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4 Ways to Fix a Monster LED Light Strip Remote

    Monster LED Light Strip Remote Giving You Trouble? No Problem

    Providing vibrant, high-quality, and affordable LED light strips, Monster has earned its place as one of the leading ambient illuminators on the market.Their products are easy to install, create beautiful, otherworldly atmospheres in otherwise humdrum spaces, and they can be controlled via a user-friendly remote — perfect!

    The only issue is that eventually, you’re bound to run into some trouble with said remote. It’s not particularly a quality control issue. Considering the price tag on Monster LED lights is never, well…monstrous, we can’t complain about a few blips here and there.Besides, there are normally some things you can do to troubleshoot and solve the issue, which is precisely what I’ll be talking about today.

    How to Fix Your Monster LED Strip Remote

    When your Monster LED light strip module is feeling more remote and less control, it’s time to hit it with one of these solutions!

    1. A New Lease on Life Light – Switching Out the Batteries

    All good things must come to an end, and your LED light strip remote is no exception, but if you’ve been using it to give your living space a healthy glow for a while now, there’s a good chance a quick change of batteries will bring it back to life — hurray!LED light strip remotes usually run on CR2025 coin cell batteries, the small round ones. They can be tricky to find in-store, but luckily for us, they’re readily available here: CR2025 3.0 Volt Long Lasting Lithium Coin Cell Batteries. They’re also incredibly inexpensive, which is always a bonus.Having said that, before you go bulk buying them, make sure to double-check your Monster user manual to ensure they are in fact the correct batteries.As coin cell batteries are so small, and we rarely encounter them in day-to-day life, doing the old switcheroo can be tricky. Once again, I’d recommend consulting the user manual for tips on the battery replacement procedure. Alternatively, if you’re more of a visual learner, there are countless tutorial videos on YouTube.

    Panasonic CR2025 3.0 Volt Long Lasting Lithium Coin Cell Batteries

    2. Communication Breakdown – Pairing or Re-pairing Your Remote and LED Light Strip

    Sometimes the wireless connection between our LED light strips and their remote is less of a marriage and more of a will-they-won’t-they sitcom situation. They’re together, then they’re not…why can’t these crazy kids just work it out, right?Well, the good news is that you can rekindle their relationship by re-pairing them, and it’s super easy to do. First, plug your Monster LED light strip into the wall, then grab your unruly remote, and hold down the “S+” button.You should notice that your LED strip is blinking, which is sort of the equivalent of the vows at a wedding. It’s a sign that the lights are responding to your request, and once the blinking returns to solid light, you should have regained full control.But why is the connection between remote and light strip severed from time to time?The truth is that there could be a number of reasons. If you have multiple LED light strips, your remote could have gotten confused at some point and accidentally paired with a different set.A severed pairing could also be the result of interference from certain electronics or apps. It just happens from time to time, but it’s nothing to worry about.For those of you having trouble with the remote in a brand-new Monster LED set, bear in mind that wireless connections are never primed and ready to go straight out of the box.It’s unlikely that you received a defective remote. You just need to initiate the pairing, following the same steps I mentioned above. Once the connection has been established, you’re ready to experiment with light color, vibrancy, and sequence.

    3. Remembering Their Roots – Restoring Default Factory Settings

    It’s really not fair. Our Monster LED remotes get all the blame when we lose control over certain functionalities, but oftentimes, it’s the lights themselves that are acting up.

    A problem with the lights is a little trickier to diagnose, as to reach this conclusion, you’ll have already given my first two fixes a shot. 

    If the batteries didn’t help, and you’re certain your remote is paired with your LED strip, it’s time to give your control a break and focus on the lights for a spell.

    Fortunately, it usually only takes a factory reset to whip those lights back into line. You can easily do this by…

    1. Visiting the Monster app.
    2. On the home screen, select “LED Lights”.
    3. Next, navigate to the “Device Settings” menu.
    4. Select the “Reset” option, and voilà!

    Give it a few seconds and the process should be complete. If you’re having trouble using the app, you can also initiate a factory reset manually using one of two methods, depending on the LED strip model you have.

    • Some respond to the power button being held down for 10 seconds.
    • Others have a small reset button that can be depressed with a pin.

    For more information about factory resets, consult the user manual, and remember, after the reset, you’ll have to reconfigure any smart connections be it with your phone or home automation systems such as Google Home or Alexa.

    4. LED RC RIP – Replacing Your Remote

    If you’ve tried everything else on this list, and you’re still experiencing control chaos, it might be time to accept the fact that there’s something more severe wrong with your remote.Hopefully, you’re still within the warranty period, but if not, these remotes are never too expensive, so a replacement won’t bust the bank.Alternatively, you could cut out the remote altogether with this Monster LED strip that enables you to control your lights with your phone.

    Monster 6.5-Foot Multicolor LED Light

    Final Thoughts

    It can be infuriating when your Monster LED light remote is giving you the business, but there’s always a solution, so fight the urge to throw it in the garbage, try one of these quick fixes, and you’ll once again be able to transform your living quarters into a futuristic fairy grotto.