanded its range of products, moving into cars, trucks, and of course, generators, among other things. It currently ranks amongst the top 20 most popular and successful global brands. 

    We know you’ll be anxious to see the physical products of Honda’s success, so let’s get right into the reviews! If you’re pressed for time, you can check out our top choice right now:

    Honda EU7000is

    • Multiple applications
    • 18-hours of power 
    • Runs and both 120 and 240 volts
    • Parallel connectivity
    • Connects to Honda app 
    • Safe for delicate electronics
    • Runs quietly 
    • Advanced CO2 detection
    • Includes wheel kit and foldable handle


    Honda EU7000is


    Honda EB3000CK2A


    Honda EU2200i


    Honda EU7000is

    If you’ve been searching for a generator that’s powerful, practical, and portable all at once, we have some excellent news for you: we’ve found it! 

    The EU7000is generator from Honda operates at a starting wattage of 7,000 watts, which then levels out to a very respectable 5,500 during the running time.

    This is enough to power your most important appliances (refrigerator, lighting, heating) during an outage. However, you can also use this generator for other purposes. 

    It’s a newer model, and it comes with all the advanced features you’d expect from a recently-developed Honda generator. 

    The EU7000is uses advanced inverter technology to keep the power output clean and safe for use with sensitive electronics.

    The selector switch, meanwhile, allows the generator to work from 120 volts or 120 and 240 volts simultaneously.

    It can be connected to another EU7000is for double the power and can even be operated remotely via the Honda ‘My Generator’ app as well as with an electric push-start system. 

    Often, power generators can be cumbersome to move around, but this isn’t the case with the EU7000is.

    Despite its all-metal construction and heavy-duty external frame, it only weighs just over 50 lbs and comes with a wheel kit and foldable handle for maneuverability. 

    Another problem with many heavier-duty portable generators is the noise they make.

    If you’ve ever tried to sleep through the night with a generator making a noise like a fault air conditioner from 30 feet away, you’ll know the struggle.

    However, the EU7000is manages to maintain a surprisingly low noise level. 

    The quiet operation of the EU7000is is ideal because this generator is very fuel-efficient and will run for 18 hours at a time on a full tank, thanks to Honda’s Electronic Fuel Injection Technology. 

    All the necessary features for safe and responsible operation are built into this generator, including a low-oil alert, advanced carbon monoxide detector, and electronic circuit breakers. 

    Unfortunately, as you might imagine, this isn’t a budget-friendly generator. Its price tag is likely to make it inaccessible to many potential customers, although those willing to make a large purchase will certainly appreciate its benefits. 


    • Multipurpose 
    • 18-hour run time 
    • 120/240-volt operation 
    • Capable of parallel connection 
    • Remote start-up via Honda app 
    • Suitable for sensitive electronics 
    • Quiet operation 
    • Features advanced CO2 detector 
    • Comes with wheel kit and folding handle 


    • Not the most budget-friendly


    Honda EB3000CK2A

    The Honda EB3000CK21 is a robust, portable generator capable of supplying up to 3000 watts (2600 running watts) of power to your home appliances, RV, or power tools. 

    This generator is built very sturdily, with a strong, external metal frame and all-metal construction that makes it highly resistant to the normal wear and tear associated with heavy-duty power equipment. 

    However, despite its impressive durability, which could easily translate to heavy, cumbersome construction, this model is actually pretty lightweight. It only weighs 71 lbs, which is very reasonable for a 3000-watt generator. 

    Additionally, wheels and a folding handle are included with the generator to make it easier to handle since 71 lbs is still quite a lot of weight to move around for the average person. 

    In terms of actual operation, this generator uses CylcoConverter Technology to keep the power output consistently stable, which is much safer for your appliances.

    Moreover, the generator has built-in circuit protection and a low-oil alarm to prevent motor damage. 

    The EB3000CK2A is easy to start up electrically, and it’s ideal for powering RVs because of its 120-volt outlets. One of these outlets even has a twist-lock for added protection. 

    The Honda EB3000CK2A is certified by OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) as worksite compliant.

    This means that it is safe to use commercially because it meets safety standards for emissions. 

    This generator is, however, on the expensive side for a portable, 3000-watt appliance, especially when compared to some of the lower price tags you can find on more powerful generators.

    However, if you have a camper or RV that needs a reliable and durable power source, and you can afford to shell out a little extra, we’d recommend it. 


    • 3000 watts 
    • Lightweight 
    • CycloConverter Technology 
    • 2 x 120-volt outlets 
    • Built-in wheels and folding handle 
    • Low oil alarm and circuit protection 
    • Worksite compliant (OSHA) 


    • Quite expensive


    Honda EU2200i

    You may have heard of or seen the Honda EU2200 generator model, which is a practical and powerful little machine in itself.

    However, the EU2200i takes the features of its predecessor to a whole new level in an upgraded, more powerful design. 

    The first thing you might notice about this generator is that it’s advertised as a 4,400-watt model, but its output wattage is listed as 2,200 watts.

    What does that mean, you ask? Well, it’s actually one of the features that make this generator so versatile. 

    You see, the EU2200i has a 30-amp outlet that allows it to establish a parallel connection with another generator of the same model. When this connection is set up, a power output of 4,400 watts is achieved. 

    The reason this is so useful is that many customers want to use their new generator for multiple purposes.

    For instance, they might want to deliver lower levels of power to their RV or camper but also wish to use their generator as a home backup supply for emergencies, which typically requires more power.

    With 2 EU2200i generators, you can enjoy the convenience of a single powerful generator as well as 2 separate lower-power supplies. 

    We do wish that the parallel connectivity of this generator would extend to other Honda generators besides EU2200i models, however, because the current system is still quite limiting.

    Although the EU2200i is built to deliver more power than the EU2200, you won’t have to deal with any extra weight as a compromise. This model is compact and lightweight at just 54 lbs. 

    The convenience of this model doesn’t end there, though – the EU2200i also prides itself on its very low noise levels, with a lower decibel rating than the majority of generators on the market.

    You can also start this generator in seconds with minimal effort thanks to the engine’s decompressor technology. 


    • Compact and lightweight 
    • Suitable for parallel connection 
    • Low noise levels 
    • Easy to start 


    • Only connects to other EU2200i models


    Honda EG2800IA

    The Honda EG2800IA generator model is built for convenience, no matter where you are or what you’re using it for. 

    Weighing just 66 lbs, you can easily transport and maneuver this generator to wherever you need it, whether that’s just 20 feet down the bottom of the garden or away on vacation.

    It does still have a solid metal external frame, however, so you know that the lightweight build isn’t a substitute for durability. 

    The portability of this model is greatly enhanced by the offset handles, angled and positioned in just the right way for easy, ergonomic lifting.

    In addition to this, the generator comes with a wheel kit and holding handle, so you can roll it over longer distances and make it compact for storage!

    This inverter generator has a voltage rating of 120 volts, which makes it perfect for generator use given the 2800 watts the machine puts out during operation.

    This power is clean and safe enough to allow for the charging of more sensitive devices like laptops, which are easily damaged by unclean or inconsistent power.

    The safety of the engine itself, meanwhile, is protected by circuit breakers and oil/overload indicators. 

    The EG2800IA runs super quietly so that you can enjoy your camping trip without the constant background noise many generator-users have come to (begrudgingly) accept. 

    This generator even features an eco-throttle switch to enhance fuel efficiency. When the switch is engaged, the generator will only put out exactly as much power as is required for the electrical load currently connected to it.

    This way, your fuel tank will last longer and save you money in the process! It’s also much better for the environment, so it’s a win-win all around! 

    However, customers should remember that this is only a 2800-watt generator, so it shouldn’t be expected to cater to all your more heavy-duty power supply needs. 


    • Lightweight 
    • Strong external frame 
    • Includes wheels and folding handle 
    • Perfect for generators 
    • Clean power for sensitive devices 
    • Features eco throttle switch 
    • Indicators for overload and low oil 


    • Not the most powerful model


    Honda EU1000T1AG

    Generators with lower power outputs are often written off from the start because customers assume it won’t meet their needs.

    However, if you regularly only have a few small appliances (some lights, your laptop, and a coffee machine, for example), you might actually be able to save yourself money by buying a smaller, 1000-watt generator. 

    Honda’s EU1000T1AG is the perfect portable generator for keeping low-power appliances running in the absence of a mains power source.

    Camping is the most obvious application, but you could also use it to run power tools outside. 

    The first thing to note about this generator is its highly ergonomic and portable construction, with a total weight of just 28.7 lbs and a built-in handle at the top of the machine for hand-held carrying. 

    Because it’s so small, this generator runs very quietly – so much so that you probably won’t even notice it’s there after a while!

    The EU1000T1AG has a 120-volt outlet that makes it well suited to small, minimal-appliance RVs. It’s also fitted with several safety alarms, including an engine overload alarm and a CO2 alert.

    Low oil levels are displayed on the light-up oil change indicator, and if you want to avoid overloading your generator altogether, you can always use the eco throttle to match the power output to the connected load. 

    Again, though, as with the EG2800IA, you shouldn’t purchase this generator without first calculating the combined electrical load you’ll need it to support because it isn’t suitable for heavy loads. 


    • Very lightweight 
    • Built-in top handle 
    • Overload and CO2 alarms 
    • Oil change indicator 
    • Eco throttle 
    • Runs quietly 
    • RV-compatible 


    • Low-power

    Best Honda Generators Buying Guide

    We hope you feel as impressed as we are with Honda’s best 5 generators.

    Maybe you even already have an idea of which one you want to buy! Before you ‘Add to Cart,’ though, take a moment to consult our buyer’s guide for tips on selecting your new Honda generator!


    If you have any experience with buying generators, you may have realized by now that a lot of these generators from Honda aren’t exactly the most budget-friendly of machines. 

    This isn’t a criticism of Honda’s pricing because the reality is that you get the quality you pay for. However, when you’re paying anywhere in the region of a few hundred dollars to over a thousand, you really want to make sure that this purchase will stand the test of time. 

    Thankfully, one of the best qualities of Honda generators is their durability. Honda uses rugged, all-metal construction (except for the smaller models) to put their generators together, which means they’re highly unlikely to start falling apart or showing signs of wear prematurely. 

    If you really want a robust piece of machinery, we recommend opting for a model that features an external metal frame. This frame will protect the generator from external impact if it’s dropped or hit in any way, so the vital components of the generator itself will sustain minimal damage. 

    Power Output

    You can’t (or at least, you really shouldn’t) purchase a generator of any kind without first knowing exactly how much power you’re going to want it to put out on a regular basis.

    Working this out will involve going around your house (or camper, or inventory of appliances) and calculating how much power each appliance that you want to use needs.

    If you don’t know the specific information, you can find general estimates of power usages for various appliances online. 

    With a generator that puts out anywhere between 5000 and 7000 watts, you can probably power most of the living essentials in your home. Anything less than that will mostly be suitable for RVs, tools, and low-power appliances. 

    If you want to be able to adjust the power output of your generator, you could select a model that features an eco throttle.

    An eco throttle is a switch that signals the generator only to put out as much power as is required by the appliances it’s currently connected to. This means you won’t waste as much fuel, which is great if you’re trying to save money or just avoid refueling too often. 

    Some Honda generators also allow you to parallel-connect the model to another generator of the same model for double the power output! Of course, buying 2 generators is a much more costly investment than buying just 1, so this is something to think carefully about. 


    As all generator-owners and potential generator owners should be aware, a generator should only be used in an outdoor area, a safe distance away from any indoor spaces. 

    This means that unless you have your generator permanently set up outside in a waterproof generator shelter, you’re probably going to have to move it at some point, even if it’s just 30 feet or so. 

    We all know that generators can be very heavy, with some being too heavy to lift. Luckily, most of Honda’s generators are built to be quite lightweight despite their rugged constructions. The generators on our list range in weight from about 28 to 75 lbs, for reference. 

    Some of the lighter Honda models will be light enough to carry by hand for most people, but Honda also supplies wheel kits and folding handles along with their generators to make them more portable.

    We recommend a folding handle if you have limited storage space. Otherwise, you could opt for built-in handles, which tend to be more ergonomically positioned for easier lifting. 


    Generators have become such a popular and standard method of supplying power to homes and RVs that the dangers involved in operating a generator too often fall by the wayside. 

    Tragically, the reality is that carbon monoxide deaths aren’t as rare as many of us might like to think. In the 12-year period between 2005 and 2017, the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) reported a total of 900 deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by generators.

    That’s 75 deaths every year, which might not sound like very much, but it’s 75 too many for something that’s so easily preventable. And that’s without even mentioning the tens of thousands of people who sought emergency care during this time period for generator-induced poisoning. 

    We know this sounds very doom-and-gloom (sorry about that!), but it’s so important to be aware of the dangers surrounding improper or neglectful generator use to reduce those scary numbers. 

    Thankfully, Honda’s commitment to customer safety and wellbeing is reflected in its generators through multiple potentially life-saving safety features. 

    These include some more standard features designed primarily to protect the generator’s motor, such as low-oil alarms and circuit breakers. CycloConverter Technology is also an ideal way to keep your generator’s power smooth and consistent for the protection of your appliances.

    However, more advanced features include carbon monoxide detectors which will alert you if/when dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are being released/built up. 

    We would always recommend prioritizing the most advanced safety features possible in a Honda generator (or any other generator) to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy while you enjoy the portable power of your new generator. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I buy a Honda generator?

    This is a fair question. After all, there are so many generators out there manufactured by a huge variety of companies. Why should you choose a Honda generator from among all the competition? 

    Well, for a start, it’s worth pointing out that everyone has their own individual circumstances and needs surrounding generator use. One customer might have very specific requirements for power output, while another may be looking for an ultra-portable model. 

    Honda’s wide range of products immediately puts it ahead of most of the competition in this respect because more product variety translates to a better chance of compatibility with the needs of the customer base. 

    We also mentioned earlier in our introduction to the brand that Honda ranks within the top 20 worldwide brands, after big names such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

    Generators come with potential health and safety risks, so we would always advise customers to choose a trusted brand like Honda for their generator technology.