5 Best Home Wind Turbines For Low Wind Speed

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Installing a home wind turbine is a great way to try and reduce your carbon footprint a little bit, but if you live in a fairly wind-free area you can feel a little stuck.

With no wind speed, how are you going to power that turbine to get yourself some free energy?

And let’s face it, with the price of energy bills at the moment, no one is going to turn their nose down at a free power source, no matter how weak or strong it may be.

5 Best Home Wind Turbines For Low Wind Speed

Thankfully, there is an answer to all of your problems. Many home wind turbines have been specially designed to work in winds as low as under 1 mph.

And this really is an amazing feat since that level of wind will barely move a fallen leaf on the ground.

Now it’s important to keep in mind that these wind turbines aren’t going to produce that much energy.

You certainly won’t be powering your whole home from your turbine, but it will still produce some energy. And as I said before, free energy is free energy, I’d never turn it down.

5 Best Home Wind Turbines For Low Wind Speed


For my first pick, I’ve chosen the Pikasola wind turbine generator which is a fantastic purchase.

What I like so much about this product is that it’s very efficient, good quality and it’s also easy to install.

It has a rated power of 400w with a maximum power of about 410w.

The three-bladed turbine has a start-up wind speed of just 2.5 m/s with a working speed ranging between 3-25 m/s.

So what makes it so efficient? Well, it has a 3-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor.

The ac generator is both compact and works really well to ensure a high-performance rate.

It has a fully integrated voltage regulator so once your battery is fully charged it’ll automatically shut off, so you don’t have to worry about checking the battery yourself.

An MPPT intelligent microprocessor controls the fan so that you adjust both the voltage and the current.

And if all this wasn’t enough, there is also a unique magnetic circuit which makes the toque very small.

This essentially means that the turbine will turn in even the lightest of breezes.

It’s also built with high-quality sturdy material so that it's built to last. The turbine is made of only high-quality aluminum and the fittings are all made with stainless steel, yet it is still small, compact, and lightweight.

The blades are made of incredibly strong plastic with 30% carbon fiber and even have anti-UV and anti-corrosion protection so you can be sure they can withstand the test of time.

Not only that but it is also sand and water-resistant.

The last thing anyone wants is to be spending hours upon hours trying to install their turbine once it comes.

This one is very easy to install.

The turbine just needs to be connected to the tower by a few gaskets and bolts.

Then it’s just a matter of connecting the cable to the controller and you’re good to go.

The only issue I could really find with this product is that if the wind does pick up it can get a little loud.


  • Easy to Install
  • High-quality material
  • Super efficient


  • Loud


This second pick certainly doesn’t come cheap but it is well worth the money that you will spend on it.

My favorite thing about this product is its design.

Wind turbines can be very valuable but they do tend to be somewhat of an eyesore especially if you live somewhere quite picturesque.

As far as wind turbines go this is one of the prettiest ones I’ve seen and it’s also really efficient.

The hub groove and blade fit together perfectly to create better consistency and the magnetic levitation generator has this really graceful curve that makes it perfect for home use or as roof decor.

While it’s true that the design is pretty, that is not only its advantage.

The aerodynamic design of the blades means that you’ll have a smooth and reliable rotor operation that is also very quiet.

The blades are also made of high-quality aluminum alloy plate and then they are sprayed or oxidized to ensure that they do not corrode.

The vertical plate blade also reduced wind pressure and the double deep groove ball bearings mean that they do not shake and are much more convenient to run.

The safety design and portability generator also make this a great choice.

The one-piece molding means there is no flight risk which makes it much safer.

And the humanized flange design results in easy installation and maintenance.

It’s a great choice for ships and mobile homes too.

It has a 400w power rating, and a start wind speed of just 1.5 m/s so you can be sure that even on the most windless of days you’ll still generate some energy.


  • Pretty design
  • Quiet rotation
  • Low start wind speed - just 1.5 m/s


  • Considerably more expensive than other models. 


This is a great option for those who really don’t get all that much wind but get tons of sunshine as there are four pieces of 100w poly solar panel that can generate power for you too.

These solar panels have a high module conversion that results in efficient, excellent performance even in low light conditions.

They are much more effective than your traditional panels.

They are embedded in a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame that protects the panel against all weather conditions.

The wind turbine itself is also great quality.

The 400w five-blade turbine has just a 2.5 m/s start-up speed which once going produces constant and efficient power.

The 5 blades mean that the power generation exceeds that of smaller 3-blade turbines.

The generator and special stator reduce torque resistance while also keeping the turbine much more stable.

In ideal conditions, you’ll get a daily output of 3.2 kWh.

And since it can run on either singular power or hybrid power you can have anywhere between 400w to a massive 800w when both the panel and the turbine are in use.

But what’s so great about this turbine is that even if there is no wind whatsoever and you just can’t get that start speed, you can still always rely on the solar panels to generate a fair amount of energy.

It’s also really multifunctional and can be used for several different purposes.

It can be used in your home, garden, garage, boat, or motorhome.

Not only that but it can also be used as a stand-alone off-grid solar power system too.

My only issues with this product are that it can be quite noisy once the turbine really kicks in and it is quite an expensive model.


  • Single & hybrid power
  • 800 wattage (400 turbine + 4 x 100 solar panel)
  • Multifunctional
  • 5-blade turbine


  • Loud
  • Expensive


My next pick is more geared towards those hoping to charge up terraces, mobile homes, or terraces.

So if that’s what you’re after this product is certainly up to the task.

This turbine is great because it runs smoothly, has a high power conversion rate, and also has a high wind energy utilization factor.

It has a starting wind speed of just 2 m/s and so is perfect for those who don’t tend to get much wind as it doesn’t take much to get it going.

The volume is small and the running vibration is low so it won’t be too loud.

The generator also adopts a permanent magnet rotor alternator which has patented technology to help reduce torque resistance.

The matching characteristics of the wind wheel and generator also means that the product is much more reliable than other models.

High temperature resistant teflon wire is also used in this product to ensure that if the generator does overload or overheat that the wire won’t burn out.

The torque is low when the wind turbine starts up but the power generation conversion rate is significantly higher than most so you’ll be sure to get as much energy as possible.

Not only this but the motor coil has been thickened and the main shaft has been lengthened, and the drill magnet has also been thickened to give you the best possible motor.

The high quality materials ensure strong stability and it’ll work in temperatures as low as -40 Fahrenheit to 176 Fahrenheit, so no matter what the weather you can be sure it’ll still be working.

The fan’s rotor has a newly upgraded bearing to allow it to run smoothly with less jittering and has been proven to improve its power generation.

It is a 6-blade turbine which is easy to install, maintain, and repair.

The only real issue that I’ve found with this product is that it does not have an electric brake to prevent it from overcharging the battery, so you’ll need to be aware of this and keep on top of it.


  • Runs smoothly
  • High power conversion rate
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • No electric brake to prevent overcharging


If you were hoping for a hybrid wind turbine that won’t break the bank then this may be the option for you.

When you pay a lot less for a product you usually expect it to not quite match its more expensive competitors, but I was really pleasantly surprised by this one.

Sure the generator is a little smaller than some of the others we’ve reviewed at just 200w but it still packs a punch and the startup wind speed is as little as 1.5 m/s so it’s great for those that lack those stronger gusts of wind.

The red lantern-like design means that it doesn’t stand out as much as some of your more typical turbines.

The 5-leaf double-axis vertical blades also mean that the product is a lot safer as the blades are fixed inside by a flange so there’s no risk of falling blades.

It’s really been designed with high wind energy utilization in mind too as the reinforced fiber nylon that the wind blades adopt means that it's much stronger, more durable and is anti-wind.

The shape is very aerodynamic and can start up in the calmest of breezes while adapting a 360 degree wind with no need for a yaw system.

One of the great things about this product having a vertical wind turbine opposed to a horizontal one is that it makes significantly less noise.

Not only this but the double bearings make it more stable and thus it shakes less, which also reduces sound.

This silent rotation makes it perfect for any home and you can use it for a solar and wind hybrid street lighting system.

And if all that wasn’t enough it also has a permanent magnet 3-phase alternating current which can reduce torque and help it run more efficiently and reliably.

It is also super easy to install and once it finally reaches its end of life, the screw pile foundation is also fully recycled.

The only catch with this one?

The wind-solar hybrid controller is not included and so must be bought separately.


  • High wind energy utilization
  • Quiet
  • Safe
  • Inexpensive


  • Wind-solar hybrid controller is not included

Best Home Wind Turbines For Low Wind Speed Buying Guide

When it comes to purchasing a home wind turbine for low wind speed it can be a little confusing to know where to start.

You’re given a lot of information and sometimes its hard to know exactly what all that means and what things in particular you should be looking for.

Above you’ll find my 5 top picks that I’d recommend having a look over, but if you want to do some shopping or some research of your own, below you’ll find a list of a few things it’s worth looking out for.

Start Up Wind Speed

This is the most important thing you’ll need to take into consideration. Each product will have its own start up wind speed, and this is what you’d assume it is.

It’s the minimum wind speed needed to start up the wind turbine.

Because you’re searching for a low wind speed turbine you’ll want that startup speed number (which is measured m/s) to be as low as possible.

That’s because that means that it doesn’t need much wind at all to start up.

Singular Vs Hybrid

A singular wind turbine means that all the power is generated from the rotation of the blades on your wind turbine, whereas a hybrid wind turbine can usually be powered up by another power source too such as solar panels.

This may be a good option to go for if you struggle with wind speed in your area as it will always guarantee that you generate some power.

Weather Resistant Materials

Always check what materials are used in the turbine.

It’s important to remember that this product is pretty much always going to be outside so it needs to be made of materials that can withstand all the elements.


Some wind turbines are much quieter than others, now this might not be something you initially think about.

But by a noisy one and you’ll end up laying in bed most nights wishing that you had.

If you’re keeping it close to your home you’ll want to look for the quieter versions that are made to vibrate less and make as little noise as possible as the blades whirl round in the wind.

Generator Power

This is measured in wattage. Generators for wind turbines can start as low as 100-200w and go as high as into the 1000s for wattage.

The higher the wattage the better the generator. I find that in most cases around 400w is plenty but it will obviously depend on what you intend to use your turbine for.


Obviously, it’s also important to always stay within your budget. Turbines can really range in price from just a couple of hundred dollars to over a thousand.

As is the case with most things, the more expensive the product, usually the better the features and the better product overall.

However, with that being said there are still plenty of budget turbines that will do the job efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Wind turbines can be really helpful things that can help you generate a little extra energy to your home, however it can be increasingly irritating if you live in a place with very low wind speeds as your wind turbines may just not turn around.

This is why it’s important to purchase one specifically designed for those lower wind speeds.

Hopefully, now, you’ve either seen a turbine that suits you, or you’ve successfully learned all the skills you need to pick out your perfect wind turbine.