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10 Best Cordless Picture Light

    “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

    That’s an uncomplicated strategy for life – and lighting. It’s led to the development of a whole industry geared to making the most of artwork and photography. If you have something in a frame, if you care enough about it to put it on your walls – give it its own light source.

    You’d select the right light and filters for a selfie, why would your favorite pictures languish in the light and angles naturally available on the flat planes of your walls. Right?

    That’s the thinking behind the cordless picture light – give your art or photos the light they deserve, and ideally, do it without any of the old-fashioned cord-pulling ‘Voila!’ that smacks of desperate showmanship.

    Lots of light-makers have developed this kind of system, but which are the best? Which deserve your time, and more importantly, your dollars? The chances are high that many of them do, depending on the nature of the work you want to illuminate. How do you choose?

    Let us help you. We’ve been through the field, examined the options, and broken them down for you into a viable shortlist. Save your time for making memories. When it comes to choosing the 10 best cordless picture lights, we’ve got you covered.