10 Best Generators For Your RV

While many of the products we review here are readily available to purchase and operate without a license, we always recommend hiring a qualified electrician to install and demonstrate their use.

In some cases, improper use and installation may result in a breach of insurance. Even worse, you could be putting yourself or your family at risk as an incorrectly installed electrical device could start a fire. So, don’t risk it - seek the services of a fully licensed electrician instead.

I fell in love with electricity - Geisha Williams 

Geisha isn’t the only one who’s in love with electricity. We all are, we can’t live or function without it, it’s readily available at the flick of a switch and has become an endless resource that we never question or doubt.

But when we hit the road in our RV’s, we leave the world that we’ve always known behind, and sometimes when we get to get where we’re going, there isn’t an electrical hook up to be found anywhere.

That’s why it’s always better to be ready for the unexpected and being ready for whatever you find when you get where you’re going, means being prepared.

And the only way to prepare for having no electricity at your destination is by taking your own power supply with you.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the ten best generators for your RV so that you’ll always have free-flowing electricity, and regardless of where you end up, you’ll never have to worry about being powerless ever again.

It’s time to ensure that you and your RV have all the electricity that you’ll ever need…


There never seems to be enough space to take all the things that you want to with you when you hit the road in your RV.

That’s why Generac’s Super Quiet inverter generator is the ideal way to make all of the power that you’ll need when you venture out into the wild on your latest trip.

Weighing in at just fifty pounds, it’s light enough and small enough, to slide right into your RV without you even noticing that it’s there. 

With a one-gallon fuel tank that’ll keep a stable, constant supply of clean electricity flowing for up to eight hours at a quarter load (five hundred watts), the Super Quiet is designed to run at sixteen hundred watts but can hit two thousand watts at peak operation.

Made to be user friendly, it’s straightforward displays ensure that you’ll always know how much fuel is left in its tank, how much wattage it’s running at, and how much run time it has left. 

Efficient, light, and easy to use the Super Quiet was made to live up to its name, and even at peak operation will never exceed sixty decibels, so no matter where you are in the world, you’ll never disturb your neighbors or keep them awake while you’re running the iQ2000.


  • Portable, light, and simple to use with a motor designed to maximize the available fuel and ensure that the Super Quiet always runs at peak efficiency no matter how hard you push it, Generac’s inverter generator was made for life on the road. 
  • Incredibly quiet, the iQ2000 will make sure that you’re always the life and soul of the party with more than enough power to spare without disturbing any prospective neighbors or the local wildlife at any campsite you find yourself at.
  • If the two thousand watts that the Super Quiet can produce isn’t enough for you, it’s been designed to parallel with another Super Quiet, so you hook two generators together to create twice the power. And the good news is, even with two iQ2000’s aboard your RV, you’ll barely notice that they’re there.
  • It’s also fully CARB (California Air Resources Board) so no matter where you roam, it’s legal to run (even in parallel) the Super Quiet


  • The Super Quiet has been known to develop carburetor problems, which can lead to fuel leaks and a reduction in fuel efficiency and running wattage, but as this issue is covered by Generac’s three-year warranty, you won’t need to worry. If your Super Quiet does fall prey to a defective carburetor, Generac will repair or replace it.


When you hear the name Honda, the first thing that pops into your head is almost certainly an SUV or a motorcycle.

And while they’re pretty much the torchbearers for both, Honda is also responsible for designing and engineering one of the most in-demand and efficient, portable generators that you can equip your RV with.

Made to run quietly, pumping out just fifty-seven decibels while running at peak, the EU2200i will run at a constant eighteen hundred watts and can reach up to two thousand two hundred when needed.

With a one-gallon gas tank, this simple to use and operate inverter generator can run for up to eight hours while operating at twenty-five percent load and will keep on running until it’s fuel runs out, at which point it’ll shut itself off to prevent any damage to the motor. 


  • Weighing in at just forty-eight pounds, it’s light enough to find space in any RV and more than powerful enough to keep any party in full swing when you arrive at your destination. And if you’re not the partying type, you can take all of your home comforts with you, and the Honda will easily produce enough juice to power them all. 
  • Honda has equipped the EU2200i with a Carbon Dioxide cut off, so if it detects increased levels of CO2, it’ll shut itself off to keep you, your family, and anyone who has accompanied you on your adventure safe from harm. 
  • Even at peak, it makes just fifty-seven decibels of noise, which is akin to the volume level of the average conversation, which means that the Honda is probably going to be quieter than your neighbors, and even if you run it throughout the night, it won’t keep anyone awake.


  • The EU2200i has previously been subject to a couple of recalls due to electrical problems and fuel leaks, and while Honda has rectified both, it is a little worrying that these faults managed to slip through their quality control net. 
  • And it isn’t exactly cheap either. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of cheap which makes us think that you’re paying almost as much for brand recognition and the manufacturer’s name as you are for the actual generator. 


Made by Californian hardware company Harbor Freight, Predator generators have developed a reputation for reliability and durability, both of which are invaluable when you need to rely on your generator for all of your power requirements while you’re aboard your RV.

With an electric start to make life even easier and an eleven-hour run time at twenty-five percent load (seven hundred and fifty watts), Predator’s Super Quiet inverter generator packs the sort of punch that a lot of its competitors wish they could match. 

Fueled by a one-gallon tank and powered by a two hundred and twelve cubic centimeter motor, the Predator runs at three thousand watts, but when pushed can hit three thousand five hundred at peak operation.

With inbuilt electronic overload protection and digital low oil and output indicators, the Predator was engineered to create all the electricity that tailgaters, campers, and RV devotees could ever need. 


  • As its name implies, the Predator was also designed to be Super Quiet and even when it’s running at peak output will only produce fifty-seven decibels of volume. It’s incredibly quiet and you’ll be able to run it with confidence at any campsite knowing that the noise it makes won’t cause you and your neighbors to fall out or lead to you becoming a campsite pariah. 
  • It’s also CARB-compliant, so you’ll be able to take, and run, the Predator anywhere. 
  • Running at three thousand watts and capable of producing up to eleven hours of power at twenty-five percent load, the Predator Super Quiet is as efficient as it is quiet.


  • It’s heavy. And when we say it’s heavy, we mean it’s really, really heavy. The Predator weighs nearly one hundred pounds, and if it wasn’t for the fact that it comes with wheels, it’d be nearly impossible to carry around without hurting yourself.
  • And, unfortunately, it isn’t the most affordable inverter generator that you’ll ever lock horns with either. It’s an incredible generator, it’s just a shame that it’s so expensive. 


Champion has been a mainstay in the world of generator manufacture for years and plows all of their knowledge and experience into every generator they make.

Their dual fuel inverter is designed to run on both gasoline and propane, so if you do run out of gas to fuel it, as long as you have a tank or two of propane on hand, you’ll always have power. 

Imbued with every technological advantage possible, this dual fuel inverter will run for seven and half hours from a full one-gallon tank of gasoline at quarter load (seven hundred and fifty watts) and for fourteen when propane takes the lead.

Able to deliver three thousand four hundred watts at peak and made to comfortably run at three thousand watts, this inverter never exceeds fifty-eight decibels and comes with a thirty amp RV connection, as well as the standard one hundred and twenty-volt outputs, already in place.  

It was made to venture into the unknown with you and RV, and wherever you go, Champion will always be by your side, ready to feed you all the power that you need. 


  • It’s a dual fuel generator that’ll run more efficiently, and for longer, if it’s powered by propane. In fact, it’ll run for twice as long on, and make twice the power with propane (which pound for gallon is cheaper than gasoline) than it will with gasoline. A cheaper fuel source that generates twice the amount of electricity? That’s a bargain in anyone’s book. 
  • Featuring an electric start with a three-position switch, the Champion is a lesson in power generating that anyone and everyone can get to grips with in less than five minutes. 
  • It also comes with Champion’s standard three-year warranty and a lifetime of technical support, which is all the peace of mind that you’ll need to head for the horizon in your RV with Champion’s dual fuel inverter in tow.


  • Some generators have a problem with their carburetors, which is an issue that doesn’t seem to be covered by Champion’s warranty. And even if it was, the popular consensus seems to be that Champion’s customer service team could benefit from a little more training and learn how to deal with complaints and genuine problems more effectively.


Briggs and Stratton are the world's largest producer of air-cooled engines for outdoor equipment, so it seems appropriate that they directed all of their motor making prowess into the manufacture of a world-beating inverter generator.

And that’s exactly what they did with the P4500. 

Fitted with a Carbon Monoxide cut-off  (which shuts the P4500 off if the levels surrounding it get too high) to keep you and your loved ones safe, Briggs and Stratton’s inverter generator will run for more than eleven hours at twenty-five percent load, which in layman’s terms means one thousand watts.

Capable of producing a peak load of four thousand five hundred watts, this generator will comfortably run at three thousand seven hundred watts, and as long as you keep it’s three and half-gallon tank full of gasoline, the two hundred and twenty-four cubic inch motor will keep on making all the electricity that you need it too.


  • As well as being equipped with an electric start, you can also remotely start and shut the P4500 down with the supplied keyfob. And it’s also RV ready with a 30 amp and four one hundred and twenty-volt and two USB outlets. Briggs and Stratton have covered all of the power outlet options so that you can just fuel it up, switch it on, plug in and let the P4500 do the rest.  
  • Made to run smoothly and quietly even at peak output, the P4500 will only pump out sixty-one decibels of volume. It’s an RV owner's best power making friend.


  • Even though it has a built-in telescoping handle and wheels, as it weighs more than one hundred and ten pounds, the P4500 is incredibly heavy for an inverter generator. The incredible engine that lies at its heart might be powerful, but it also weighs more than a small moon.


From emergency backup to recreational power, Wen has you covered and makes a generator that’s designed to cater to every eventuality.

And their Super Quiet Inverter Generator has been purpose-designed for life on the road with you and your RV.  Fully EPA III and CARB compliant, it’ll go anywhere and make power everywhere.

Able to produce a peak charge of three thousand eight hundred watts, and made to run at three thousand four hundred, the Wen will generate eight and half hours worth of electricity while constantly running at one thousand five hundred watts.

With two one hundred and twenty volt outlets, one USB port, and an RV ready 30 amp socket, the Wen is more comfortable making power at a campsite than it is at home. 


  • It’s two hundred and twelve cubic centimeter motor isn’t just an efficient way to make power, it’s also incredibly quiet and even when pushed to its limit, doesn’t, and won’t exceed fifty-seven decibels. 
  • The lightweight design, built-in wheels, and collapsible handle mean that the Wen is easy to take to wherever you need it to make power and even easier to store and secure when it's time to move on.


  • While Wen has a cast-iron reputation, if something does go wrong with your inverter generator within the two year warranty period, you might end up being forced to deal with Wen’s customer service team, which according to those who have found themselves in that position is a Sisyphean ordeal of epic proportions that should be avoided at all costs and should only ever be treated as a last resort option.


As American as NASCAR and grits, Westinghouse is an electrical institution, who during its incredibly long existence has done more to advance the cause of power generation than any other company. 

Their Super Quiet inverter generator has been made to keep pushing the envelope of electrical generation and can create twelve hours’ worth of power from a single one-gallon tank of gasoline.

Rated at eighteen hundred watts with a peak output of two thousand two hundred, the iGen2200 is fully CARB compliant, weighs just forty-six pounds, and has two one hundred and twenty volt and two USB outlets.

And everything that it does, all of the power that it makes, is thanks to the plucky eighty cubic centimeter motor that lies at the center of one of Westinghouse’s most efficient inverter generators. 


  • If the power output of the iGen2200 isn’t enough to satisfy your electrical demands, don’t worry as Westinghouse has engineered it to be easy to parallel with another iGen2200, which will double the power output and create more electricity than any RV fanatic will ever need. 
  • The Westinghouse has also been built to fit the budget of every RV owner and is, for the amount of power that it will happily generate, incredibly affordable.


  • A small percentage of the iGen2200’s seem to have been beset by manufacturing errors, a production problem that Westinghouse appears to have corrected, If you do end up with one of the generators that made if off the factory floor and through quality control with their problems intact, contact Westinghouse and they’ll happily replace your defective generator.


Sometimes you just want to maximize the power that you can have on hand, and if that’s the case then you need to look no further than Pulsar’s dual fuel generator.

Sure, it’s a lot bigger than most of the other RV friendly generators on our list, but when it comes to making power, bigger is always better. 

Capable of producing ten thousand watts of power at peak, and rated at eight thousand watts when running on gasoline and seven thousand watts when fueled by propane, it’s six and a half gallon tank will produce up to twelve hours of electricity when the Pulsar is running at half load.

With an electric start and a fifty amp RV port, the Pulsar is a durable and rugged generator that will satisfy the electrical needs of even the most power-hungry RV family. 


  • It’s a dual fuel generator, so even if you do run out of gasoline, if you have a couple of tanks of propane aboard your RV, you’ll be able to carry on making all of the electricity that you need with the Pulsar. 
  • Even though it weighs more than two hundred pounds, the Pulsar is surprisingly portable and easy to move around.


  • It’s big and bulky, so if the room is limited aboard your RV, then you’re going to have to look elsewhere, as the Pulsar won’t fit into the same sort of onboard gaps and tight spaces that an inverter generator would.


While we’re focused on bigger generators, Westinghouse makes a bigger and better version of their iGen2200 which doubles its power output without having to parallel it with another iGen2200.

The iGen4500 does everything that the iGen2200 does, but it does it on a much grander scale. 

Unlike it’s smaller counterpart, the iGen4500 is fully RV ready and along with it’s two one hundred and twenty volt and two USB outlets, has a thirty amp port.

Rated at three thousand seven hundred watts, but capable of producing four thousand five hundred at the peak, the Westinghouse will generate up to eighteen hours worth of power from a three and a half gallon tank when it’s locked into economy mode.

It seems that even Westinghouse believes that bigger is better. 


  • Efficient and quiet, running at fifty-two decibels when operating at peak output, the iGen4500 takes Westinghouse’s inverter generator to a new level of innovation. 
  • Fully portable, this one hundred pound inverter generator uses a folding handle and wheels to make it easy to store on your RV.


  • All of the power creation technology and efficiency that Westinghouse has crammed into the iGen4500 isn’t exactly inexpensive. The iGen4500 will make your pocketbook weep and your bank balance sob, so unless your heart is dead set on it, your financial future will be far more secure if you settle on a more affordable generator for your RV.


As our list began with a Generac generator, it seems only fitting that it closes with one.

Bigger and able to generate far more power than its smaller cousin, Generac’s open frame inverter generator uses its patented PowerRUSH technology, which allows you, in Generac’s own words, “to do far more with far less”. 

RV ready, Generac’s open frame inverter generator is equipped with a thirty amp port as well as two one hundred and twenty volt and two USB outlets and is rated to run at three thousand watts even though it will produce three thousand five hundred at peak and startup.

Designed and engineered to be quieter, to run longer, and produce more power more efficiently than any of Generac’s other inverter generators, the open frame is ready to be loaded into your RV straight out of the box. 


  • Made to be efficient, durable, and easy to use, Generac’s open frame inverter generator is packed with all of the brand’s innovative, groundbreaking technology and will ensure that you’ll always have all of the electricity that you want, whenever you want it. 
  • And it delivers all of that at an incredibly affordable price that, while it might sting your pocketbook at first, should, over the years of electrical service that it will provide you and your RV with,  prove to be a worthy investment. 


  • While it isn’t the heaviest generator on our list, it’s open-frame design makes it a little awkward to transport comfortably on your own. So you might need the assistance of whoever is traveling with you to carry it from your RV to the campground and back again.

10 Best Generators For Your RV Buying Guide

Which RV Generator Is The Right One For Me?

That’s a question that depends on three factors. How much room do you have to store a generator in your RV, what your budget is and how much power you want your generator to make.

Before making a final decision, carefully consider and take into account your answers to all three of the previously mentioned factors, and then read through the list again, making sure that you strictly adhere to the parameters that you’ve put in place.

Once you’ve done that, the answer to which generator is right for you and your RV should jump straight off the screen. The answer might surprise you, but we guarantee you that it’ll be the right one.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An RV Generator?

An RV-friendly generator is a small portable power generator that’s designed to efficiently, and cleanly, produce electricity that can be used to power multiple appliances at the same time while on camping, or road, trips in a recreational vehicle. 

Usually fueled by either gasoline or propane, RV friendly generators need to be compact, light, easy to use, and simple to secure in the vehicle in question.