10 Best LED Lights For Your Room

While many of the products we review here are readily available to purchase and operate without a license, we always recommend hiring a qualified electrician to install and demonstrate their use.

In some cases, improper use and installation may result in a breach of insurance. Even worse, you could be putting yourself or your family at risk as an incorrectly installed electrical device could start a fire. So, don’t risk it - seek the services of a fully licensed electrician instead.

Sure, interior decor is important, but switching up the core aesthetic of a room the old-fashioned way is time-consuming and expensive as heck! Besides, there’s only so much you can do with traditional interior design to cultivate mood.

You may well find that after spending your life savings, you haven’t quite achieved that perfect vision you had in your head of a super vibey space that you can relax and enjoy your downtime in.

What you need is some quality LED lighting to set the mood straight! LEDs are the perfect way to give your room a facelift without having to smash your piggy banks and remortgage your home, and here are the 10 best you can buy to spruce up your space!

10 Best LED Lights For Your Room

Where Should LED Lights Go In Your Room?

There is an incredibly diverse range of LED lights available today. They come in different styles and fixtures and offer various levels of control and customizability. What I’m saying is the sky really is the limit in terms of how you incorporate them into your room.

Here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

  • LED strips to backlight your TV or computer monitor
  • Remote control light strips for bedrooms (set the mood without getting out of bed)
  • Strip lights for bookshelves (make that literature pop!)
  • Tile lights in the bedroom for a unique look
  • Strip lights to line walls and furniture (all-encompassing glow)
  • A simple floor lamp for the corner
  • A small table lamp with color change technology
  • Fairy lights to boost the twinkle factor of the space

Best LED Lights For Bedrooms (For Those On A Budget)

Want to pimp out your bedroom on a budget? No problem! Here are four LED lighting products that will take your ambiance to the next level without breaking the bank


Govee Wi-Fi RGB LED Strip Lights

Strip lights are the absolute easiest way to take your room from blah to amazing, and this strip from Govee is one of the best value for money options on the market!

Featuring classic peel and stick application, installation is a total breeze, no matter where you decide to place this strip.

And on the subject of installation, these things can go absolutely anywhere. They can line your bed, your TV, your wardrobe, your walls… let your imagination run free.

But the best thing about these lights is that they’re RGB-enabled, meaning they can change color, a function controlled via a companion app or the smart assistant of your choice.

All accounted for, you can select from 16 million colors, and as if that wasn’t enough, you can work in some automatic timings and custom scenes as well.  

The aspect of the multicolor functionality I enjoyed most during testing was the music mode that utilizes integrated microphones in the strips to sync the lights with ambient noise.


  • Strip length — 2 x 32.8 ft strips
  • RGB — Colors can change to suit your mood
  • Music mode — Immersive visual-audio sync
  • Voice commands — Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant


  • Interference — Some Samsung TV remotes have a signal overlap with the flash function of these lights.

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HouHui LED Strip Bed Light

Here we have a quality LED light strip designed to skirt your bed frame, giving the impression that your bed is floating on a beautiful field of light.

It’s just the thing you need to give your room an extra relaxing feel, perfect for taking the edge off after a difficult day.

This light strip has color-changing technology, so you can sync them up with your desired mood.

They also arrive with a motion sensor, which saves energy and saves you the hassle of manual operation.

During my tests, I was shocked at how vivid they were, and as they live in a shadowed space, they seem all the brighter. But if you’d rather a more subtle effect, you can dim them too!


  • Easy installation — Took me all of 5 minutes
  • Price — When I say budget friendly, I really mean it.
  • Vivid — Shockingly bright for the price


  • Motion sensor — It’s not the most reliable sensor in the world.


Govee Color Changing LED Light Bulbs

You don’t have to wrestle with a bunch of snaking strip lights to take part in the LED revolution.

These simple color change light bulbs provide similar customizability and ease of use without having to worry about companion apps or downloads.

They arrive with a pair of remote controls through which you’ll choose from 16 lovely colors and 4 different dynamic modes.

Perhaps best of all, these lights have an integrated memory and are capable of storing your favorite setting for easy recall at a later date.

Although these lights are limited when compared to my first two suggestions, I enjoyed not being struck with option paralysis; I found what I liked instantaneously — no messing around!


  • Price — Accessible to all
  • No app — All parameters tweaked via the control
  • Internal memory — Save your favorite settings.


  • Feature depth — Very basic lighting compared to others

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Best LED Lights For Your Room (Mid-Range Options)

If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, allow me to introduce you to the following mid-range LED products.


Minetom LED Color Changing Fairy String Lights

I’m a sucker for fairy lights, but I know just as well as anybody that they can be trouble if they’re not made to a certain standard, which is why we should all stick to Minetom’s contribution to the twinkle market!

They’re almost as easy to install as strip lights, yet they’re more elegant, and they’re easier to move around if you change your mind about placement further down the line.

These are perfect if you find LED alternatives a little too overbearing and garish.

With these tasteful little lights, you can imbue your space with earth-bound constellations formulated by, you’ve guessed it… you!


  • Length — 66 ft. of fairy lights is nothing to sniff at.
  • No apps — Don’t want to deal with a bunch of companion software? No problem.
  • 16 colors — Plenty of shades to mess with
  • IP67 waterproof — Suitable for use on patios should the feeling take you.


  • Limited options — The benefit of an app is deep customizability, something you don’t get with these lights.

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Power Practical Luminoodle Cabinet Lighting

As you can tell by the name of this product, it’s designed for use with cabinets, but what I’m suggesting you use it for (and what I used it for during my tests) is as a bookcase beautifier!

I don’t know about yourself, but I’m a bookworm, and the only thing that looks better than a well stocked bookshelf is a well stocked bookshelf with some insane mood lighting.

Arriving with an adhesive that sticks well to wood, metal, and plastic, you should have no problem installing it on whatever sort of furniture you have in your room. 

These are battery-powered lights, which is great in one respect, as you don’t have any messy cables heading out from your cabinets or bookcase to a wall outlet.

However, the battery pack is a little bulky, and may not be sufficiently hidden by the furniture it’s installed on.


  • No outlet required — No need for any cable management
  • Easy installation — Simply stick these lights on a surface as if they were a length of tape.
  • Luminosity — These little lights are bright!


  • Limited design — Only one color available here, and the battery box is bulky.

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Best LED Lights For Your Room (The High-End Luxuries)

If you want to turn your bedroom (or any other space) into a full-blown Tokyo highstreet, or perhaps you crave ultimate customizability and endless color choices, then you need to see the following 5 LED products.

These will cost you a little more (okay, a lot more), but not only will you get more feature-rich devices, you’ll also get products that take all the basics to the next level.


Nanoleaf Hexagons LED Panel Light

This network of hexagon lighting is perfect for those who want to make the light fixture itself the spectacle rather than hiding it away and letting the glow of the bulbs do the heavy lifting.

You can rearrange these hexagons however you see fit and create your visually stunning display before you even turn the lights on.

They’re bright, the color quality is spectacular, and guess what… they’re expandable. You can simply keep adding aftermarket hexagons until you’re happy with the wall coverage.

Much like the Govee light strip we discussed earlier, the thing I most enjoyed about these lights during my tests was the music sync function.

With these positioned strategically on your walls, you can transform your room into a bouncing music venue.

I also had a blast using the screen mirror function that enables you to sync the panels with your gameplay, creating a truly awesome, immersive gaming experience.


  • Music sync — Makes every listening experience feel like an amazing live show
  • Flexible — You can arrange them however you like.
  • Expandable — You can add more hexagons and create a truly beefy lighting network.
  • Easy setup — Requires the included double-sided tape and that’s it


  • Price — These geometric lights ain’t cheap.
  • Imposing — Not everyone is looking for wall art from their lighting.

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Govee TV LED Backlights

I know what you’re thinking… Govee? Again? And I’m here to tell you, yes! Govee, again! This epic backlight for 55 to 46” TVs is absolutely stunning, and can make all your favorite binge-worthy shows even more enjoyable.

It’s a really clever design that I’m genuinely stoked to tell you about. Using a small camera that you mount on the base or top of your TV, this system reads the onscreen colors, and quick as a flash, relays the signal to the light strip that extends the exact onscreen shades onto the surface behind the TV.

I’m sure it will sound extravagant to some, but it really does blur the lines between real life and whatever you’re watching, making for an amazing gaming/watching experience.

Having had a taste of this light during my tests, I never want to watch movies in any other way ever again.

The only real downside I can think of is that installation was a little tricky, but the pay-off is insane!


  • Original idea — It really does augment your viewing experience.
  • Vivid colors — The lights are so impressive.
  • Over 99 scene modes — Highly customizable
  • Music mode — Can sync to music too


  • Installation — Trickiest so far

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Philips Hue Go Portable Table Lamp

This is likely more than you’d usually pay for a small table lamp, but Philips Hue really knocks it out of the park here (as per usual).

During my tests, I felt they hit the nail on the head in terms of size. It’s nice and compact, meaning it's easy to move around the room, house, or further afield, yet it’s bright enough to really impact the vibe of a room.

They did a great job with the battery too, as it can last up to 18 hours, and over the course of those 18 hours, you can explore a catalog of 16 million different shades.

And you can control it all from the Philips Hue app, which is undoubtedly the most expansive and detailed smart LED light ecosystem in existence.


  • Portable — You can take it with you literally anywhere.
  • 18-hour battery life — That’s a lot of glow!
  • 16 million colors — Enough for many lifetimes of exploration
  • Philips Hue app — The best in the biz!


  • Price — Definitely expensive for what it is

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Govee Lyra

What were you thinking of filling those awkward corners of your room up with? A houseplant? A scratch post for your cat? Both good choices, but you know what’s better, your own personal aurora borealis!

The Lyra from the folks over at Govee is essentially a stick light designed to paint the walls with a myriad of luscious shades, imbuing your room with tons of character and ambiance.

I had so much fun messing around with the huge range of scene modes, and, by this stage in the post, you know my thoughts on a good music syncing function, and the Lyra has the best — what would you expect from a light named for the lyre of Orpheus?

My one complaint is that the unit itself kind of looks like a giant toilet brush, but the powerful lighting more than makes up for the odd aesthetic.


  • Wide spread — The lights really do fill the wall.
  • App controlled — Remote control at all times.
  • Tons of scene and sync options — You’ll never get tired of exploring Lyra’s capabilities.


  • Style — It’s a pretty odd-looking light.

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Philips Hue Smart Home LED Light Bulbs

Thus far, all my suggestions have been about adding to your core overhead and lamp lighting, but you know what’s better than adding little bits and pieces? Replacing your entire core lighting with smart home LED technology, that’s what.

And you can do just that by investing in a few Philips Hue smart home LED bulbs.

These are the company’s flagship product, and they put comprehensive control of every aspect of your room’s lighting at your fingertips.

Granted, they’re not cheap, but they’re durable, they last for years, and they’re tons of fun.

If you want supremely articulate lighting, and you don’t like doing things by half, these bulbs are 100% the best LED lights for your room.


  • Philips Hue app — Nothing compares to the control you get.
  • Longevity — 22-year average
  • Expandable — Hue ecosystem can be expansive (50 max)


  • Hub required — It’s not cheap either.

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Philips Hue

And with that ends my list of the 10 best LED lights for your room! But before we part ways, let’s take a look at some burning LED FAQs.

Are LEDs Suitable For Bedrooms?

LEDs look amazing, especially if you really spend time setting them up around a bedroom just right; however, as I’m sure you’re aware, light isn’t normally conducive to sleep.

It’s not just LED lights that stand to be problematic in this respect, but any that emit a significant amount of blue light, which is known to block melatonin, the sleep hormone.

However, the good news is that most LED light fixtures allow you to choose from a wide variety of colors, so you can simply avoid blue shades when evening comes. What’s more, LEDs can create a very relaxing atmosphere that does indeed help people drift off.

It’s also recommended you stay away from green lights when trying to catch a few winks, and red lights are considered the best for slinging zees.

LEDs are also awesome for creating a mood when it’s time to do other stuff in the bedroom… if you catch my drift.

What Are The Benefits Of LEDs Over Halogen?

LEDs are so much better than halogen bulbs in almost every way, especially for augmenting your room.


  • Are incredibly energy efficient 
  • Way more durable (almost entirely shatterproof in some cases)
  • Offer a much longer service life (the halogen lifespan many times over)
  • Offer loads of color control
  • Emit minimal amounts of heat (making them safer)
  • Are a lot smaller

According to studies carried out by Energy.Gov, if America made a complete LED transition over the next 20 years, it would save the nation approximately $250 billion and reduce illuminative energy costs of the individual by half. This would equate to 1800 million metric tons of emissions.

Does LED Adhesive Damage Walls?

LED adhesive is pretty strong, as it’s designed to keep them in place indefinitely, which means when you peel a strip light from a painted surface, it can bring some paint with it. This is just one of the sacrifices you have to be willing to make for the convenient installation.

An alternative is to use clips at strategic points along the strip to prevent sagging, but this can be tricky,

How Long Should An LED Strip Light Be For My Bedroom?

Well, this depends entirely on the size of your room and how you intend to install the LED strip lights.

Generally speaking, though, if you have an average 12 x 12’ room, it’s good to start out with a 16’ roll. You can then see how it goes and expand with another if you feel it’s necessary.

Should you have a larger room, feel free to go longer with your roll right off the bat — I’d recommend taking some room measurements before making your purchase.

Final Thoughts

And that was my LED lights for your room guide. Thanks for sticking around folks; I hope you found that perfect LED fixture that’s going to transform your space into a Shangri-La of relaxation and positive vibes!